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Post Your Best New gTLD Domain Name

This is a post were anyone can post the best New gTLD domain name that they have bought so far. Their subjective favorite purchase.

It has been about 2 months since the first New gTLD domain names came out from Donuts. So far more there have been more than 400,000 domain name registrations across more than 50 New gTLD strings that are on the general availability stage.

I was running a poll where I ask blog visitors “Why are you buying New gTLD domains?”. The poll has been running for a few weeks now and about 40% of the voters state that they don’t buy New gTLD domain names. I guess this post only applies to the other 60% that does register these domains.

The domainers have spoken: 66% Of Domainers Are Buying New gTLD Domain Names. The poll had over 500 votes.

This is the latest New gTLD poll:

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I only ask you that you post just 1 New gTLD domain name. What you think that is your best one. If you can please post if the domain name has a premium renewal or not and why you think the domain name is good.

My submission is a .domains New gTLD because I am an end user when it comes to the .domains New gTLD: (not premium)


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. It´s a PREMIUM domain name registered in EAP (renewal about $250 USD)
    I thing that it´s one of the best domain names for the domain industry. Perfect to launch a trading platform for domain names. I just received 2 bid´s at from somebody from INDIA (first bid $25,000 & second bid $80,000) but I declined both becuse I thing the domain has huge potential so I expect higher offers. Thanks Konstantinos.

    (I like your

    • Do you have screenshots using polaroid of those offers?

      • Why do you care about ? Will you make a higher offer or what? was sold for $3,300,000 so for I will only consider $X,XXX,XXX offers !

      • You turned down $80K on from the tooth fairy? Give it 5 years that domain will still be parked at sedo, with $1,500 in renewal fees into it. Take the $80K, and start .trade registry

      • You have no idea what you are talking about. is maybe the best domain name in the .DOMAINS extension and did you ever heard that:
        “Internet is about to change FOREVER” ???
        The new extensions are already here and in few years the .COMs will be almost death. In the new internet ERA the best domain names will be: “SHORT & BRANDABLE”,
        so will be much better tan sold for $36,000,000 USD !!!
        So just forget about the .COM; this is your grandfather extension. Why many big companies start using domain hack ??? To short their URL and to make it more memorable and brandable. Examples:
        DELICIO.US sold to Yahoo for undisclosed 8 figures
        LOCAL.LY sold to Infor for $100,000
        E.CO sold to Domain Capital for $81,000
        T.AG sold to Kinetic for $60,000
        SOCI.AL sold for $50,000
        Google use also GOO.GL & Instagram use INSTAGR.AM
        Rick Schwartz sold for $3,000,000 because he sad NO to $2 million & $2,5 million offers. ?!?!?!
        So just take your time and think about this. In a few years .COM will decrease their value; overall the two words domains because: is better than is better than is better tan is better than is better than

        D´ont forget that Internet is changing about FOREVER and now is the moment to grab the best domain sales for the next years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I dont need fucking $80,000 because I sell 50-60 domain names per year, some of them in 5 figures so I just need to jump to 6 & 7 figures OK ???

      • Do not compare to, compare it to Same for the other ones, compare to,, I may agree your comparison may be leaned towards the gtld version for specific niche; but for the generic word, I would like to see in the long run which one is more valuable.

      • Right on , all these new TLDs are USELESS and WORTHLESS

      • Alex, I disagree with you on how to compare the new gTLDS. Google has said that a well-done, authoritative website under one of the new gTLDs will be considered the same as a .com address in searches. I interpret that as meaning that for a search for Alaska hotels, will be considered in the searches for Alaska hotels, but not be given a preference over a site such as Otherwise, there is no point to registering any of these names at all. Instead of, one should have registered or if one is selling round diamonds? That would make no sense. And Google bought too many of these new gTLDs for themselves for the TLD then to have no effect in searches that contain either the TLD or a word similar to it.

      • You have brought a very valid point, but think about it, if you are comparing to, and to, then:
        #1.- The center of the universe is .com
        #2.- I agree that might be more expensive than, but no way more expensive than, remember that .hotels is visited only by people looking for hotels, but .com is visited by people looking for anything related to Alaska, including and not limited to life-style, homing, entertaining, hunting, traveling (hotels as a sub-set of this category), etc.
        #3.- While doesn’t make sense, makes much sense. Bring it down to vs, neither of these makes sense, but still makes sense and would sell for in the 5-6 figures today.
        #4 Per number 3, there are millions of domains .com that will sell for 5, 6 and 7 figures, but I don’t think it will be the same quantity for any gtld (not even all gtlds combined).
        #6 I will give you this last one,, and ‘might’ be better than, and, but hurry up to buy them, after those, everything else is garbage.


      • Your statements simply show how much of an amateur you are when it comes to domain investing. 2/3L .com’s are strong than ever. Any N .com is thru the roof.

        Dictionary word, and single word .com’s are in extreme demand. As well there are many solid terms where there is now gtld to complete the ending. So what happens to these terms, do they go away, because some gtld’s are here.

        I saw your sedo list of names, and they are sub average, compared to most solid portfolios. I do not believe you had a solid $80K offer for Trading domains is something domainers might do, but not real end users, nobody has time for that. Your domain will be parked at sedo making 49 cents a year in parking 5 years from now.

        I am not against GTLD’s but I do not believe would have been the highest gtld sale to date if it had closed, which it didn’t. Nobody in their right mind would pay you 7 figures, because they can get their own extension for $185K!

      • You are talking about today, right?
        But the things are going to change over the next years OK! it´s short & BRANDABLE Got it ???
        The best name to launch a trading platform !
        This is a name for big companies not for everybody!
        for $185K you can get your own extension but NOT “”
        You have no idea what you are talking about men!

      • don’t forget that the need will not be the same as with .com

        1500 ngtlds will start .. and yes of course, the internet traffic will grow as well, but for sure not in the same rate

        .com was like people in a supermarket 1 day before of catastrophe. but now, we have a lot of food for all.

        of course, good names like are rare and expensive. we don’t need a dot com, we don’t need a history and we don’t need a future to understand that is matching perfectly like a diamond in the sunlight.

        what i am trying to say … WOW 80000 !! SELL !! NOW 😀

    • Who’s trading domains? I buy and sell them! 🙂

    • lol… seriously? Comparing to Trading is HUGE. “Trading domains” on the other hand is a small niche. And the only potential buyers for would be domainers and I highly doubt any domainer would pay $80K for Heck I highly doubt any domainer would pay $80K for and that would be the better choice.

      • is not worth a lot in the first place as their is no money is trading domains.

      • a small niche???? Ha, ha, ha you have no idea what you are talking about. The billionaire industry of domaining a small niche???
        Ha, ha, ha your head sure its small !!! is not for domainers. Is for an end user and worth as low $1,000,000 Small niche: ha, ha, ha

      • Domaining (buying/selling): big industry
        Trade (exchange domains): small fraction of domaining with a fraction of that fraction of money involved

      • Trade means exchange, buy, sell and everything related to transfer the ownership of goods from one person or entity to another by getting a product, service or money in exchange. Trade is sometimes loosely called commerce or financial transaction or barter. A network that allows trade is called a market. So when you buy or sell domains is also a trade because you exchange a good for money.
        To understand better just read the WIKIPEDIA about TRADE.
        Finally “” is a perfect (maybe the best & more natural) domain name for a domain aftermarket platform. It’s true that is related to a niche but is one of the most bigest niches in internet and the base of it.
        Whithout domains are no websites and no internet out there.

      • That is what it means but it is not used in domaining in this sense. In 12 years I have the word trade maybe a couple of times in relation with domains.

      • Well domainers can start using it, because it is correct & natural. The point is that “” is highly brandable. Its easier to remember “” a buy&sell domains website instead of SEDO, BIDO AFTERNIC, GODADDY …names that have nothing related to the domain industry.

