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.XYZ is DEAD – DISASTER! Daniel Negari Exposed! .XYZ down to 34th place! Where is

Daniel Negari has tried to lie and deceive everybody and climb his way up to the top spot of New gTLDs. Well guess what Daniel? You failed. .XYZ is down at the 34th place of new gTLDs ranking today.

What is the Network Solutions role in this and what is going on with the .xyz Namejet auction?

.XYZ is DEAD – DISASTER! Daniel Negari Exposed!

The fact that a domainer, he calls himself that but I am not so sure he is one, is trying to deceive other domainers is kinda of funny and sad at the same time. It was only a matter of time that this number manipulation was revealed. And it didn’t take more than 24 hours. Here is the proof at that Daniel Negari and the .xyz registry are giving away free .xyz domains at Network Solutions. He might try to argue that he got paid for the registration fees. Sure that could be true technically. But he certainly paid Network Solutions to run this promotion. It’s amazing that he thought we are so stupid… Throwing money around don’t make people blind. Thinking that you could do such a stunt and no one would notice is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. lol

According to .XYZ has 36,335 registrations today. If you take out the 27,686 domains that are registered with Network Solutions then you get down to 8649. If you subtract the 1,166 domains owned by the registry you get down to 7,483. Adding the usual New gTLD market share of Network Solutions that is 2% you get to 7,633. It’s actually 1.8% but I am very generous sometimes. So .xyz is down at the 34th place of new gTLDs today. Just below .education. And we don’t know what other things have happened… How many domains has Daniel registered for himself? How many people has he paid to register .xyz domains?

Daniel, you dug yourself into a hole. You should thank ICANN for having such low fees. But now you will be investigated by ICANN and Network Solutions is in trouble too for colluding with you.

Some .com domains at Network Solutions from the corresponding .xyz ones are now PENDING RENEWAL OR DELETION like and and a lot are on CLIENT HOLD such as:,, and

All these were registered in May 2014. I have no idea what kind of scam this is.

Thank god .xyz has not asked me to advertise on my blog. Because now I would have to refund the money and terminate the ads. Not that I would have accepted such an ad because my views on this New gTLD are known for months now:

: auction ends at $8,100 at Namejet but no one has to pay – #bullshit

: New gTLD Ranking – Domain name registrations and overall domain investing potential

And yesterday: .XYZ =  not exactly the NEXT .COM, more like a disaster

Now Namejet should answer what has happened with the famous .xyz auction. How many domains have been paid for? appears in May’s Namejet report. Was paid for? Who was the buyer? Why are all the the domains from that auction still owned by the XYZ registry and all have a status “inactive” so they don’t appear in zone files? Why haven’t any of the domains been transferred to the new owners? .XYZ has entered General Availability, so what is the problem? Why Morgan still doesn’t own and are not in the collision list.

The worst part is that Daniel and his company owns another new gTLD that will go down with .xyz: .college. That is a nice extension. I wonder who will take over it when Daniel’s company goes under.

NOW is the time for all domains bloggers to stop accepting money from liars. (I can take the heat on this one.)

Oh and by the way. To all of you that bought .xyz domains: you still have a couple of days to delete them and get a refund. Get out of this mess as fast as you can.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I is still better than .college

  2. so you are saying you still a chance for yzx?

  3. if this .xyz would be credible this names would not be available.

    just to name a few.

    Costa if you think i went overboard please delete my comment

    • It’s ok. But anything with .xyz in it is junk.

      • .com is good for all businesses .xyz is good for online websites. A little bit of (whitehat) SEO with keyword in domain and there you have it. For example your not number 1 for “online domain” but you are for “onlinedomain” meaning you lack SEO skills. I 110% bet you if I registered I would rank no1 in just a few weeks for “online domain” and “onlinedomain”. Point being .xyz is great for online purposes. Peroid.

      • Hi Vinny,
        do you want to make a bet on this?
        You seem to lack any skills if you think that .xyz is better for SEO than .com.
        This is the target group for .xyz: misinformed and ignorant people that would believe anything.
        I truly feel sad for these people.

      • Konstantinos, your negativity towards .xyz is soo overwelming I can almost feel your bad energy coming thru my latop. As an SEO expert like myself I anaylize alot and realise .com is not as great as people like you think. Yea sure they’re great for remembering for offline businesses and what not but in online world I could have “onlinedomain.mrnegative” and still outrank a .com domain you got to move with the times my friend don’t be a dinosaur, adapt like the crocodiles and embace change.

      • When I hear these comments “.com is good for all businesses .xyz is good for online websites.” it makes me wanna laugh and puke at the same time.
        What does this mean?

        lol @ “SEO expert”. Keep the .xyz brainwashing coming.

        Online businesses still need customers. And from what I know people still live in the offline world and have a brain for memory.
        They use their brain to occasionally log into the online world and access a website.

        Sure you can use any domain for SEO but why use the worst available? And why make those silly .com comparisons?
        Read a bit about SEO:

        I would rather concentrate on content than do SEO.
        Have you outranked me yet or do you need more time? No?
        You should analyze some more.

        Here is the new .xyz slogan:
        believe.anything or (I just got that)

      • Small mind = limited thinking. And Konstantinos Zournas your mind is just that. Enough said.

  4. I could not agree more.
    Horse-looking boy need a lesson.

    • It was me posting that link on TheDomains and on Mark’s blog 😉
      As I said, I’m not surprised … I can smell those kind of fishy things from miles away …
      And I think Negari, among other things, is lying also when it introduces himself as a guy with “a track record of over $100 million in domain name transactions”, as you can see on NamesCon site.
      He thinks to be the new domain king (just check the clash with Rick on TheDomains), and the new Warren Buffett … a too big ego could be very dangerous, especially if coupled with an inclination to lies and scams … lol 😀

      • Andrea someone else contacted me by email and said exactly the same.
        There is no sale track record of this Mr Negari whatsoever.

        “$100 million domain name transactions”. What a joke.
        It has scam written all over it.

  5. While I am not pointing fingers necessarily at XYZ, the industry does need to do a better job of policing itself before the FTC comes down hard on the business of selling domains. If that happens, renewal fees will go up as the registrars and registries will price in the legal risk of class action lawsuits, fines for deceptive trade practices, etc.

    • Totally agree, some in-depth self-regulation is definitely needed, including ostracizing (as ὀστρακισμός in ancient Greece :)) scammers and people using unfair and/or deceptive business practices.

  6. Konstantinos,
    Appreciate your candor and transparency. It’s one of the things I enjoy about your posts. No bullshit and numbers. I am pretty disappointed in the agendas folk have about promoting gTLDs and inflating the numbers. Imagine if you were a newbie to the industry and you listened to all the so called experts. You would lose your entire investment. God knows we all need a trusted guide when we start out in the business. I will go on record and say I have commented on other’s blogs about my feelings on .XYZ only to have them deleted.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. What are your thoughts on what happened with .link? 20k domains registered by an “affiliated company” that had same address as Schilling’s address. He also said things would not be reserved such as but low and behold it was not available.

