Buyer of Cofounders .com shares his thought process

Chris Koerner from Dallas, Texas shared his thought process for buying the domain name

He said that it was a stupidly easy decision to spent $65k on a one word domain name.

Here is what he said on X:

We spent $65k on a one word domain name, and it was a stupidly easy decision. Below is our thought process.

In fact, we named the company around the domain name, and not the other way around. Why?

1. Instant credibility for the only audience that matters – ours

2. 80-90% cheaper than what we thought it was worth

Here’s what these domains cost:

Reputation . com – $800k
Acquisition . com – $350k
Acquire . com – $240k

Ours is cofounders . com. Not a bad get for $65k, in our opinion. We’d have paid much, much more.

(A reminder that assets are worth vastly different prices to different buyers. For this reason, hold firm on your price.)

The actual website itself is super bare bones and plain, because we feel that the name sends a stronger message than how the site looks.

(Also, we’re procrastinators 🤣, and our website is an afterthought for us. But the above sounded smart, didn’t it?)

So what is cofounders? What do @CoFoundersNik and I do?

We start and buy companies with talented operators.

Everything we do revolves around cofounding ideas with others.

It’s really not a pure venture studio, holdco or incubator. It’s kind of it’s own thing. A hybrid of all 3.

On the startup side of things, we provide someone with

– 3 business ideas to choose from
– A salary
– 100% of the capital

And take majority equity. We have way, way more applicants than we can handle. Starting and scaling new companies is hard.

We can’t force an idea on them or it’ll never work. Also, we can’t (usually) take their idea for the same reason.

No one loves an idea like it’s originator. This is why I freely share so many idea here. Not enough of y’all steal them!

The acquisition side of things is still a work in progress, but will have a different structure.

We have more ideas than time, so cofounders is the perfect solution for us.

We didn’t even know what we’d name the company until we landed on that domain name!

Before we saw that domain we were tossing around the dumbest name ideas:

StartBuySell . com

StartupLabs . co

My namecheap account is a bad idea domain graveyard. All dumb. All generic. Nothing generational or credible.

Cofounders was an instant yes.

Lots of big things coming. Thanks for following along! @mhp_guy

Any questions? Happy to answer below.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.

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  1. “Not a bad get for $65k, in our opinion. We’d have paid much, much more.” ~ Koerner

    Proof that the days of startup founders not being aware of the brand match dotcom value are long gone. When you own the brand-match and the startup is sitting on an inferior non-dotcom; you need to stand strong on your price.

    Startup founders devalue your asset as a negotiation tactic.

    He might have paid up to $500K.

    Know your dotcom value and stick to your price.

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