    • My best is US.Business with $500 renewal fee.

  2. Poker.Guru (and please no inquiries at anything less than 7.5% of the value of the .com)

    • Is the .com or

    • Even existing TLDs like .net / .org don’t get 7.5% of the .com, what makes you think a .guru you registered a month or so back does?

      • Spoken like someone who wishes they had been paying attention “a month or so back”.

        Elapsed time since purchase doesn’t negate the fact that “Poker” is one of the most popular single word searches on the internet, and “.GURU” is a perfect fit for that word, as is “.TIPS”, “.EXPERT”, “.NINJA”, etc.

  3. I like science and I like engery .. so i am in love with my 🙂

  4. Amazing.Domains – FOR SALE
    Product.Domains – FOR SALE
    Y.Domains – FOR SALE
    L.Domains – FOR SALE

  5. Vegan.Recipes – High exact match searches and it is somehow not a premium renewal either.

  6. Scanned thru the Yellow Pages like it was 1999 for a one word category killer that would fit the extension. Went with

  7. Not necessarily my best, and I know you said to post one (so I apologize), but as they are related:
    DomainSelling.Tips and DomainBuying.Tips

  8. I don’t own any of the new extensions, but i just watched your video on Eli the computer guy on his view of the new extensions, enjoyed it.
    Thanks for finding this guy and sharing the video.

  9. * (not a premium and not an EAP)

    Siouxland: A specific geographic area encompassing Northwest Iowa, Northeast Nebraska, Southeast South Dakota,and Southwest Minnesota.

    Everyone in that region knows the term and uses it.

    I’m thinking of developing it.


  10. Mine are geared towards Registrars ^ Registries; I want to sell them domains for a change:: $3700 $2500 $799

    BTW: We have two Live Auctions going, No Reserve:

    go to:

  11. *

    Some people can’t read directions.


    It’s like being invited into someone’s living room and then peeing on the carpet.

    Domenclature seems clueless and is definitely a spammer.

    Konstantinos, you were kind enough to offer us a showcase by inviting us into your virtual living room, and I thank you.



    – 3 offers on in the past 30 days.
    – great traffic worldwide.
    – New York is known as 1 of the 4 big fashion capitals in the world and this is the only english speaking capital.
    – I love New York T-Shirts etc.
    – The world does not refer to New York as NYC, only Americans do that. Hence the name “New York Fashion Week:

    – 3 Letter new gtld.
    – great traffic worldwide.
    – Team USA biking and cycling, Made In USA Bikes, and Bike Share Companies in the USA, X-games Bikes / Bmx, USA Motorbikes etc.

  14. Sporting.Shoes

    Have got some top guns that i will only reveal when the dust settles

    @Konstantinos Zournas, you are doing a good job. Keep it up.

  15. Bon.Jovi

    Btw, Energy.Technology nice reg!

  16. I’ve only got two new gTLDs and they’re both single letter .directory domains, here’s one of them:

  17. I’m finding some good .coms to register along the way of finding new GTLDs… but here are a few that i liked:

    Also picked up some good sports .tips names: Checkers, Kayaking, Racquetball, RockClimbing, Skiing, Squash, Wakeboarding

  18. Thanks Konstantinos,

    Not a premium

  19. 😉

    My first time buying. I referred to all reported data and used my google translator while learning mandarin numerology to buy several of the biggest industries in the world in 13 languages. I hope something happens. I have several diamond(s), Game(s), house(s), casino(s), cars, etc. sites. Only a bout $6k deep after I reallocated my savings.. I think that’s ok for a rookie? My personal favorite though is that I own 20% of the single letter directories 🙂 It’s like buying comics!

  20. Dog.Shit


  22. Heating.Equipment
    That’s it. Just wanted to pair with the cctld. No more.

  23. I’m picking up the scraps when General Availability comes around and some of my crumbs so far … I do like this one, nice niche market but I’ve realized there are few opportunities for agricultural names from 617 gTLDs … amazing … and this domain could cover a multitude of farming activities … anything from tractor cabs to farming insurance? Who knows …

    Can’t understand why I paid 40 dlrs for one week, then 145 dlrs for the next week … the diamond market is very dollar rich! They have a strange pricing structure for sure.

    I’m enjoying the challenge of finding decent named domains and looking at my list, and are among some of my other favorites.

    Thanks …

  24. Fun to watch rookies go at it. 🙂

  25. i.Photography premium renewal


  27. Hi guys I registered following domains please let me know your views


    • would be my only posting!!

      • I like…Only my Opinion…

        Obesity.TIPS ( More and more of the population is on the obesity increase.
        Pregnant.TIPS ( First time mothers will flock to this site if it was built out correctly.
        Cruise.TRAINING ( A large corporate cruise line organization would pay good money for a great site on cruise training)

        Jason Laird
        New Zealand

    •,,,,, not bad for a work from home little website

  28. (premium)


  30. Cosplay.Clothing

  31. I have registered and Will hold them for the future investment See what happens

  32. Freelance.Training

  33. Access.Menu

    But that’s because I have an app business, offering accessible (talking) menus, http://AllAccess.US and

  34. I have only one new gLTD domain name which is TopNotch.Domains – any offers please?



  37. I registered Smartest.Technology (not premium registration/renewal)


  39. I’m torn between my and . Not sure which one to develop first .

    • I may say either or is ok, just make sure to spend a good amount of time updating it everyday to start increasing traffic. I still haven’t find a premium word that goes fine with .guru, If I ask Mike Myers, he would respond

    • reallys? I don’t want to be bearer of bad news, but I googled “reals estate” and I found only 40 thousand misspells. But I removed the ‘s’ and I found 389 million. Maybe those 40 thousand people were meant to visit your site in future. Good luck

  40. Among the many I have, some top of line domains:


  42. Heres a few i have.. Unique.Domains will be developed 🙂


  43. I only registered one gTLD

    I plan on developing it as a tech support site…


    Feedback? :o)

    • HomeGym.Equiptment ( Build it out with affiliates or on sell it to a fitness equipment rental company

      Forestry.Equiptment ( Huge market, you just need to know the right people. Build it out or on sell it. Niche Websites owned by Adam Dicker may be able to help you out?

      Jason Laird
      New Zealand

  45. Investment.Tips probably still my best with 8 Offers so far via Sedo.

    Runners up with Offers through email & LinkedIn contact are Strategic.Guru, Operations.Guru, Product.Guru & Vineyard.Estate.

    This is purely just based on contacted interest however within a relatively short period of time.

  46. (Job/Jobs)


  48. Only bought 2 names so far. and Received one offer within 24 hours of sedo listing.

  49., originally I though it was a good investment, but ultimately was a waste of money and time. No annual premium, but needed to write a business case to mtld for them to allow me to register this domain. No more gtlds for me, back to .com

  50. Zournas,

    Why are all these people in your living room, typing all these words without an extension, and a dot in the middle of their sentences, and no one is allowed to pee? 😉


    Also registered (4) .today names and (3) .technology names
    No premium renewals
    The .today names are related to international currencies
    and the .technology names are medical


    Esitbot values at $1.12 Million. Of all other “” gTLD’s, none come close to the intuitive value for the word “Wedding” than does .DIRECTORY.

    Even at 90% discount to the corresponding .COM, the domain name would sell for six figures, but I’m not planning on selling.

    Yes, there is a small premium renewal on the name.

  53. ” I just received 2 bid´s at from somebody from INDIA (first bid $25,000 & second bid $80,000) but I declined both becuse I thing the domain has huge potential so I expect higher offers.”


    You received an offer of $80,000 for Trade.Domains that is worth maybe 100 bucks and you turn it down. You are full of shit! Who trades domains anyway. Every time I read this I keep laughing.