    Any of the companies in the gTLD that are public companies cannot play these games but it seems like non-public entities have no problem trying to game the system. These guys have already “made it” and now they are trying to keep piling on their Scrooge McDuck hoard of cash and domains at everyone elses’ expense.

    Any blogger who takes cash for ad space and then writes anything other then their 100% pure thoughts is not a true blogger. Is the $500/month or whatever they get for a banner ad worth it? If so, then I guess that $500/month is meaningful to them so that blogger must not be doing very well with their domains/business/etc… so they are not very successful as they try to come off as.

  8. CentralNic is the back end for .XYZ they are public, I know that is not exactly what you are talking about, but they may have some stuff in their public filings eventually.

  9. I see no problem with ,xyz registry inflating it’s #s or doing anything mentioned in this thread. It’s called Marketing !!!

    For the record we dont plan to register any .xyz domains anytime soon and dont own any.

    • Markerting is promoting your product or service, it is not deceiving or manipulating the market. I am not convinced yet that is what is happening with xyz, but that is what they thread suggests and you condoned. I have no personal interest either way. Am winding down my small domain .com holdings.

    • Slavik that was an opt-out highly unethical promotion that has many other levels as you can see with all these “strange” .com registered in May being in pending delete or renewal or on CLIENT HOLD status.
      And when someone asks you if you did some “marketing” you don’t hide.

      • Yes. There is marketing, and there is fraud. They are not the same thing.

        Registering domains for people without their permission in order to inflate your registry’s stats is FRAUD.

        ICANN requires registrants to agree to a contract. A registry or registrar cannot agree to that contract on the registrant’s behalf, without their explicit consent.

        Any Registry doing such a thing needs to be dragged over the coals very promptly, having their ICANN contract revoked immediately.

      • Drewbert… whose responsibility is it to get that agreement – in all instances.

        The registry or the registrar?

      • Yes, John, the Registrar, of course. :^)

        Please note that I did not accuse anyone of fraud, I was just making a point.

        If I was the operator of a newGTLD and first day registrations did not meet the norm (as far as expectations as to how many domains were registered by the various top level registrars) I would be wanting an explanation pretty quickly to avoid exactly what’s happened here. And I would be releasing a statement.

        Maybe Netsol decided to do this promotion because this is the first real “generic” newgTLD (the suffix is meaningless), thinking that .com owners might want to “protect their name” in .xyz? (Groan)

        Maybe, but why are there registrations for domains that are pending deletion? That doesn’t pass the smell test.

      • Whatever one’s opinions of “opt-out”, and I personally detest them, it seems that Netsol ran the promotion. I’m not clear on how Netsol’s marketing tactics are to be imputed to the registry. If the registry, in general, were running this promotion, then you would see it from more than one .xyz registrar.

      • Did Negari say he knew nothing about it? No.
        Netosl run it and they are legally responsible.
        But the morally responsible is the one celebrating the free domains.

      • I would assume a registry knows all sorts of things about what a registrar is doing – especially when a single registrar accounts for a large number of registrations.

        Where you say “legally responsible”, I’d be curious to know what the cause of action is for which they are liable. I believe there is a definite ICANN compliance issue, and that is a contract issue between ICANN and Netsol.

        Throwing around words like “liar”, which you seem to enjoy, absent rigorous proof is not what many would consider to be particularly “moral” behavior.

        “Did Negari say he knew nothing about it? No.”

        So what?

        Registries might have all sorts of knowledge about things registrars are doing or plan to do. Are the registries at liberty to disclose the various plans of their customers, the registrars, who are all competitors? I can certainly see a number of legal issues there as well.

        The responsibility for registering the domain names to registrants is squarely that of the registrar.

        And, also back on that “liar” thing which you, the self-appointed moral guardian of all that is good, enjoy throwing around, it just so happens that last night I said that I was looking forward to working out and having breakfast this morning. I got up this morning, the phone started ringing, and I got sucked into a pile of work. I didn’t workout, and I didn’t have breakfast. Circumstances changed.

        So, tell me, was I a “liar” last night when I said I was going to work out and have breakfast this morning?

      • John you are the lawyer. You tell us.

        Is he telling the truth? No.
        Then he is a liar. Period.

        So what? I am no court so yes so what? Why do we care? Why don’t we all shut up and celebrate Negari and all the money he is throwing around?

        Yes, you were a liar to yourself. Nobody should care about that except from you.
        But Negari was and still is a liar to thousands of people.

        I am no moral guardian but I won’t shut up when someone tells me to. I did another article based on the zone files. Someone from the xyz registry said that I should watch what I say because I didn’t have the numbers. I did my story with the numbers that everybody had: zone files.
        Then it turns out that their next day “real” numbers were all bullshit. Should I shut up?

  10. I am so shocked ! I would never have thought that anything improper would happen in that clusterfuck of new extension. Nver.

  11. Hi Guys,
    I have a question? I have few names at Netsol and Since netsol automatically registered .xyz for the matching .com Will i be charged renewal next year? I ignored the email as regular promotion how can i delete them and make sure i dont get charged next year? Appreciate any help. Thanks.

  12. Daniel Negari referred to .XYZ has his “gift to the world”. These free registrations are just part of that gift. Unfortunately it is a gift hardly anyone wants and they are being forced to take.

    These domains were assigned to accounts, free of charge, simply because they did not opt-out. That is clearly not providing explicit consent.

    In the meantime Mr. Negari and .XYZ can trumpet the registration numbers to try and show more demand than there actually is.

    ICANN cannot allow registries and registrars to engage in these type of sleazy tactics. There is no reason that a domain should be able to be registered for a registrant simply because they did not opt-out. This can lead to all sorts of potential issues.


  13. .. and what is the prob with xyz now ?

    ps : i have to check bid trade and webcam

  14. Constantin,

    I always appreciate honest reporting, even when it comes to .CLUB. Kevin, Andrew, Ron, Rick, Michael B., and Michael G. (aussie) have all pointed things out about .CLUB that at times I wished they hadn’t. We are all human and we make all make mistakes. We all need to be accountable. Unfortunately the acts of 1 registry are tainting the entire industry. I have seen others raise suspicions about .CLUB, and other TLDs today because of XYZ’s unethical practices. I shouldn’t have to but in defense of Frank’s .LINK he has always been upfront from the very beginning with .LINK and the registrations he did. Lets not let one bad apple here spoil the crop.

    Colin, CEO, .CLUB

    • Colin someone said that the person that registered those 7k+ .clubs using whois privacy was the registry itself.
      I said that I didn’t think so and I have 99% proof of who that was.

