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Mike Mann sells 4 domains in December and attacks GoDaddy’s appraisal tool

Mike Mann reported selling 4 domain names in December for a total of $65,276. Prices started at $9,888 and went up to $19,888.

Mike Mann sold 4 .com domains. The average reported domain sales price was $16,319.

But this is the average of just the 4 reported sales. Mike shared some more data from 3 random days in December that more closely reflects Mike’s business:

.Com strength for solstice Domains sold today: 6 Total: $44,364 Avg: $7,394
Strength in .Com Domains sold today so far: 7 Total: $27,988 Avg: $3,998
Today’s .Com sales: Domains sold: 11 Avg: $3,229 Total: $35,525

Here is a look at some of Mike Mann’s domain sales and acquisitions from December 2018.

Domain name sales: $19,888. Purchased $7. 4/15/10. $17,500. Purch 1/7/11 $7 $18,000. Purch 3/31/13 $200. $9888. Purch $20 on 4/27/2017.

Domain name purchases:

Mike Mann and GoDaddy’s appraisal tool

Mike Mann also attacked GoDaddy’s appraisal tool:

GoDaddy Appraisal Scambot $1,165 on . With exact comp will they fix?

GoDaddy Scambot Appraisal $1,330 for , what jokers. GoDaddy Scambot Appraisal $1,787, close to their other completely false appraisals. Which execs at Godaddy take accountability for defrauding millions of customers with that app? Will they put right price on that name now?

(The tool, just between me and you, is worthless and is doing a disservice to the industry but that is another story!)

More info

Mike Mann is the owner of that offers more than 300,000 premium domain names for sale. Mike sells more domains as he is only reporting what he wants to report. Yes, his overall sales average is below $5,000 so the reported average means that there were quite a few not reported sales for less than $5,000.

I hope there is not someone that thinks that these are all the domains that Mike sold this month. These are just the domains that he chose to report. Also he is purchasing hundreds of domains each month yet he reports only 1 or 2 or not at all. If people were selling only what they were reporting then I wouldn’t have any sales this year!

(One thing to remember is that Mike Mann needs to sell about $2.5+ million worth of domains per year to break even and that he is NOT a flipper. The average holding time for his sold domains is usually more than 5 years.)

Here are all the Mike Mann’s sold domain name reports published on since 2016:

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  1. Mike I think you are off the rails. How you get the prices you do beyond a 7 star sales team is beyond me. A three word name like that mechanical thing is a soft fart. I would be hard pressed to bid at all on that. I have hundreds of names that would completely shade that one into non existence! Come on Mike I am a 13 year domain veteran…no sales like yours but up to my neck in great industry specific Catagory Killers in two word form. If you are picking up these names for $7-$100 let’s not act like you are so good nobody else could do it. That mechanical crap is weak…..and you know it Mike…seriously! Whoever bought that good luck it’s never gonna pay for itself! It’s your sales team Mike let’s not defraud people’s brains lol. Here is a saying I created and all should remember in business;

    The performance of a product should always take a backseat to the performance of a salesman.

    Learn it. Know it. Live it.


  2. Seriously, how reliable are these reported sales? was listed for $14,888 so how does it sell for $17,500? Because there were multiple suckers outbidding each other for such “premium” name?

  3. $18,000. Purch 3/31/13 $200.
    nice.. I have
    nobody buys it for $99

  4. Mike could sell snow to an Eskimo. But not all 300k of his domains are premium or he would be getting premium sales.

  5. Domain appraisal tool can be a good source of information such as whois, dns info, ranking and some other seo aspect but taking it as prime source for appraisal is not good idea. No tool can help determine a domain potential unless some Artificial intelligence domain appraisal tool can read and find out what a future holds for a particular brand or name or what keyword potential it holds, which is very unlikely. No such artificial intelligence tools exists today so take appraisal tool as source of other data which may be good to see if a domain holds some seo advantage or not.

  6. Will be interesting to see what goes UP on the domains SOLD.
    One never knows what will be “in demand”…
    I have tons of names better than yet that name get’s more activity than any other domain I have ever owned… second to that is and
    (I’m an industry vet of more than two decades… interesting field…)

    I enjoy watching what goes up on the names folks sell.

  7. Just self-promoting BS – no-one buys junk domains for those numbers, unless the sucker doing it has a bigger sucker ready for a flip.

    Forget the scambot appraisal tool, I’d bd calling scam on the snske-oil sales staff selling that rubbish

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