    • Probably the buyer from India is full of shit…

      • Mr. Konstantinos Zournas never every blame anyone without proof nor comment if you have anything to say its better you argue or comment on Mr.Todd who is claiming that he got offer from Indian buyer for his domain

        If I say that I got big offer from Greece for one of my domain then what do you say about Greece Guys including you.

        You are a professional be like a professional because you are running good site. Here everyone pretend to show off that they got very demanding domains its their individual thinking

      • @ V Subhash

        Can you please read my comments in their entirety before you leave a comment. I am not the one trying to sell that domain. What I put there is a quote from the Trade.Domains owner.

        Just so we are crystal clear that is not my domain and I am not trying to sell it.

      • Sorry Todd I think its Marian who is the owner

      • I said the truth. You don’t like it?
        Who did I blame?

      • what do you mean by truth ? do you know Mr. Marian is speaking truth and genuinely saying that he got offer from indian buyer for his domain and without knowing whether its true or false you comment that buyers from India are full of shit.

        I feel its better for you to control your mind and tongue before you say anything without confirmation, speak truth every one welcome and respect your comment

      • Truth and fact: 99% of offers from India, Pakistan and Nigeria are full of shit.
        Sorry if that offends you in the 1%.

      • Also I got a 100 million offer for a bullshit .biz domain I own.
        I don’t go about saying I got a 100 million offer.

      • Are you the bidder for $80k? From experience the offer is full of shit? Do you have proof of the opposite?

        I have received lots of offers from India, Pakistan and Nigeria. 99% they are full of shit. Just facts.

      • Did I say that I am bidder for 80K it simple shows you are life based on imagination nor reality

        If you feel offer is full of shit then you comment on it but dont blame any nationality

        You said that you offers from India, Pakistan and Nigeria and 99% are fake

        I got plenty offers from europe and they are full of shit offer including greece then I should respond same how you respond “Buyers from Indian are full of shit”

        I have good impression on you dont spoil it and deviate my mind to comment on Greece Guys

      • Exactly. If you are not the bidder for the 80k, that you are trying to defend, then it’s 99% full of shit.

        I said 99% not all. From the hundreds of bullshit offers and non paying buyers I have got, I have sold to 2 people from these countries.
        Please try to read carefully what I write.

        50% of offers from Greece are from cheapskates.

  54. “but I declined both becuse I thing the domain has huge potential so I expect higher offers.”

    I am laughing Konstantinos because he said he turned down the 80 grand offer because he actually thinks it’s worth more. So it doesn’t matter if the guy in India is full of shit because this guy is full of shit. Would someone pay 80 grand for Never. Ever.

  55. The predictions of people who labeled the gTLDs as “novel” is actually apt. They said people who register these names will be saying “Look what I’ve got!”, not “Look what I’ve sold”, or “Look at what IBM, or Facebook or WallStreet Corporations are using as their main site”.

    Great souvenir!

    • You need to give this time. Maybe there will be sales maybe not.
      But talking about 1 week domains and 1 month domains and saying that there are no sales is not correct.

      And actually the registries are selling a lot of domains to end users so domainer sales will soon follow.

      • @Zournas,

        That’s actually incorrect, on all three levels.

        Like I stated yesterday, Speed is distance over time; if someone is walking 5 miles per hour from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, which is about 180 Miles, we don’t have to wait till he completes his journey to know how long it will take him; we can calculate it now. It will take him 36 hours.

        Dot guru is one of the earliest gTLDs to operate widely, it started with a furious 10,000 registrations, and it’s petering out at 49,000; the rest are showing inferior numbers, and trends.

        Now, Donuts raised over $300 Million dollars for the venture, so you’d have to take the whole scheme together. Do you think they’re on their way to recovering that initial investment? Remember, there are costs to running the thing. If you recall, it was revealed that dot CO was paying over $2 per name just for back-end support to their eventual suitor; not to mention salaries for employees, support, ICANN activities, healthcare, costs, incidentals, office supplies, etc

        Besides, the issue is not if the Registries and registrars can make money confusing the internet; the issue is ADOPTION of the names by businesses, and regular folk. So, don’t tell me…

        Why should I wait before I criticize people who didn’t wait to tear up the neighborhood? I’m not waiting for nothing. I will be factual, that’s all.

      • Adoption is going to be even slower!
        It took the internet 20 years to get here. You want people to adopt new gtlds in 2 weeks or 2 months.
        Developing a website or starting a simple company can take longer than that.

        You say that there are no sales. I say there over 500 1k+ sales so far. Most are to end users.

      • Well, like the speed formula I gave you, let’s assume that adoption to us means 200 of Fortune 2000 companies, that’ll be 10%, adopting the new gTLDs in 5 years; that will mean that means that at least 2 should be using a new gTLD as of today for their primary site; do you have any names to give me right now?

        Making companies pay money to protect their trademarks could hardly qualify as adoption of internet names. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I can’t tell you which new gTLD is which; I can’t tell you 5 that has launched of the top of my head.

        There are too many gTLDs.

        Perhaps, you don’t know how the American business works as far as brand, they are very conservative, the New York guys who are in charge of branding for these corporations, will laugh you off the phone if you try to make them change from dot COM to dot whatever; the mom and pops has got other things to worry about, and the students, and regular people have Facebook, twitter, and Blogger for their websites.

        Zournas, don’t get on the yellow brick road; no pie in the sky.

      • Your formula is bullshit. Adoption is never linear. Always exponential and very very slow at first. Maybe you need to take a look at .com numbers over the past 20 years. Year 1 didn’t have 5 million registrations.

        And no fortune 500 will leave their .com. Nobody said that. They are not crazy.

        You are arguing with imaginary arguments. Take a break.

      • And even if your formula should work it would start after all new gtlds launch. Not after guru and 6 others launched…

      • If I walk for an hour I can maybe cover 4 miles. If I then get in a car for a further hour, I might travel 100 miles more.

        My speed is an average of 104 miles in 2 hours, but when was I travelling at 52 mph?

        You should look up velocity and acceleration.

        Maths and physics.

      • Supporting your argument with domenclature…He talks about calculating the end destination of someone walking to Las Vegas as if they can never accelerate in any way.

  56. “And even if your formula should work it would start after all new gtlds launch. Not after guru and 6 others launched…”

    It’s not my formula, it’s math.

    Averages is the name of the game. When you take from dot guru with about 46594 registrations to dot Tattoo with about 1341 as of today, there are 55 new gTLDs, that gives you an average of 871 per gTLD. That is hardly impressive. Perhaps you look at your new toys and your eyes pop, Zournas, you still have to deal with math; you don’t want to quarrel with numbers.

    It’s not 6 gTLDs that have launched, get real pal. You are fond of telling us how many registrations have occured, and you do it precisely, when it comes to the number of gTLDs that produced them, you can’t be shy about that. If you doubt it, I will list the names.

    Finally, you can’t compare the launch and adoption of dot com to anything else, because, the internet was a new phenomenon, nobody knew what it was; you didn’t have facebook, youtube, twitter, blogger, and other social media to contend with; today, everybody knows what they are getting into.

    Look, look at the trend. When the gTLD launches started, there was a rush by you, and other domainers to grab .venture, .tattoo, dot sexy, what happened after that? Think! You dropped them like used tissue paper, and rush to the next one; that will continue until the anniversary of renewals. So, registration is NOT LINEAR! It’s cyclical. When renewals come around, then it’s deduction time, what’s calle REMOVAL.

    • This is not math. It’s bullshit.
      You want to do your “math” for 2 months when the everage age of new tlds is 1 month.
      And without any of the good ones out.

      Nobody said that all new gtlds are good or that all will survive.
      The best ones will be out next year.