      Frank was not upfront and still isn’t. He is implying the truth bad not actually telling how it is.

      One bad apple is all it takes for all the apples to go bad.

  15. Sorry Konstantinos, mixed up the name with a good friend of mine. See we are all human and again I made another mistake.

  16. Ray,
    To be fully transparent it was Morgan’s blog. Morgan and Daniel have some close relationship so I stated to Morgan he needs to serve as a better guide to the industry for all the newbies that are reading his material. A lot of the blog’s seem like a constant sell and big circle jerk for sponsorships and making an extra buck. Morgan has endorsed people from Rob Monster, building thousands of sites on Google for Adsense, brands, etc and it’s not fair to guide folks that way.

    It’s now happening on the gTLD debate. Pick a stance. Either say .com is the leader, but there is market share for others. Don’t pick one side when you feel like it. Morgan then reached out to me via private email to further discuss why Daniel is a visionary and success will be there. He was open to a phone call, which has not happened. (no fault of his). If there is one thing I have learned, it is that past success doesn’t mean shit. It’s what you are doing in the current state and how your vision is reached.

    We as an industry need to do better due diligence on who we make the leaders in our space. It’s disheartening and daunting for new entrants in the space.


  17. I asked Daniel in the comments on his blog if he gave away free registrations. He responded that the registrar paid them the normal wholesale pricing for the domains. He basically said the registrar sets the end user price.

    Is it possible that Network Solutions made the decision to buy the domains and give them away as part of an internal marketing strategy? Maybe .xyz offered bulk discounts to several registrars and only one took them up on it.

    Either way, the bottom line is that this looks bad even if it was not done with bad intentions. At the end of the day, it’s the long game that matters. I didn’t like .xyz that much the first time I saw it. Now, it is starting to grow on me and I’m going to build at least one personal project on the extension. If I see money coming in to promote it, I’ll be looking to buy more.

    Actually, I blame .club for this. They set the gtld launch bar so freaking high that now no one can meet the high expectations.

  18. I like this investigative Journalism. Thanks.

    • Glad you liked it because the post that was referenced in this post which did the investigative journalism was written by me on

      Thanks for the link Konstantinos

  19. That’s what I love about your blog……….you cut right through the BullShit and have no hidden agendas.

  20. Hi Colin,

    On a different note, could you please check the reason why some .club domains which were won in private auction at Sedo are still not transferred ? I hope i’m not being unpatient but i tried to call you but got only a recorded message but no person on the line since i don’t know any ext to enter. It was paid for on 16 May but it’s still not transferred (regged) to me. Tried also Sedo but they said they were waiting for you guys. Status at Sedo is they are waiting for the other party (club registry) to make the transfer.

    So i sent you guys today an email about that domain, hope you can take a moment of your time to reply to that email.

    Thank you,


    • A very fair question. We have sold about 600,000 in premium names that are not yet reported because there has been a technical problem between our providers. Apparently it’s related to having you click the TMDB. I have been told it was resolved today.

      If you still have an issue in a few days from let me know. Email me direct at


      • Hi Colin,

        That’s good news, looking forward to add it to my portfolio with the other .clubs i have 🙂 Keep up the good work !



  21. @William – “” blame .club for this. They set the gtld launch bar so freaking high that now no one can meet the high expectations.””

    This doesn’t even make sense!

    dotClub set their gtld launch bar to where they felt it could go. ‘Nowhere’ is it said or required for other gtld operators to feel they ‘have to’ meet or beat others expectations. Let alone to do so with a conniving fast slight-of-hand trick/scam, to appear to meet or exceed others goals; and systematically bilk unsuspecting customers out of their money in the process.

  22. @Kevin – It was a joke.

  23. Sleazy Registrar meets Sleazy Cheesse Registry
    All in the name of a buck 😉
    Raymond and Konstantinos, Thanks for keeping it real,
    Resale value None to Zero.

  24. By the way Konstantinos never complimented you on the new logo, I like it.

  25. get a Motel room 🙂

  26. I don’t know… Andrew Breitbart, Gary Webb, Michael Hastings…. investigative reporting is a thorny business….

    • Owen

      Two words for you. You are one of Those dumb ass individual who don’t make sense. Dude get real and stop posting bullshit headlines which don’t even make sense.

      Your opinions don’t even make sense. I can tell you , you are one of those confused individual who seems to be experiencing hallucination all the time.

    • Written this way, if you read between the lines, it may seem a threat …

  27. Domain Observer

    Thank you for your nice and helpful articles which I read every day. Today, I am somewhat curious. My question is not necessarily directed to you. Is netsol too big to blame? I guess .xyz is not the only one that tried to make their ranking go up in a rather special way.

  28. Konstantinos –

    I really enjoy your no-BS attitude and call-it-like-it-is writing.

    Like other’s have also mentioned, all of these “new gtld” operators have crazy ulterior motives that I’ve actually stopped coming to these “domain blogs” anymore.

    What’s even more sad is that there are some very blatant “industry” bloggers that do nothing but suck the d*ck tip of these operators and they are so bias/over-the-top.

    I USED TO respect Mike Berken’s blog and thought it was informative. Now every post is how some new gtld just broke a record 3894723947832 registrations! awesome! thanks for sharing, but no thanks. I’d rather watch paint dry.

    Someone wrote that Morgan Linton didn’t even approve of their comment when he called out his BS. He has done the same to me when I called him out on why every post of his blog is gtld this, gtld that. Hmm…. that comment also mysteriously didn’t appear.

    What other comments from other commenters is he not approving in order to falsely shape the tone and direction of his discussions? He lost credibility, trust and who knows what hidden agenda he’s got. See ya later Linton, congrats., your blog is on my no thanks list now.

    Every other day he’s evangelizing some flash-in-the-pan gtld and lately sucking up to Daniel Negari’s c*ck. Maybe we’ll see a rusty trombone with the owners of dawt cloob in his next post.

    Even Francois’ aggregator is teeter-tottering on being annoying vs. helpful with Frank’s fake-woman-staring-at-laptop-screen site skin plastered all over.

    Your’s, Shane’s and occasionally Elliot’s blogs are still funny, informative, and interesting to read. Fight the good fight man, don’t succumb to the bullshit.

  29. Konstantinos,

    What makes you think .xyz paid NetSol to run this promotion?

    • Various things…
      1. Domains cost money.
      2. No other similar offer was made.
      3. Offer was made to some very strange domains and not the great customers that the email claims.
      4. The fact that auto-renew is off so no money to be made by NetSol
      5. The cryptic replies by Negari

      Even if he didn’t actually paid them, some sort of deal was done.

      And he never admitted that free domains were given out and kept bragging about the best launch.

      • But Konstantinos, if this promotion were the brainchild of the registry, why did the promotion only come from one registrar? How many registrars are accredited by the .xyz registry?

