Stefanos Tsitsipas wants to destroy whoever bought his domain name! (video)

Stefanos Tsitsipas, world number 6 in tennis and best Greek tennis player ever, wants to destroy whoever bought his domain name!

Stefanos Tsitsipas is at Melbourne preparing for the ATP Cup starting today (representing team Greece) and the first gland slam of the year, Australian Open 2021, starting on Monday, February 8.

Stefanos appears to have a lot of free time between his practice sessions (because of the covid-19 quarantine in Melbourne Australia) so he decided to go on and search to see if the domain name is available.

Well, he found out that someone else owns the domain name and has it listed for sale for $50,000 at GoDaddy.

Or £36,445.81 as Stefanos visited the United Kingdom version of GoDaddy while being in Australia.

The domain name gives an error message when you visit it. The domain was registered in January 2015 by someone in Spain at (I was able to find out the owner’s name from old whois records.) Stefanos was practically unknown at that time.

Stefanos Tsitsipas official website is located at This domain name was registered in August 2017.

Stefanos created a video about all this and posted it on his YouTube channel.

He says (half joking) he wants to destroy the person that registered his domain name. He says he feels disgusted and offended… But at the end he says he wants to find the guy and make peace! (Hint: It is not a guy Stef!)

“Who in the world would give this amount of money for a domain name?”


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. As a competitive tennis player, he is my best tennis player to watch and I saw him in the 2019 US Open. I always attend the US Open.
    After all, he has the same strokes that I have!!

    I hope he wins the AO . Too bad of the F virus, can’t go to Australia.
    Hopefully, all the tennis tournaments will be opened by July.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      One handed backhand?

      • of course, one handed backhand is the most beautiful stroke and very versatile too, you can slice, spin, cuts and is a deceiving motion compare to the boring 2 backhand.
        I always joke with players using 2 backhands–what happens if your pinky finger gets cut….then you can’t do the 2 backhands.
        I played with this guy and he has only one arm and his strokes are amazing, and he flips the balls up with his racquet and then with a fast motion serve down…I could not read his balls.

        Tsitsipas needs to get rid of his dad as a coach!! and let Patrick Mouratoglou does his thing.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        Not sure if Patrick can be his everyday coach and follow him around the globe.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        BTW I play 2 handed backhand. But I have a good slice too. I was taught to play with 1 hand but later changed it.

      • Powerful 🎾 .Seller should get a complete kit and a ticket to one of his games.

  2. Tennis is one grueling sport that demands so much from your body-you need to run, fast short sprints, endurance, jump, gymnastic and got to be very fit compare to just runnng runnng and running like a drugged rat in the cage ,running aimlessly.
    The beauty is ,to win, you get the ball in or out and no judges to judge your performance.
    The best players are from Europe because they are hungry and their footwork is excellence because of “soccer” skills, compare to the fat Americans–and too much “boring” sports in US.

  3. What a fool

    If your name was John Smith and someone registered it you would just have to register something else.

    The value of something is what someone is prepared to pay for it and they get it for life.

    Some of us have to work for a living, but we do not get bitter and want to destroy people with a natural talent that allows them to whack a ball about or drive a wonderful F1 car for a living. We say good luck to you buddy, play the cards you are dealt.

    If he really wants to get even he should get into domain investing and make enough money to buy the domain he lost because he was too stupid not to register it years ago.

    We have all done it, I lost 3 domains and one of them went up on DAN.COM for $250,000, I was pissed off but it was my mistake, I just accepted it and moved on.

    From what I have read, the bigger story is which cnut in Australia decided to run the Open? Actually I know, the excuse was if we don’t someone may run it elsewhere, duuurr it would not be the Australian Open then would it!

    Of course they brought Covid in 8 people are infected, that may not seem like much when France has had 80k plus on odd days and UK well over 60k in a day at height of current wave, but it only takes one person to create an epidemic and Australia had done so well before this stupid decision was made.

    After his bitching I just think Stefanos Tsitsipas is one of the “entitled offended” generation who needs to get a reality check, rather than watch his pathetic whining in his swish hotel room, maybe he should watch the video I have put in this comment (click on my name).

    Yes Stefanos Tsitsipas, there are around 106,500 more in UK

    Or think about Captain Sir Tom Moore, as a 100 year old man he raised £33,000,000 for the National Health Service Charities, now he had been admitted to hospital with coronavirus

    What did you do that really mattered Stefanos Tsitsipas?