      Adoption is always exponential. What you say is all bullshit because you never reply to what I say.
      You say something completely irrelevant to contradict me.

      .Com took 20 years to get here. I didn’t say that new gtlds will take 20 years.

      I have 1 .ventures, 0 tattoo, 1 sexy. Now you are talking about renewals when 3 minutes ago your were talking about adoption.
      All you write is bullshit. No coherence.

      • Let’s see, dot CO launched many years after dot com, why do you have to reach back that far? When dot CO launched, it garnered over 500,000 the first month. Compare that to all gTLDs combined at less than that.

        It took mankind over a billion years to develop blak and white television; and less than 20 years to get color TV, and even less than that to get HD. Mankind did not have to say, hey, it took a billion years for black and white so give it another billion for HD. Technology, such as internet protocol is modular. In today’s age, unlike when dot com launched, ideas go viral in minutes; if new gTLDs are popular, they will trend on Twitter and facebook, or Pheed, or Youtube, those are communications that were not available for dot com. You are comparing apples to oranges.

        My cited statistics are very much relevant. You own more dot coms than dotsexy, dot tattoo, dot clothing and many other dotwhatevers combined, and they launched over 2 months ago; dotwhatevers have been in the making for almost a decade. There hundreds of them, if they have no traction by now, it is a major factor in the calculus, get it?

        All I write is math, so prove them wrong, not calling me names. Is speed not distance over time? Can’t you tell where one or something is going based on the rate it is traveling? I can. Dot guru reached 40,000 registrations over a month ago, and it’s taking it another month to get to 45000, that is called stalling, or petering out. Live with it, Zournas. Your dog is not hunting, not my fault.

        make no mistake about it, the new gTLDs must be adopted by the masses or business in order for it to sustain; and the public will not rush into it in one day, they have to go at it at a certain “rate”, and that rate is what I am calculating. Is it 300 a day? Is it 1000 a day? Or is it domainers trickling in at 50 to 60 at irregular intervals, after a pump by you and your fellow wishful thinkers?

        You cannot count defensive trademark registrations in this adoption.
        “Exponential” is a mathematical term that denotes rapid growth, and it has a curve to tap from time, and other exponents, where do you see such growth on the new TLDs? Show me. Oh that’s right I have to wait till all the gTLDs launch, right? Or better ones come on…

      • You don’t know what you are saying.
        You are comparing billions of years to 20 years and then to 1 month.
        Now .whatevers are 10 years old? lol
        From the top 50 new gtlds only 1 has come out. Get that?
        Again we don’t compare new gtlds to .com. Only you do that, so argue with yourself.
        No data = no curve. Get that? Wait for the other 950 new gtlds give them a year and then say what you say.
        Exponential curves tend to zero at the beginning of the curve. You know math?
        And again this is not compared with .com. Get that? I never said .com is dead. Get that?
        It is not my dog. Stop this incoherent bullshit.

  57. One other statistic, Mike Mann owns more dot coms than all new GTLDs combined. One guy…

  58. Poker.Limo

    Any gTLD with “Poker” is in high demand, but POKER.LIMO actually makes a lot of sense.

    Yes. It is for sale.

  59. Hallo.
    Well my first try om the new Domains. Think it is and awsome name for and affiliate site.

    Any comment a welcome

  60. (Great for email addresses like or for example.) (for sale on Flippa) (Millions of google monthly searches) (For a news website?) (Website already done and up)

    Bought all of them for 25-35$ except wich was 120$ premium.

  61. @CarronDomains,

    If dot guru gets in a cab, then we’ll recalculate. For now, we will deal with what we see, no camel, no skateboard, no bicycle, no cabs.

    • Recalculate?

      You said… “We don’t have to wait till he completes his journey to know how long it will take him; we can calculate it now”

      In my opinion, there are at least 3 key events that are yet to happen that will have an influence:

      A) The supply stops… How many domainers are going to buy at multiple times what was originally paid? They will surely just buy multiples of the best names in the next set of releases.

      B) The top names reserved by each registry are released… They may be developed to help promote awareness of the extension to the public, or they may auctioned to the highest bidder, but setting some price expectations. (For example, Vegetarian.Recipes is registry reserved, and so I would expect Vegan.Recipes to be positively affected by either event.)

      C) Public awareness… It isn’t that end users have seen the new extensions and rejected them. They are hardly aware of them yet, and the best way to sell a name in the next year will be through proactive marketing.

      • doesn’t believe in arguments or waiting.
        He wants everyone in the world using new gtlds last year.

      • CarronDomains: You said: ” It isn’t that end users have seen the new extensions and rejected them. They are hardly aware of them yet, and the best way to sell a name in the next year will be through proactive marketing”.

        You’d be surprised how savvy the public is. They pretend not to know, when they don’t want to know; the public is aware more than you and i combined. They know dot aero, dot travel, dot biz, dot co, whatever exists, they just don’t wanna know

        The public, i assume, if they know that cows and pigs are slaughtered by the butcher to produce the meat they conveniently pickup at the supermarket, will turn vegetarian; so guess what, they don’t wanna know. Somehow I presume they have an inkling of the butcher’s deeds.

        But discover gold nuggets at the foot of a mountain, and watch the public swam like bees.

        I asked Zournas for 2 of Fortune 2000 companies using a new gTLD, just two! But nyet, he can’t produce it. Listen, I’ll compromise, give me just one, and expand it to Fortune 5000, that is using the new gTLD as their main site!

        The clock is running, it’ll be one year anniversary for dot guru, dot sexy, dot tattoo, etc in about 7 months, you’ll see them sending out renewal notices in less than 6 months; that’s when the rubber will hit the road for these registrants, 6 months!

      • How can they be using them when 95% are not even out???
        Even the .brands are not out yet. How can companies be using non existent strings?

        .guru anniversary is in 7 months? Are you crazy?

        I can’t talk to you anymore. Next thing you do is tell us that 2+7 = 12. Oh wait. You already did that!

  62. “Adoption is always exponential. What you say is all bullshit because you never reply to what I say.
    You say something completely irrelevant to contradict me” – Zournas

    First of all, when you said only 6 gTLDs is out, I responded by saying that you are wrong, that I count 55! That’s a direct response. One must be smoking pot, for one to accept that only 6 new gTLDs are out. One mightn’t contain the award of Pinocchios one could garner from such statement.

    Secondly, you say that I contradict you with “something irrelevant”, well we agree that I DO contradict you, however, relevance is in the eye of the beholder.

    • 7 have a 2 month age. 7 are a week old. The other in between. Read again what i said. You said all 50 are 2 months old.

      • Age is irrelevant, if you recall dot berlin screamed out of the door, the first day with over 30,000 Registrations, whereas dot tattoo the elder, is still under 2000.

        In my opinion, if domain names are metered by the day or weekly, or even month to month, many who purchased these names 2 months ago would have dropped many of them.

        Your approach to the dot whatevers is skewed because you are looking at them from dot com lenses. Most of these dotwhatevers are experience what’s termed “still birth”, you can give them all the time you want, they are going no where. It is counter-intuitive that ICANN will release several hundred dotwhatevers, and the public will adopt even one of them, when they already have something that works, dot com and ccTLDs.

        You said earlier: “I have 1 .ventures, 0 tattoo, 1 sexy. Now you are talking about renewals when 3 minutes ago your were talking about adoption.
        All you write is bullshit. No coherence”.

        There is an imposed relation between adoption and renewal, in a parabola, or range. There’s is a functional relation there. No adoption, no renewal, got me? So, I’m speaking about both., perhaps, one before the other. But their vertical lines intersect.

      • Now age is irrelevant? Is it also irrelevant to the new gtlds that are not out yet?
        You can’t pick .tattoo and expect it to be the new gtld with the adoption.