      • I don’t know and I don’t care.
        Even if Netsol started this, Negari knew about it.
        He said all domains were paid for to the registry. What does this mean?
        I pay you 100k and you buy 25000 domains from me. All domains are paid.

      • “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

        So, you admit that you are here calling Mr. Negari a “liar” in public, and your response to questions about your basis of knowledge is “I don’t know and I don’t care”?

        Do you know the legal consequences for that sort of thing?

        Does the phrase “reckless disregard for the truth or falsity thereof” mean anything to you? Google it.

      • I replied to why others registrars aren’t doing it. Please don’t twist my words.

  30. I’m very curious to know what mr. Negari has to say.

    • He’s had this on his blog for quite some time now:

      “A Domain Registry Operator, like .xyz, is responsible for the operation of a particular domain extension (gTLD or ccTLD). Such responsibilities include administering the data of the top level domain, generating zone files, maintaining the whois database, and providing equal operational access to all Registrars. It is up to the registrars to determine how they would like to drive registrations.”

  31. First off this Daniel guy creeps me out, the look on his eyes, and his cryptic responses are all conclusive that people like this should not be awarded extensions, and truth be told icann should repossess .xyz, and this fool should be out of pocket.

    In every other industry this would be considered manipulation, which is Fraudlent. To create and artificial demand for something, and market it to the masses on false pretendes comes down to ethics.

    This is the type of goon that can’t get any friends, and has to hire his friends as employees, and throw parties to have all the people like him. Guess what Daniel, you are one of the biggest losers in the domain industry, and you will always be seen as a schill. Nobody can take you, or your business seriously, wipe that grin off your goofy looking face, and own up to your actions.

    To bad they don’t mail out invoices anymore, as I would burn the damn registration papers for one of the biggest embarrassments to debut online since 1993.

  32. Thanks for the update. As a generic extension it sounded good to me but I changed my mind after learning from you about it.

  33. @Owen Frager (maybe my reply will not appear under your for some technical reasons that I don’t know)

    Hey dumb, what is this?
    Are you simply a dumb, a stupid *, or would you like appear someone worst? Are you threatening?

    Being devil’s friends is a thorny business too, trust me, in a near future many of them will know this truth…Or do you think Tim Schumacher, who “sold” the independent advertising circuits Sedo to google, “selling” the unique alternative advertising circuits for domains with potential type-in traffic to the monopolist of online adverting, is not hiding himself, living in a protected place, maybe a militarized isle in the ocean? I don’t know where he is now, for instance, but devil’s friends, google’s friends sorry, will not have a simple life in the future.

    Maybe you have been collecting too many informations and that brought your away from this Earth

  34. Hi Flor, sorry it took longer to approve your comment, we have been traveling this week so it’s taken longer give the amount of comments I received to approve them.

    Really sorry to see this happen, I have been a fan of .XYZ based on what Daniel has told me about his plans to get .XYZ domains out to people who will put them to good use.

    I didn’t know anything about this Network Solutions debacle when I wrote my post on June 3rd and until I find out more facts I don’t know if I can support it. If the Network Solutions customers get these domains with auto-renew set to “on” then this could be a huge disaster for all of us, I am really hoping this is not the case but I’m not sure we have all the facts yet.

    I have allowed many negative comments on my blog and will continue to allow these as I always do. Konstantinos has done an incredible job covering this and focusing on the numbers and the facts.

    So sad to see this happen as me, Andrew, Page and many others really believed in the vision for a completely generic new gTLD, but I only support this if it’s done in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone else or our industry as a whole.

    You guys know me, when I get excited about something I get *really* excited about it. However I do not support anything that would break the law, hurt our industry, or potentially cause thousands of Network Solutions customers to have to pay renewals they didn’t even know about.

    Let’s get to the bottom of this, let me know the questions you have for Daniel and I’ll ask him on my blog so we can figure-out what is really going on here.

    • Morgan, even if the auto-renew is set to off I am 99% certain that this is against ICANN registrar rules.
      John Berryhill talked about this on
      What would you think if one day you went into your Go Daddy account and found 10s of domains that you never purchased?
      This is a legal bomb waiting to explode.

      • Please do not misinterpret my comments. The REGISTRAR Accreditation Agreement requires the REGISTRAR to obtain the registrant’s consent to the terms of registration. Now, Netsol may have a contorted explanation of how they complied with the terms of the REGISTRAR Accreditation Agreement, but that is a compliance issue between Netsol and ICANN.

        What I don’t understand is how you are using my comments about the REGISTRAR’s obligations under the RAA to claim there is a “legal bomb” of any kind, or what it has to do with the registry. You seem to be studiously avoiding pointing the finger at the only party involved who had access to the customer information, sent the opt out email, and registered the domain names.

        As far as “what would you think if one day you went into your Go Daddy account and found 10s of domains that you never purchased”, I would sure think that was odd. But I don’t know how that would translate into some sort of legal claim by me against Go Daddy. Can you explain what legal claim you are thinking of?

    • Lol @morgan

      You didn’t approve one of comments either stop the nonsense and let me re palest my comment here

      Morgan stop your bullshit and lies and I won’t even visit your blog anymore or leave my comment where you lie and bullshit your readers and average joe lose money.

  35. Ok Konstantinos,

    simply the post appeared to me a “little bit” inopportune: I think he is not a kid, so he should avoid to post something that could be misunderstood, especially in delicate situations. Maybe he think this is a joke? Someone please tells him that this is not a joke, because he seems having not understood (if this is the case…).

    Good freedom of speech to all.

  36. I don’t know mr. Negari personally, but certainly his lack of response isn’t helping things clarify. One thing is for sure: if the story turns out to be true, he needs to look for another industry as he would lose his reputation which, as far as I’m concerned, is an entrepreneur’s most valuable asset (even more than time) in any industry. Luckily most people seem to understand this basic rule, but there are always a few who don’t: does ‘Hunk Alvarez’ tell you anything?

  37. My take on it

    1) Registrars can sell domains for whatever price they want* You can buy a .com for $2.49 all the way to I think $60 bucks..
    2) We really don’t know the Marketing agreement XYZ has with
    3) Guess what.. we will NOT ever know. you can’t go and ask Go daddy what agreement they have with CJ.. They will tell you to F Off in a nice way 🙂 Its part of the agreement that XYZ and have it part of almost every Marketing contract.

    lets take this site
    How much do you get paid from ? is it a yearly deal? what do you have to say about them? do you have to promote them? are you aloud to say anything negative about them? If I have a problem with ecop.. should I go to you?

    4) If you really think the marketing was so bad.. you should be loosing your mind about the most Sexist and Craziest founder of the largest Registrar in the world 🙂 a complete Marketing NUT.. but guess what.. he has 2.2+ Billion that says he should put on a chicken suite and tell the world to F off and buy more .com from him/hedge fund

    I say.. GO nuts
    do whatever you want.. only let people buy them in Russian Rubles!!