    Well a few things like donating some rackets and helping out a few small charities.

    I would rather you made videos about the charities you have supported, really throw yourself into a campaign a charity, any charity, but please stop whining like a beatch.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Be fair. This was a fun video. He was joking…

      • I did not see that.

        What I saw was someone ignorant about domains, someone blaming others for his stupidity in not establlishing his brand years ago and someone who has people who follow him who might take things seriously and actually go after the legitimate owner of this domain.

        So I listened again to his whining and he actually goes through the stages of loss that we usually have in bereavement.

        Enormous frustration

        “Is this some sort of a joke”

        NO it is the real world where you can buy a piece of real estate and own it forever or sell it or whatever you want.

        “Who the hell would want to buy this domain that is not me”

        What an Ego, it could be – a Fan or a Fan club, a competitor who wants to write a blog saying what a wanker he thinks Stefanos Tsitsipas is.

        “I bought StefanosTsitsipas,com ha ha I can do whatever I want with him now”

        No he saw an investment opportunity and with years of waiting he may now see a return.

        “Not cool
        Not cool

        Way too much free time

        go to park
        Take a girl out

        This Seriously


        Guys thas not fair play”

        Actually is it totally fair play, just be grateful that he is not asking $200,000

        “I am going to find you and I am going to destroy you”

        Considering his fame and following if I were the owner I might report that to the Police.

        “Who would pay this amount of money”

        Well some entitled celeb perhaps, or maybe a domain investor who thinks they can actually get you to pay more!

        Not acceptable

        “Maybe I should buy it

        Yes maybe you should before someone else does and puts the price at $200,000

        “So furious

        Having Bought my domain name”


        “Heh heh it’s coming


        That’s not fair play


        “Seen a lot of things, Encountered a lot of things in my life”


        “Suddenly I am Disgusted and offended”


        “Let’s find this guy and make peace”


        So how would I deal with this if I were him?

        I would engage someone like me or your good self Konstantinos to go negotiate directly because we understand this market

        I would take down the stupid video before he puts the price up.

        Next first I would devalue his domain by buying the TLD’s that mattered and put up some content on one I called “the the official Stefanos Tsitsipas site.

        As soon as there is an official site the potential for sale to him is believed to be gone.

        I would make that and maybe purchase because of the ego problem.

        The rest he can leave.

        Once that is done have a professional like us, find the owner and say “he has settled on the .org as his official site, but I think I might be able to get you $5000 for which I would want $500

        Either the guy sells for $5k or you just wait and let him keep paying his dues.
        SALE £6.78 / £9.79
        SALE £2.25 / £16.57
        SALE £3.76 / £18.83
        Renewal: £15.07
        SALE £1.50 / £26.37
        Renewal: £9.79
        SALE £15.07 / £30.14
        SALE £1.50 / £26.37
        Renewal: £11.30
        Renewal: £60.29
        Renewal: £7.53
        Renewal: £7.53
        Renewal: £26.37
        SALE £15.07 / £16.57
        Renewal: £18.83
        SALE £2.25 / £27.88
        Renewal: £48.98
        SALE £6.02 / £9.04
        SALE £7.53 / £12.81
        SALE £9.04 / £20.34
        SALE £3.01 / £21.10
        SALE £7.53 / £15.07
        SALE £7.53 / £48.98
        SALE £7.53 / £9.79
        Renewal: £32.40
        SALE £7.53 / £28.63
        SALE £3.01 / £18.83
        Renewal: £15.07
        Renewal: £15.07

  4. It’s the golden age of tennis
    3 of the 5 best tennis players all time
    Federer, Novak, Nadal
    serena, osaka – women

    I believe nadal will end up with most grandslams as he’s invincible on clay

    maybe the guy should give stefanos the name in return for 2 tix at Wimbledon in 2022 (after covid is finito) – but i guess if he reaches out to him with an offer like that, it’s construed as “bad faith”

    I was a good tennis player on a college level
    but to be a pro, you need to practice 8 hrs per day, have a team (workout, nutrition, etc) – it’s a major undertaking and takes tremendous dedication and you need to have mega natural talent with eyes, motor coordination, etc

  5. The owner is in Spain

    Showing any kind of interest or frustration (the video) is a mistake, it tells the owner the domain is in play.

    I was wondering if Stefanos Tsitsipas bought the domain, the name servers are set to WordPress, you can only find the offer if you go to Godaddy Auctions.

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