        Every new gtld is different. Many are going nowhere. I think that the top 50 will be going somewhere.
        The adoption, if any, will come from the top 50 new gtlds that will be out next year.
        What you are saying now is just noise.

        Again 1 month in (average) and you are talking about renewals. Wait and see.
        And of course .guru will see a lot of drops. It was the first out and a lot of people made impulse buys.
        Check the renewals rates for the top 50 when the time comes.

        You put all new gltds in one basket and only the uncontested ones are out.

      • Why do you have so much disrespect for dot guru? It is numero uno. I’m just dealing with facts. Mathematically, dot guru is number one.

        Zournas, have you noticed that all your hopes and glory Re: the new gTLDs is always in the future ones? That is a disturbing facet of dreaming. You have no respect for any of the over 50 that has launched? BUT you’ve spent uncountable thousands of dollars purchasing them? In one instance, you bought 75 names from one string!
        Tsk Tsk Tsk…

      • Because no serious (fortune 500) company will use a .guru.
        Not even donuts expected it’s success.

        Yes my “hopes” are in the future because 99% of good new gtlds are contested and their auctions start in the summer.
        But of course for you the 10th year anniversary for .guru is coming up next month.

        All the new gtlds that have come out are niche ones. Yes I bought 75 .domains. How many domain name companies and domainers are in the world?
        I guess you will say 1 billion…


  64. i dont understand icann
    there are so many absurd new gtlds

    why not just some geos like the top 100 metropole
    for science the .science
    some sozial like .club .sport .blog .art .news .mail
    for business the .trade and .shop
    .. and all companies that like to have a cheap own domain (who cares)

    • Maybe icann are short on native English speakers, but I agree, there are some absurb gTLDs … dot sucks and dot wtf doesn’t promote well a very intellectual group of people who nominated these two gTLDs and poorly represent the English language. I could write forever on the subject, but I’ll leave it at that, as I’m sure any sensible person on here would agree with your sentiments …

    • ICANN isn’t making the choices. It’s the companies that run the registries and pay the fees.

      • i know .. i think they just have to look a little bit more for it .. difficult i know

        but as andrew said .. .sucks and .wtf .. this is no respect

      • Just be patient, these new gtlds are like bubbles, they will eventually pop and we will come down to the very useful ones. The remaining ones will disappear or will be remain private, owned by big companies.

  65. I do not believe that investing in those domain names is a good idea. I did in the past with some .com, but I am not convince here.
    If you have good arguments, I would love to se them. My opinion (until now) is here :

  66. Registered 12 .tips = four keepers, eight to sell.
    All non-premium purchases. Considering developing.

    Thanks Konstantinos

  67. I see a mistake in the reasoning in the comments here. The majority of the high sells are related to the fact that buyer expect to get the money back by using the domain name. is a great place to sell vodka, because it ranks well. .COM are well seen in SEO because people spend time to put content on them. Parked domains are banned form Google for a while. Because not enough end user will invest their time in publishing on a .something domain, the new extension will been seen as mainly spam/scam/cybersquatting by google, and the whole extension will never rank correctly. It is what happened with the .us, it has been burn by domainers in term in SEO. .COM or .DE, .CO.UK … were bought by end-users before domainers entered the game, I do not see that for all those .something.
    Look at the pending delete lists, or domain names ranking, they all take into account the monthly searched and the PPC. If you can’t be seen in Search Engines, it is really not worst the money. The name itself is not enough, especially because you have to teach your user that is a URL, and that they souldn’t type to order a taxi. Anyway, nobody enters URL anymore, google does the job, and as said, some extensions will be blacklisted soon because of the behavior of the domain names owners.

  68. How about following domains

  69. Guys this time I didnt do well because not convincing extensions for me anyhow successful to registered couple domains as follows. I welcome your comments or compliments

    – Miss.International ( Miss International (Miss International Beauty or The International Beauty Pageant) is an annual international beauty pageant held since 1960.)
    – CruiseLines.International (Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is an association of cruise lines. It merged with International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL) in 2006)
    – Drug.International
    – Gulf.International

    • *

      Squatting on someone else’s brand is never a good business plan, so I would offer a resounding “0” on Miss.International, for that seems to be the actual name of the organization and appears to be registered for the purpose of squatting on someone else’s mark (you have pretty admitted this here, and a cagey TM holder could actually use your own comment against you in a domain dispute).

      You might get away with CruiseLines, depending HOW you use it. If you use it in a generic sense, then maybe, but if it becomes a link farm, filled with Cruise Lines International ads, beware.

      I’m not just blowing smoke here; Google “” to see what can happen when one registers a left- and right-of-the-dot TM.

      You should read up on this industry before registering a bunch of troublesome (for you) domains.

      But I have a feeling that you may be learning this lesson first hand — and soon.


      • Ms Domainer first of all thank you for great comment and description about trademark. For your kind information I am not Squatting on someone else’s brand .international is an new domain extension but I didnt opt to register something like then we can doubt squatting on someones brand.

        I tag “Miss International Beauty or The International Beauty Pageant) is an annual international beauty pageant” because it resembles the domain ( miss meaning a title of respect for an unmarried woman and its general keyword not resemble to any brand ) and would like to develop this site for dating international for singles

        Let say if .pageant or .beauty are new domains extension then following domains can considering as squatting


        As every one knows when we place order for new domains registration if any trademark exist then we come across trademark claim if you click agree then you are allowed to registered it on your own risk but coming to “miss” keyword I didnt come across any trademark alert while placing order

      • URS and UDRP take into account both keywords left and right of the dot.
        The case you describe is for a 1 word trademark.
        If the trademark was “Miss International” then there wouldn’t be a warning but you would still be infringing.

      • Just now I cross checked registered in the year 2000 by ARCHEODOMAINS.COM and its for sale and there is trademark claim for “Miss International”

      • Just now I cross checked registered in the year 2000 by ARCHEODOMAINS.COM and its for sale and there is NO trademark claim for “Miss International”

  70. Domainer & Konstantinos Zournas let me know your views about another 3 domains listed above because I always curious to know opinions from domainers about domains registration.

    • if u could explain what is ur idea behind gulf and drug, that would be nice

      i like, that one gave me a smile on my face

      today i reserved: because i am from switzerland and i like it for an affiliate site

      tried as well (for affiliate) but it did not worked.
      all my 3 registrars failed -.- i would like to know what happened there exactly

  71. Royal Thank you for great compliment about even I am enthusiastic about this domain when I placed an order to get it.

    Concept behind & domains registration is as follows

    – gulf & drug are most demand keywords as per my knowledge and it sets good for .international domain

    – coming to development we can use domain for gulf companies directory website) & for drug eCommerce online store

    – there are plenty companies exist in the name “gulf international” & can be useful for drug international companies

    * If you have any idea or concept how we can use or domains, please share it and requesting you to select anyone of above concepts which sounds good for you

    I like it sounds great and mostly useful to natives.

    My Priorities as follows

    – Miss.International
    – CruiseLines.International
    – Drug.International
    – Gulf.International

    • thank you Subhash

      i am very careful with buying domains atm. only if I see a way for a own project with it.
      in other words: if I would not buy it, why should someone else …

      donuts and the other guys are reserving every domain where they see more money behind .. that means that there is no reseller money behind with those witch are able.
      the big problem with trends is, if nobody will create websites, nobody will buy a domain.

      for example
      this is for sure nothing super special but a nice name for a pizza restaurant. but its reserved
      .. from my place it looks like donuts and co are choking the own new gtlds.

      what they are doing is not serios !

      lets see what frank is doing next thusday .. I hope he will not make the same stupid mistake again. tattoo died by golive

  72. Just now won the domain Australian.Education in auction

  73. Portable.Technology

  74. what do you think of It was premium i think this in 3/4 years will be good value

  75. (Medical College Admission Test (Law School Admission Test) (premium) (Dental Admission Test) ( most common sexually transmitted infection)


  76. beach.holidays

    any good?