    *There are some restrictions but on average
    ** I have bought .XYZ Names.. and .TIPS.. and I will buy more
    but.. I also buy .com/ net .org .ca 🙂 In the end I like taking some chances..and I do like Crazy People.. They tend to get lots of “FREE Marketing” and I love that

    All the best

  38. As I said ” part of almost every Marketing contract” You 100% don’t have a marketing contract with ecop.. and XXX a month is peaty vague .. its either 600 bucks or 5994.. So it is very very small or just kinda small. We can tell that the XYZ deal is like 100-300K deal (no idea what netsol pays XYZ. SO for deal that SIZE. you have a contract and it will 1000% say you can’t talk about it.
    WHY.. because Godaddy might have a very very different deal and they might want the same deal NETsol get.. then it becomes a Shit Show 🙂

    On marketing contracts on a little bigger scale there is normally a contract the protects both parties from discussing what was paid to X and what Y made.

    Godaddy 100% has a better deal with then almost every other registrar for most things as they have volume.. But that does not mean we will ever know how much .say – club paid to be on the home page of Goddady and the first .TLD listed in a group of 6. Its 100% not free 🙂 Its a paid promo..

    Now.. you do make up a good point about is it legal what Network solutions did – that is really a Legal question and this is going to be a very small transaction no matter what.

    17,000 X 20 = 340K this is the max exposure that networksolutions really has*
    XYZ – I am guessing has 0 exposure based on the contract they would have signed with NetSol
    with that in mind, they might not have liked the way netsol did the promotion but either way it is so small that it will not be significant when the year is done. IF is is significant than XYZ will be a huge failure and this will be the least of their concerns.

    *I am guessing that netsol choose the clients and domains that were going to get the ‘free’ xyz domains. So they would have chooses very low risk clients and corresponding .com names to match up with.
    Whatever they did it was very very targeted and very very small (0.250%) of their total amount of domains registered

    So. this was not Netsol betting on black and saying this was a good idea to test everywhere
    They did a very targeted test and are most likely seeing how it goes

    All the best

    • XXX is $100 to $999 in my book and I don’t understand what difference this makes.

      What is a “very low risk client”?

    • “Whatever they did it was very very targeted and very very small (0.250%) of their total amount of domains registered ”

      Very very targeted and very very small? lol Think again.

      Network solutions currently has 44,467 gTLD registrations spread over 305 new gTLDs. That’s an average of only 145 registrations per new gTLD.
      Yet 27,686 (62%!) of those registrations are .xyz registrations.
      Even if I would be generous and say that 500 of those 27,686 registrations are paid ones (based on the previous performances of Netsol) it’s clear to see that the amount of freebies that were given away is HUGE and not “very very small” as you put it.

      You say that the maximum exposure of netsol is around 340K. And you say they only targeted 0.250% of their total domains registered. According to that logic the maximum freebies would be 850 (340,000 / 400). Yet its obvious that the amount of free registrations is already over 27,000 right now. And counting.

  39. The question here is not if they have to disclose or not the details of their agreement, since we already know an agreement has been done and which kind of agreement (used to artificially inflate .xyz numbers) …
    The only way I can call this modus operandi is “unfair commercial practice”, targeted to mislead consumers.
    And IMHO this is a violation of commercial laws.
    Secondly, as far as I know, ICANN prohibits registrar to register domains in your name without your explicit consent, therefore this is a violation of ICANN rules.
    Personally I think ICANN should at least revoke their contract with .xyz registry.

    Furthermore, you pretend not knowing the difference between promotional/marketing activity and unfair commercial practices, scams or deceiving consumers, the latter of which have to be legally prosecuted to protect consumers interests.
    Unfortunately, when laws or regulations are too light, nonexistent or not applied properly, unscrupulous people, many of which with conflicts of interest, think to be free to act disrespecting consumers rights … nothing new under the sun …
    Maybe FCC should enact a tighter regulations, in order to adequately prevent those kind of nefarious practices.

    You can be a “crazy” marketer respecting laws and specific sector rules.
    And you don’t have to confuse or mix up the fact of being a “crazy marketer” with the alleged right of infringing laws and/or regulations without paying all consequences, both legal and on your personal and business reputation, so your point on this is totally misleading, inconsistent and out of place.

    Those tactics of muddying the waters are typical of people with direct or indirect conflicts of interest, which are the biggest issues here, as in the financial sector.
    As I said before, if this was a SEC regulated matter, this show would have already been halted …

    • “Secondly, as far as I know, ICANN prohibits registrar to register domains in your name without your explicit consent, therefore this is a violation of ICANN rules.
      Personally I think ICANN should at least revoke their contract with .xyz registry.”

      So, Andrea, explain to me how this works in your mind.

      If the registrar has violated the ICANN rules, then why should the contract with the registry be revoked?

      When Registerfly fell apart a few years ago, and was massively non-compliant, should ICANN have suspended Verisign from running the .com registry?

      The elephant in the room here is why nobody seems to believe that Netsol is responsible for sending emails to its own customers and registering domain names for them.

      • John,

        I think Negari was full aware of this stuff. Come on how can someone not know what is going on. Why would netsol just randomly started paying negari and start giving domains for free? isnt that against the business practice, although its another thing to do this promotion from netsol alone, which is unlikely what had happened here.

        If that was the case, they might have just started with some better gtld rather than no sense .xyz.

      • “I think Negari was full aware of this stuff.”

        Let’s assume that is correct.

        That does not change the REGISTRAR’s obligations to ICANN under the RAA.

        So, what was it?

        1. Netsol said “we are going to do this insane thing” and Negari is supposed to decide what registrars can and cannot do?

        2. Negari put a gun to the head of someone at Netsol and said, “Do this or I pull the trigger?”

        The registrar is fully responsible for the manner in which domain names are registered to registrants. The registry is not allowed to get involved in that, by the same ICANN policies which, I agree, Netsol appears to have violated (or has a doozy of an explanation).

        So, wait, wait, don’t tell me… if Negari knew that Netsol was going to do this, then he was supposed to do…. what?

      • He could just say: “Yes I noticed that but there is nothing I can do.” and maybe “Our real numbers are smaller”.
        Did he?