    (For sale)

  77. Just a few here – any offers please?

  78. * is definitely reserved by the registry.

    You need to ask for a refund.


  79. My favourite recent domains are:


    • Some good ones:

      Some not so good:

      • I also got and,

        (didn’t go for as it was a premium ) think it was $400 a year or something.

        Glad to see i am not alone investing in these. I was getting a bit disheartened until i came across your site. thanks for keeping us up to date on all the new tld information

      • is excellent, so many options for website development!

  81. I only register the best natural domains
    If you can register you can not loose

    • yes they are natural domains only natural beggars can buy them.
      Shit John…. you cant drop them they are reserved for you

      Dont worry you got 2 options to owe them

      – Beg registry for free
      – Beg money to buy

  82. A few more
    Classified.Email (+10 other would have taken them all but too slow 🙂

  83. Hi guys & Konstantinos Zournas

    Give rank to the domain “Mega.Solar” registered today

    – Awesome
    – Excellent
    – Good
    – Average
    – Normal

    • V Subhash … Normal

      “V”, this is a difficult gTLD to match up to and there are so many being released each week, I’d wait to see what comes out each week and try and get some good TLD’s that flow and are natural in the English language … if you don’t succeed, let the day go by and fight another day. Also, you can look back and see if there is something available on the off-chance from previous releases, for example, I registered today. I would not try to put a round peg into a square hole with a miss mash of words that simply don’t fit together. With due respects, looks good, but does not dovetail well and you will have difficulty making money with this domain name. If you do make money with this, then good luck to you.

      Have a nice day …

      • I welcome your opinions but request you to search for “” domain on & search for “Mega Solar” or “Mega Solar Power Plant” on google. As per my knowledge Mega.Solar flow and natural in English language than Big.Solar

    • I am not sure you have listed all the available options. 🙂
      I would say it’s average.

    • Abnormal or Very Poor

      • Thank you John for rating. If is abnormal or very poor what do you think about (donuts charging 400$ renewal fee every year)

      • “V” … I’d let this go and move on to better things. Don’t beat yourself up over one domain name. Donuts are looking for a donut to pay 400 bucks a year. Nobody in their right mind would pay an annual renewal fee for such a poor domain name. They are banking on that its a 3 letter word and big means large area in this instance. I can’t see what other selling merits they can used to demand this kind of money. If you want to pay 400 dlrs, give it to me and I’ll buy a lot better at 25 to 40 dlrs a name in General Availability. They are just trying it on, don’t get sucked in to this rubbish.

        We are all giving you good advice here, take it!

        Enjoy your weekend …

      • I didnt mean that I am interested to invest 400$ my opinion is if you compare “” (normal registration fee) with “” (400$ renewal fee) I feel “” sounds better.

        Just New Domains race begin lets wait and see who wins in this race.

        Andrew, I am here to share you views and ideas to save money investing on worthless domains.

        I enjoy Mega Weekend
        You enjoy Big Weekend

  84. I welcome both of your opinions but request you to search for “” domain on & search for “Mega Solar” or “Mega Solar Power Plant” on google. As per my knowledge Mega.Solar flow and natural in English language than Big.Solar

    • Hello V …

      I wouldn’t go near even if you paid me. As I said in my last post, good luck if you can make money out of this. ‘Mega.Solar’ is being used by various companies, not least a Greek company! For me personally, I would steer clear of anything that is likely to caused TM infringement. That doesn’t mean to say I don’t make mistakes, nobody is perfect. (I tried for only to get a rap over the knuckles for TM infringement). With regard to ‘Mega Solar Power Plant’, this is a press release headline re a massive plant to be built in India, so I would not use it as I am a one man band, again, don’t invite or risk TM problems. The other thing about it, is that it is too long for a domain name. You want one word names to the left of the dot only, (two words maximum) 99% of the time. As much as I like dot coms, it was becoming increasingly difficult to create one or two word domains but now there is no excuse not to with this release of the new gTLDs.

      Good luck with your endeavours …

      • What you said is right even I dont encourage trademark domains I preferred because Solar Power calculates MW ( Mega Watts) Units and general keyword wont reflect to any trademark.


    \\for sale

  86. I am disclosing few domains if anyone interested go ahead and register them


    **** Good Luck Guys ****

    if anyone interested to know more unique domains send email to

  87. hey guys
    i have some newgTLDs that i like to sell fast. send me your offers please. i need the cash:

    • i forgot to mention:

      • Ray man you should stay away from other companies brands. Like you have no reason to do that in 2014…if someone asked you for one good reason why you would register century21, canada411 and royallepage what would your answer be? too bad you wasted your money on those but may be you need to learn a lesson?

    • How much do you want for ‘Care.Directory’ or ‘’?

      • If you are interested in any of the following unique domain names then let me know


        Email :

      • Since others are listing their domains…



  88. 2 or 3 have value but the rest – waste of money

    • The value is in the single word ‘category killer’ names for intuitive gTLD’s.

      MortgageBrokers.Directory not worth very much. If you had ‘Mortgage.Directory’ that would be worth big bucks.

  89. if someone would like to have a landing page
    I will create and host it. 20$ each for lifetime (10 for 100$)

    for example:

  90. RealEstate.Club premium domain name worth 137,499.99 USD on if anyone interested to buy RealEstates.Club send your offers to

    • “V” that is utterly ridiculous … are you sure? All names are only premium to the holders but only a very select few can be premium names because you soon run out of one word fits … and this is two words and since when in the English language did “RealEstates” fit naturally with “dot Club”? Anyone with any gumption would not touch it with a barge pole because it does not fit! As far as I’m concerned, the world has gone mad …

      • What you said is right andrew world has gone Mad anything can happen out of imagination. Only one domain I purchased none other than RealEsates.Club as I am searching to find if any good ones available in fact every one knows most of the catchy domains are reserved and auctioned on sedo. I come across RealEstate.Club premium domain name listed for 137,499.99 USD on and as soon as I found RealEsates.Club available then I placed an order ultimately within couple of hours I got an offer of 7000$ from one buyer same with America.Directory I got offer within couple of hours. Most of the domainers knows registrar reserved .club catch domains but still most of the domainers never take step back and try their best to find good ones even I use to do same but now I stopped hitting my head to wall. I registered on psychological think if someone willing to spare 137,499.99 USD for naturally I get 1/0th offer. registered in 1996 by Inc, May Silk

      • Misprint I get 1/0th offer = I get 1/10th offer

      • My second .club domain is NewDomain.Club

      • Don’t waste your time on .wiki domains. The registrar’s CEO, Ray King is holding back all of the intuitive names until at least 2015. LAME, LAME, LAME.

      • I got two good non-premium .club domains in general availabilty.


        There are good niches unreserved still. One must search systematically abd cross reference to search data.

        I see these as complimentary subscription sites; got them after withdrawing from an eap auction for Canna.Club that I had not the funds to win.

        Got to roll with the punches. Good luck V

        ALOHA 🙂

  91. Maybe $ 137.49

    • Maybe John but even at 137.49 I wouldn’t pay it. If it has come down to General Availability and nobody has wanted it prior (or thought it up), what does that tell you? It’s not worth it and paying $137.49 in GA is robbing the buyer. I didn’t get any dot clubs on release because I couldn’t get what I wanted, although after some mental debate I took this morning arguing in my mind it is better to own one reasonably named club than none at all, and this gives me an opening in the card playing niche which is very popular on the Internet. And what’s my point? cost me 11 dollars and 6 cents which is hardly a reckless risk, one word, popular niche, should not be impossible to find a buyer if I wished to sell it. If someone is offering “V” 4 figures for and the same with, then snatch their hands off before they change their minds. IMO, is not a good fit, yes but as a geo, a nightmare because there are two american continents! I’ve got to give V credit as he certainly knows how to provoke a debate! And It has a short shelf life of less than 2 years when they stop selling the new gTLDs. You can’t call them new domains forever.