      • John,
        I think your example with Verisign and Registerfly is not comparable.
        I’m not a lawyer, but, as far as I know, Verisign did not promote unlawful practices nor facilitate them, while here it looks different.
        IMHO the contract with .xyz registry should be revoked for having activated, promoted and colluded with the registrant (NetSol), and probably other third parties, to promote a clearly unfair commercial practice targeted at inflating .xyz registration numbers, which includes the registration of domains in some customers names without their explicit consent.
        I don’t think NetSol wook up one day and spontaneously decided to purchase 27k (until now) .xyz domains to give for free to some of its customers, with the risk of being found guilty of violating ICANN rules for how they assigned these “free” domains.
        With all better Gtlds around, why .xyz? It doesn’t make any sense. Unless they have been contacted and paid to do this.
        IMHO the .xyz registry paid NetSol specifically with the purpose/intent of inflating registration numbers, that’s why it should be shut down.
        NetSol looks like an executor of specific instructions, but by doing that, he also colluded to promote this nefarious practice, leading to what you define “the elephant in the room”.
        Personally I believe that Netsol is responsible for sending emails to its own customers and registering domains for them, so I agree with you on this point.
        And what has been the alleged criteria of this “free distribution”?
        Did you have a look at how weird are the corresponding .com names involved and when they have been registered?
        And who registered these corresponding .com names benefiting of the “free” giveaway?
        Are these true or “fake” customers?
        How can we be sure that Mr Negari has not used or is still using more marketing money to fund other third parties (private, companies) to register .xyz names?

        @ Kevin Murphy: You said “So far, nobody has provided a shred of evidence that .xyz was involved with the NetSol promotion in any way.”
        Do you really think we are so dumb to believe that NetSol one day spontaneously decided, without any “incentive”, to promote this free giveaway to this weird list of “customers”? why should have they done that without any return? and with the tangible risk of being deemed responsible for violating ICANN rules …
        … that’s really hard to believe …

        @ Daniel Negari: remember that lies have no legs …

      • “Do you really think we are so dumb to believe that NetSol one day spontaneously decided, without any “incentive”, to promote this free giveaway to this weird list of “customers”?”

        Who else would have had the “weird list of customers”? The registry?

        “for having activated, promoted and colluded with the registrant (NetSol)”

        I believe you mean “registrar”.

        What is your evidence that the marketing plan originated with .xyz?

        The counter-evidence is that NO other registrar appears to be doing this.

        So, you are saying that Negari offered a deal that was too juicy for Netsol to resist, but other hungrier registrars didn’t bite?

        The absence of other registrars doing this, and there is no shortage of registrars who will do “creative” things to make a buck is, IMHO, “the dog that didn’t bark.”

      • Hmmmm let me think about this. Will get back to you on Monday. I will make some calls.

        Why would you do multiple deals when you can have the same effect with just one registrar that has the largest profit margin for next year?

      • All true.
        Nobody talks about all these weird .com domains that were registered in May and are now pending delete or on client hold.
        Something stinks…

    • “if this was a SEC regulated matter, this show would have already been halted ”

      Naaaaa. If it was SEC regulated, a TBTF bank would have been find $20 with no requirement to admit guilt.

  40. I’m with Berryhill on this. So far, nobody has provided a shred of evidence that .xyz was involved with the NetSol promotion in any way. All I see is speculation. It’s true that Negari is not helping matters by keeping so quiet about it, but that doesn’t mean .xyz is culpable.

    • When Negari was celebrating did he knew about the free domains? Of course he did.
      Even if he didn’t knew anything about it (which is not possible) then he should have admitted it when everybody was shouting it.
      Instead he is playing his little game. Keep on playing Daniel until you lose.

      • He was getting paid for each reg. Of course he was celebrating.

        The logical leap between that and “.xyz paid NetSol” and “.xyz gave domains away for free”… I don’t see it.

      • Lol, since when netsol started to being so nice, when they charge so much high fee for regular registration. THey are in business of maximizing the revenue by not offering discounts etc like godaddy.

        Kevin Murphy, open your eyes, and believe your ears. When there is a smoke that you can see, something is usually on fire. Netsolutions is not that nice to pay registry and give the names for free….that aint happening.

        Regardless .xyz is worse of worse. I would say at this point, to make a wrong into right, usually ends up making things little more messy.

      • It’s my job to look for evidence before stating with certainty that a company or individual did something bad.

        I’m not saying Konstantinos is definitely wrong here (because I don’t have any evidence one way or the other) I’m just wondering aloud where his (actually contradictory) conclusions are coming from.

      • You are missing Mr. Zournas’ point, Kevin.

        In the fine print of the ICANN registry agreement it says, “the registry shall be responsible for publishing whatever it knows about the proprietary marketing plans in which a registrar intends to engage.”

        This sort of strategy is called “triangulation”. Clearly, KZ is going to keep making accusations that Negari is somehow running Netsol by proxy, and KZ is going to continue to claim that Negari has a responsibility to disclose whatever he knows about marketing plans of one of the registry customers as the only way to “exonerate” himself from being blamed for what, we can all see, Netsol did.

        You see Netsol, one unit of the larger operation, is basically helpless when it comes to carrying out the demands of a single 28 year old CEO of a business which has yet to net one dollar, when they are given orders from him.

        As you can imagine, the disparity in negotiating power left Netsol with no choice but to carry out Negari’s evil scheme, which every other registrar, including other units of, somehow managed not to do.

      • Disparity in negotiating power does not necessarily has a key role in this case.
        Just check how many “nefarious” deals have been made among a “weak negotiating power” promoter and a “strong negotiating power” provider in the financial industry …

        And when I say “weak negotiating power” promoter I’m talking also about companies in a very bad financial shape … so you can imagine how negotiating power can have
        such type of entity …

        A couple of questions for you:
        – you appeared here when Kosta started to talk about Frank & Co. and North Sound Domains … what a coincidence … what do you know about NSD? is the company controlled by Frank? 🙂
        – is Negari, directly or indirectly, one of your clients?

      • Who owns NSD? Will anyone tell us?
        We all know but no one will admit it.
        Sounds familiar?

      • John,

        Let’s agree on one thing:
        There’s no logical reason whatsoever for netsol to engage in such unethical practices if there’s no beneficial gain involved (unless of course they are in the business of losing money and risking everything in the process, but let’s assume they are not).

        You say “You see Netsol, one unit of the larger operation, is basically helpless when it comes to carrying out the demands of a single 28 year old CEO of a business which has yet to net one dollar, when they are given orders from him. ”
        If Daniel (no facts as of now, let’s just call it a logical suspicion) paid netsol for this freebie opt-out promotion it would make the “yet to net one dollar” statement kinda irrelevant, no? That’s like saying Google Adwords doesn’t want my advertising money because I didn’t proof yet I will make a profit from it.

        To me it seems blatantly obvious that netsol is not giving 27,000 domains away for free. They are giving it away for other reasons. I can only hope those “other reasons” come to the surface soon.

      • *didn’t prove yet (sorry late at night here)

      • OK John, whatever. I don’t say that Negari ordered anyone. What you are writing here is just bullshit.
        He could just say “I didn’t know what was going on” or something like that. Do you know he doesn’t?

        If Netsol was offered $500k to buy $150k worth of domains and then maybe make some more money the next year do you think they would accept the deal or not?

      • Being paid for each reg means nothing.
        I pay you to run a promotion. You do all the work (marketing, emails, finding customers, registering domains etc.)
        And then Netsol is paying for the registrations fee. Only natural.

        Ok, you don’t see it… Do you see Negari saying that Netsol is NOT giving away free domains? Do you see him saying he does NOT have a deal with Netsol?
        NO and NO.

      • That’s exactly what I’d expect a terrorist to say.

        (You’ve never denied your involvement with Al Qaeda)

      • He was celebrating because he thought he fouled everybody and by fooling everybody he would be the New gTLD king. Guess again.

  41. Web/NetSol are big boys.. they would have done some sort of legal work on this promo before they did it

    If you don’t like it that’s cool.. but I hate 99% of the promo’s I get from godaddy / moniker and so on…. I hate that godaddy leaves out fee’s in their marketed prices and only shoves them in at the check out, I don’t like that they force me to keep my names there for 60 days..

    Over all its marketing.. most marketing is DECEPTIVE 🙂 that is the idea behind it..
    You are trying to convince someone to do something.. and most likely they really don’t need to..

    Legal.. well most of our favorite companies get a little slap on the wrist once and a while for ‘deceptive marketing’

    16,600 people dead.. ah.. well

    Red bull 🙂

    Good old Pepsi 🙂

    How about Kellogg’s.. :”really its not good for me?”

    One of my faves.. Those “Take the 14 day challenge.. and what? oh.. ya.. just keep eating it nothing is going to happen”

    I think will be ok, and it looks like they are not virgins when it comes to deceptive marketing :

    I know I know.. we don’t have any evidence at all.. I don’t even think we have a real copy of the email sent out

    But come on.. lets keep on speculating

    I think its kinda of fun. and 100% its good for XYZ

    • I see some evident contradictions in what you are saying.

      “Web/NetSol are big boys.. they would have done some sort of legal work on this promo before they did it”
      Given their track record with deceptive business practices, some of which you are explicitly mentioning, it does not seem so … lol …
      I guess they know they can settle later for peanuts …

      “Over all its marketing.. most marketing is DECEPTIVE 🙂 that is the idea behind it..”
      There is a line not to cross, otherwise your “deceptive marketing” becomes an unfair commercial practice, a scam or fraud … if you don’t see it, you will get in legal troubles very easily …

      “I think its kinda of fun. and 100% its good for XYZ”
      I see more fun ahead, but I think it won’t be for Negari and its .xyz. … lol 😀

    • The email in on the link provided on my post.
      Buying domains names on behalf of unsuspecting customers is not marketing.

  42. “Who else would have had the “weird list of customers”? The registry?”
    The focus here is on the “incentive” to do something, not on the list of customers, which every registrar have.
    IMHO NetSol did not decide spontaneously to start such a “promotion” …

    I believe you mean “registrar”.
    Yes, that’s a typo, I mean “registrar”.

    “What is your evidence that the marketing plan originated with .xyz? ”
    John, come on, who else may have the main interest in “supporting” .xyz registration figures? … never heard about stock manipulation?

    “The counter-evidence is that NO other registrar appears to be doing this. ”
    Probably NO other registrar wanted to mess with those kind of unethical and unlawful practices, especially the small ones, which would risk to loose their reputation, clients and be forced to shut down …
    Furthermore, probably Negari choose NetSol on purpose. And let me add that the company is not new to deceptive marketing practices …
    That’s a very weak counter-evidence indeed.

    • John Berryhill

      I’m not familiar with .xyz’s wholesale pricing structure. If there were some sort of volume incentive, or some sort of subsidy for promotional activities, then, sure, there may be an incentive for registrars to juice the numbers.

      IMHO the fascination with early registration numbers in the new gTLD’s is a little goofy anyway. Whether *any* of the new TLDs are worth doodley squat in the secondary market isn’t going to be known for years – not days, not months, years. It’s going to be a long time before internet users are going to have even the faintest awareness that they exist and actually use them. The only thing the early numbers suggest, at best, is the effectiveness of promotional efforts of new TLD registries to a very narrow audience unreflective of long term value.

      But nobody is demanding answers from Network Solutions, which strikes me as the most interesting aspect of this week’s tempest in a teapot.

      • Whether you and I think that first day registration numbers are goofy, this is what Negari’s celebratory post was based on.
        This is what drives new registrations.

        I don’t demand an answer by NetSol because I know I am not getting any. It doesn’t mean they are not involved or not at fault.

        Now answer me this:
        Why do you think a registrar chose the General Availability day to register thousands of free domains. Everybody knows that on that day the most registrations happen so they could only assume that at least a few paid registrations were bound to happen on that day.
        Why not wait a week or a month to run such a promotion? The only explanation is that it was done on that day so that the .xyz numbers were inflated.

  43. “John Berryhill on June 6, 2014 at 12:29 am said:
    The best part of this blog is that we get to smash all the dishes when we are done!”

    lol best comment of this thread!

    Ron Jackson did a nice balanced post on this topic I recommend people give it a look.

    • Bill

      You mean look at fake advertised balanced post which is calling the .xyz a success? If you read it carefully, it is far from being balanced and the conclusion of that post is that .xyz is a success. So go figure.

  44. I want to know how much Berryhill is billing xyz to deal with this thread

    • John Berryhill

      By expressing my belief that ICANN should investigate whether Netsol violated the RAA?

      Here’s what I don’t understand –

      We have a registrar who apparently sent “opt out” emails to a bunch of people, and then registered domain names to them without obtaining express consent to the terms of registration. Now, NSI may have an explanation of how that can be done under the RAA. But if they do, then it is a hole in the RAA that should be plugged.

      In reaction to this apparent breach of the RAA by the registrar, the domainer lynch mob decides to go after the registry.

      It seems to me that there are a few people who don’t quite grasp the distinction.

      • It is pretty clear that some people just don’t like xyz

        And that is cool – but really
        It’s kinda ridiculous that if anyone says anything that goes against your believe you simply say he/she is being paid to say it

        Grow up a little bit and step back for a second

        Time will tell if xyz is going to succeed or not

        Marketing – there are going to be lots more marking for all the tlds – some will aggressive like this but this is still marketing*

        Some will be deceptive – some will be outrageous and some will be sexist

        This is small though. – I really don’t get why people are freaking about this when the most sexist ads from godaddy get a nod of approval and are shown in live tv to millions + you can then go online and see the ones that did not get approved as they were way to sexist

        Oh wait. Were all males commenting here

        * I firmly believe this is marketing
        Opt out / opt in marketing is very very prevalent in the online marketing world – billion on it!

        It’s much much cheaper to do this type then to do the opt in

        I am not saying it’s great it saying it’s not great – but it 100% is marketing

      • I’m not saying netsol isn’t at fault. They are.