      To all … have a nice day and evening …

  92. I welcome a buyer who offer me 5 or more digits not john or andrew I just welcome their comments or compliments. Nothing is permanent demand in domain world either its or anything else just grab the opportunity to earn jump to whats next.

  93. I welcome any early reasonable offers for just six of good keyword gtlds which I have managed to register recently. (Sedo price suggestion $2999) (Sedo price suggestion $2999) (Sedo price suggestion $1999) (Sedo price suggestion $1999)

    Contact or Domain Name Sales

    Thanks Bob

    • Even if you pay the registration fees for the next 10 years I will not want them for free

      • You appear to be totally negative about these new gtlds but I only bought just six of them and won’t register any more of these neither nor plan to keep them for ten years though one never knows! Usually I only restrict having good two-word exact match .com domains as listed in my own site which is now revamped with all-important new addition of hidden URLs.

      • Now that’s just mean. haha

  94. 一
    you guys are right. I am a loser. Except now I’m news, baby… Godaddy liked my work. Who else here owns in an 2k year old extinct language or whatever these are? I guess I just needed a little support cause I found out how two do after I saw my fans posts on many different sites. Cheers to those that were supportive!:
    Is this any better?
    č (most combinations)
    Guess who is doing internet security and knows how to domain in 17 and is published internationally now? This stupid newbie found all this on accident. Quit your job if you base your decisions on me ever being wrong. Can anybody here say they own The top ten industries in the most populated continents or the that and .net went on sale after I bought my normal $20 coupon purchase the new series? along with anything else you can think of, including things that will never be available again. I learned those in my last week. The one before I retired. I’m not even a programmer or the guy that told me I was an idiot after twenty five years of him doing this. Off your .net’s now, he said. Goes to show once again, don’t trust anybody without your experience in whatever fields that make you effective in the ones you practice. Don’t be hindered by haters folks. They’re like groupies, except love to hate you when you’re doing well.

  95. It is really interesting to read people’s thoughts on these new gTLD’s. There doesn’t seem to be much faith in them but what a lot of people seem to be forgetting is the internet is STILL very young. I also believe the internet will change for the better when these new domains take hold because it will become more organized and logical. 10 years from now .com domains will still be popular but only because they were the original domains, they will be like internet antiques. I say this because when people start getting used to typing in gTLD’s, .com’s won’t be used as much. They will eventually become less and less important in terms of finding websites. They may still be valuable because of their history but it’s pretty obvious that the .com was always unsustainable.

    I also think the days of million $ domains is going away. The internet is indeed changing and it doesn’t take a genius to imagine how things will change.

    I bought a few gTLD domains myself.
    I have tried to sell but people don’t seem interested in them just yet but they will in a few years once they realize they are here to stay.

    The domains I bought were:


    I wanted to get Portfolio.Domains but someone beat me to it so I got the next best.

    I also have a prediction for the future that may sound crazy today. I believe that .info domains will go back up in value once these new gTLD’s have been around for a while because .info was the most successful of the first 7 gTLD domains ever launched. When people are familiar with typing gTLD domains in their address bar, naturally, people will start to type .info hoping to find information on something. This is only a prediction but there is a method to my madness. Time will tell I guess.


  97. My most recent ones are;

  98. is considered actually 🙂 But i ended up with, you know insects are the food of the future 😉

    • I believe I read somewhere that Bill Clinton’s foundation had arranged major funding for a business planning to make cricket flours… 🙂


  100. any new stories about the trade.domain 🙂 ?

  101. I bought two names for a reason. and

    People can sponsor new ventures for a profit/share on and is for the public to share reviews on companies/places/products or anything.

    I bought this gtld’s as the .com owners had no plans to sell theirs.

    I would appreciate your feedback

  102. My best so far: Day 4 EAP, $250-$400 annual premium:

    We already have a business model outlined, and a salesman ready. Now it is just waiting on the web developers to have the site and SEO lined up. The third-level domain possibilities are outstanding.

  103. Nice one ! I got Have quite a few but i’m thinking of developing some or find some kind of partnership.

  104. – for sale


  106. I have – currently at Flippa!

  107. All of the below 20 domains for sale for just 9999$ if anyone interested contact me on


    • Subhash,

      Many of the new TLD’s can be sold for big money for example,

      Wedding.Directory Is being sold for $28,500

      The combined search volume + CPC value of the term “Wedding” ranks in top 5% of all single word search terms.

      Plus the gTLD “.DIRECTORY” is already synonymous with WEDDING.

      If you had a dozen complimentary single words + obvious TLD’s like http://www.Wedding.Directory, there is no doubt you could sell them for $99K, I just don’t see how those search terms and TLD’s you currently have listed make sense to most consumers.

      Good luck!

    • Some names in this list are not bad at all imo.

      I particularly like, and

      Don’t listen to these haters bro, while they waste their time by putting your domains down, you actually do something and try to sell them.

      Just wait for more rarity, maybe even a couple of years, and your names are gonna sell for profit.

      Btw here is a list of some of mine for sale, taking offers: (popular term for tattooed people)

      Here is some websites I am currently developing:

      It’s just a matter of time before developers like me develop on new gtlds and people start to get used to them. Of course they are gonna go with them, a one word new gtld is much more elegant than a 2 or 3 words .com imo. The shorter the better. It’s just gonna take some time for the end-user to adopt them.

      You might say that new generic extensions that came out before like .biz didn’t work so new gtlds won’t too, but there is a massive difference right now. Unlike the past, tons of new gtlds are coming out at the same time, so it’s a major change in the domain world. A change that can’t be ignored by the end-user.

      • I love your
        I am glad you are developing it because you are going to need it soon.
        I hope you are going to write in details how you got there

  108. I was going to offer you $9.99 but on the other hand I don’t want to waste my money

    • hahahaha I couldn’t help laugh and roll when I read this one so I had to comment! 😉

      • it is amazing to me the level of sheer stupidity exhibited by some of you and your names, since you are posting what is supposedly your best gtld. Are you for real? The lists included within are dumb, dumber and dumbest!

  109. John keep the offer to buy tissue paper to clean your shit ass with your other hand and let Bul to smell it to laugh and roll

  110. Hey some friends of mine and I are working on the economics of some gtlds such as .ink, .expert, .deals, .christmas, .pink, .tatoo, .email, .tips, .today, .technology, .solutions e.t.c

    We started this as part of our Stanford technology class research. We analyze zone files, traffic, mx records, buzz e.t.c and i am wondering if some of you want to join in. We are putting together a 16U cluster (HP Proliant DL380p Gen8 and PE’s of openstack, Maas and juju) for data crunching. Let me know if you want to be involved in the project.

    A few findings in the last 2 weeks:

    1. We did an MVP and decided that we should scale to crunch the data.
    2. the numbers looked really bad. About 5000 individuals are responsible for the majority of the domain names. The average (low) registration being 19.6 per individual (domainers?).
    3. Arbitrary pricing is the nail in the coffin.
    4. Over saturation apparent (good for the customer bad for large alternative inventory holders)
    5. Supposedly return on investment if any is average of 8 years

    Lack of marketing investments and poor decision quality on the side of registries and registers is something that should worry everyone. The first part is obvious. The second part can be illustrated with the one fact; “tienda” is one of the most popular search words on the internet with 443,000,000 million queries in 22000 microseconds with the bulk of these searches coming from latin America. The current marketing efforts and the pricing represents a gross misunderstanding of the industry scope and the value of this extension; if only the owners had an understanding of how bigdata works and how it could be used to push new products or abandon them for that matter.