        It’s just that most people here (including me) make the logical assumption that netsol isn’t the only one at fault. Netsol didn’t just decide one day “oh hey, let’s spend hundred of thousands of dollars of our own money by giving away free .xyz domains to netsol users for the likelihood that around 0.1% of those will be renewed the year after”. Even ignoring the potential legal repercussions with that opt-out promotion it would make no sense whatsoever to do this. Netsol is in the business to make money, not to throw money down the drain.

        It seems netsol made a very lucrative deal before general availability.

      • Exactly.
        Why do you think a registrar chose the General Availability day to register thousands of free domains. Everybody knows that on that day the most registrations happen so they could only assume that at least a few paid registrations were bound to happen on that day.
        Why not wait a week or a month to run such a promotion? The only explanation is that it was done on that day so that the .xyz numbers were inflated.

      • The domainer “lynch mob” is going after the registry who ordered this and who was the one to benefit from these first day inflated registrations.
        It was the registry that celebrated the registrations.

        NetSol’s involvement and how it should be treated is covered in the post also.

        Both are to blame.

  45. Hey coward hiding behind keyboard spreading hate- I may be dumb- certainly not as smart as my readers who followed my lead into Apple as discussed on my blog at $75 who toady are getting a 7-p1 slit at $646- or those who acted on my Alcatel recommendation last year at 50 cents who are not cashing out at $4. That’s why I don’t waste time any more even trying to wallow in domain remorse. The extension debate is as old as the domaining “hobby” itself and never leads to putting money in anyone’s pocket. You want to get mad a marketing folks- all the vitamins, pills and kim ass you consume yourself with all were planted in your head by someone smarter. That’s what marketing is. Have a GREAT weekend.

  46. sorry for typos I have a disability

    • Owen

      are you talking about your 76 $ prediction apple since 2004 or so, wake up this is 2014. I have sympathy for you that you are disable , so I do not blame you.

      Now I can totally understand given your medical conditions, how your posts are becoming abnormal as well. I will pray that you will get well soon, my buddy.

    • Good post Owen.

      As far as I am concerned I will get back to this post every year to report on .xyz.

    • Owen

      Having been taking care of father who is on vent after the stroke and in the critical condition, I totally understand your frustration due to disability. I deal with this everyday myself. I am no way disrespecting your critical illness in anyway. 24/7 taking care of someone, who is on life support at home, I would never do that, or disrespect anyone who is suffering illness. I still wish you the best recovery and May god help you overcome in any way.

      On the flip side, I was more referring to your Stupid Posts on your blog, which are nothing more than stupidity. Its a very rare that your post are actual thoughts, its more of a copy paste links.

      BTW, i wanted to clear, I also invest in stocks, and my life also does not center around the domains, although I do not brag about how much did I make or made last year etc.

      Good luck.

  47. Really ? Let the guy run his business as he like to run it. If you don’t like it don’t register the domains. Most of the people reply to the post here most likely make less Than $1000 a month from domains and they call it “their industry”. Call it a hobby, at most! The self proclaimed Domain King, promoted .mobi as the next big thing… Then .xxx sponsored TRAFFIC and it was all great. If he would be the KING, why is Frank Schilling making so much more $$$ ? Rick said “I don’t care if the registry makes money..” , but says TRAFFIC is all about business. Last time I checked I business is there to make $$$. I am not a fan of nTLDs, but I think some will make it and some won’t, but it is up to the average Joe to make it happen not to a few domineers.

    • He can run it as he likes and I can say whatever I want.
      He has been asked 100+ times and still does not have the guts to say the truth.
      .Mobi and .xxx did not lie their way to the ranking top and then celebrated their lies.

  48. I will check for sure how many fake registrations will be dropped by Network Solutions in the next months

  49. Some background on’s Daniel Negari and his business dealings.

    I did some googling. Long story short: Daniel appears to be running a group of companies which runs high interest loan and data mining websites. Not exactly the way he has been portraying himself, is it?

    Look at the names and addresses.

    Look at the sites:

    + dealing with shady firms based off of Indian reservations:

  50. Thank you for the infos, now we can understand clearly from where his money come: maybe he is one of all those asking interests of 5%/month and more…

    (as a note aside, this remind me that the domain industry has been sitting for years on the best opportunity never appeared before in the Earth and never ever domainers were able to exploit that opportunity, which is an opportunity FOR ALL, not only for few people like Negari as it seems. When, in human history, men from all over the world were able to lend money to others being able to receive domains as pawns? It would be a real boost for everybody, instead all domainers are continuing to leave to people like those type of “lenders…” the chance to earn all the money available from people in need out there).

  51. To the Greek guy – Konstantinos Zournas – what have YOU accomplish in your life? Just siting behind the PC and acting like a regular frustrated computer engineer…
    Shut up and dedicate your time to something more productive… XYZ is not for Konstantinos Zournas or similar jealous folks!

  52. Some days, after years of dismay and disillusionment at my not grasping how some activities work in the world of money, especially Internet Reseller deals and now, Domain values:
    however, this one website with its so active comments list has given me an instant introductory education into a fascinating new game for me.
    I’ll be back, soon as I can figure out how to get in this game ex comment section has actually opened my ancient eyes to a fascinating previously occult world.

    So, thank you to my host here and those serious not simply name-calling visitors, who have contributed greatly to my rapid understanding.

  53. I’m pretty sure tons of high quality one word domains such as business, insurance, and bank have already been registered by them already. The new google release ( gives .xyz much more legitimacy over things like .science though.

  54. My opinion is that .XYZ is still a crappy tld, what’s yours?

  55. Nothing Beats .com domains,I don’t know why did google bought .xyz domain for it’s new company [] have seen some .coms going for 20 grand with silly names

  56. i personally don’t want to use .xyz domain,last year EuroDNS gave away free xyz domains for free

  57. No! xyz is not dead baby

  58. Apparently, wired said that .xyz will end .com’s dominance and that’s very untrue. The thing is that .com will never be dethrown. Google would literally have to use as their default domain for even a chance of that to happen. Also, there hasn’t been any new hype about .xyz after google’s alphabet announcement.

    .xyz probably has some legitimacy because of google, but it would be impossible for it to be completely legitimate.

  59. I wonder if Konstantinos Zournas, the one who wrote this post was influenced , biased by emotional reasons (not rational ones) , maybe because the greek alphabet does not end in xyz?

  60. This opinion-bases article is now irrelevant because Google registration of gave .xyz life.

    Interesting how an opinion has no bearing on the outcome of sales. .xyz passed .us in total registrations. The owner of .xyz owns some great domains.

    Recent .xyz sales are giving this extension an added boost. A lot can change in a few years.

  61. I would love for you to write a follow up on this blog entry if you haven’t already. You’d be amazed how well Daniel and .xyz are doing now. 🙂

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