  111. Hi all !
    I have a little portfolio (23). here are my gtlds. some in german keys. ( reklame = advertising ). ( spiele = gaming) ( wetten = betting ) (automobil = automobile)

    the pro domains are my hidden love…i don’t know why i love them but its passion :p


    • How do you culture or reklame an email ???????
      I am a great believer in .email but only if you have a geo domain
      If you could register or any other big city you could probably make a lot of money developing it but yours are useless

      • Mr.John beggar dont forget your profession and dare to dream to buy skyscraper its better to sit infront to beg some money for your survival.

        Beggars are well aware about cities because they wander different places for begging.

        Stop giving suggestions because beggar is always a beggar only they dream to make a lot of money

  112. Hi Guys,
    I’ve registered Domainers.Guru

  113. hi guys

    i own

  114. Sold my first one for $400

  115. Hi guys give your rank ( 0 to 5 stars )

    – Yellow.Services

    • could be cool for actual healthcare services a la carte…

      again though, careful of tm issues 😉

    • Stop buying domains and go after purchasing portfolios

      • a fair point bul… you’ll pay a bit of a premium but you will get domains of a consistently good value (including vetting for tm issues) if you buy from the right party. That sound like a better use of a significant amount of cash, imho. Pay extra, shorten your learning curve. 🙂

      • In fact V, heres a story:

        I’m bullish on the cannabis market and one of the hottest emerging trends in new names for categories of things and activities is the term ‘710’ as a compliment to the classic ‘420’ except for the new forms of concentrates/oils being made from the plant. (evidently, ‘710’ is ‘OIL’ upside down, go figure – yet there are now ‘710’ events and press coverage)

        I feel that I have one of the better ‘710’ portfolios out there (the OGs of the cannabis name space kinda missed the ‘710’ thing it seems).

        All told we’re talking over a hundred focused .com names which together could be the basis for a diversified consumer products brand.

        And yes, there are some new gTLD compliments in there too.

        Portfolios are awesome.

        But V, it took me years and lots and lots of expenditure to get to where I could watch the ‘710’ phenomenon in the media and proceed to reg. a portfolio from the idea.

        Lots of research. It does help the tm issues that this is an emerging market. 🙂

        Point is, really its good portfolios that are awesome.

        If you want to learn, then be prepared to spend a bunch of money on relative crap and do your best to not become liable for tm or other issues during the process.

        If you want to invest before learning how to buy, you must pay deal with someone trustworthy and pay them a premium to either sell to you or buy for you.

        Kind Regards & Aloha

      • Yeah Max, kind of reminds me where I started. I guess there is some glory in learning but I’d prefer to eliminate the pain. I remember when I jumped in 7 years ago. I bought EVERYTHING .mobi, .co, .everything ignoring the guidance I got from some of you guys and Rick. And stubbornly, I still have domains I refuse to sell.

        I sat on 3000 domains for years and I can tell you that I have NO .mobi left and I have dumped all my .biz, domains I once thought of as premium. Plus the renewal fees where killers every year. Saying to myself, i am only 25y/o and things will turn out. From my original 3000 registrations, I probably ended up selling 40 (the ones that somebody contacted me and said “could you mind selling me the domain “last” for my new company), which inspired me to go back and collect and hassle last names for example “” not that I own that particular but you get the drift..I dumped almost 70% of my original portfolio and went on to collect portfolios.

        But I wish learning wast that expensive…

        In the end, I like to caution newbies and you can tell by what they register. Unless you come from a branding/naming background where you have a pipeline for your enduser sale or happen to be at the cusp of a major technology development and you have the resources to sit on your inventory for 5 years, stay away from impulsive buying and speculation. Every one of us has some “wish I din’t story” but it doesn’t have to be that way.

        The days of flipping are long over and ppc or packing revenue is non existent. The internet is so ubiquitous right now that people are no longer straying to parked pages for search recommendations and the future will NOT even allow parked pages to appear anywhere except for direct type in traffic and who does that?

        I am not saying that i am not buying gTLD’s. I have only bought in 2 mostly .city domains because I think that follows a natural progression curve from general, to country to city but even with that, my exposure does not exceed 15 generic words in a specific city based on algorithmic search, for which I think I can venture into. 😉

      • “Unless you come from a branding/naming background where you have a pipeline for your enduser sale or happen to be at the cusp of a major technology development and you have the resources to sit on your inventory for 5 years”

        I think this is spot on, especially the bit about an established pipeline for enduser sales.


        reminds me of the Starship Titanic 😉

        “exposure does not exceed 15 generic words in a specific city”

        Sounds good, and for V’s benefit I’d venture a guess that you have an established set of extensively researched generic terms that you work with?

        “direct type in traffic and who does that?”

        Honestly, I’m thinking that there may actually be a chance that *very few* of the new gTLDs may experience some type-in traffic as early adopting endusers experiment with the new name space… again though, I can only imagine **very** few if any addresses experiencing significant benefit from this potential effect.

        My biggest fear after working with the handful of the new gTLDs that I have (in my head I call them the narrative TLDs 🙂 is the .com typo like:

        I have example.newgtld
        I am less concerned about the confusion than I am about the issue.

        I have found my self adding a .com to my own addresses.

        That really gave me pause.

        I think that the owners of the .com equivalents to the new gTLDs may be some of the biggest single winners out of all of this, certainly in the near term.

        Well, off to some actual work now, eh?

        Cheers, Max

  116. While placing order I cross checked & no trademark alert come across. domain name registered on 2004 by

    No need to worry about trademark ( Micro means Small )
    ======= =======
    royal please do some research from your end and let me know your opinion for the following domains

    – Yellow.Services ( Suggested Price on Sedo is 10000USD & after I registered donuts made other colors premium domains except (orange & green) reserved

    – ( Registered it to develop a site something like or may sell the domain if any company planning to develop same concept website )

    – ( Looking for good offer if not develop the website )

    • “While placing order I cross checked & no trademark alert come across.”

      V, I seem to remember you making similar comments above.
      I don’t know what you data you are ‘cross-checking’ against… I’m guessing that you are just using some filtering tool at your registrar or some such?

      “No need to worry about trademark ( Micro means Small )”

      Micro may mean small, but the other part of this statement is just plain wrong.

      I took literally two minutes to look this up, and longer to write this comment.

      do a basic word mark search for ‘microcare’

      ring any bells?

      I think most people would find it incredible that you could have purchased without prior knowledge of the address, especially given your history of ‘sophisticated’ domain investing.

      Thus, while you can say ‘I cross-checked it and its fine’ that doesn’t mean much.

      I take back my comment about a la carte medical services. To develop this name look for a use that is unique (ie not in an industry where the use of the words may have tm issues).

      If any has good suggestions for tm research tools, now would be a great time to share 🙂

      • belongs to america jurisdiction. I search even junk keywords its showing result.

        YellowPages means business directory it doesnt mean only american company should have yellowpages websites. I agree if any company have international trademarks something like google, yahoo, microsoft ………. then we should keep away from such keywords.

      • I think we are simply of differing opinions on this V.

        I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t like being in situations where I must pay other people to be lawyers on my behalf.

        Aloha, Max

    • This is more of a combined keyword.newgtld combination trademark that wouldn’t give you a trademark alert.
      Trademark alerts are shown only for keyword trademarks.

  117. I notice that went for ten grand a few weeks ago
    Does anyone think I could get a good price for

  118. John, Bul & Max where you guys sleeping ? come wake up and start pour your trademark comments on my new domain Export.Furniture purchase

    • Hey V 🙂 Glad to see you’re awake

      tm-wise I feel way better about this one, its a very generically descriptive term which in most cases would likely also describe an aspect of the user’s business and perhaps for these reasons did not appear in the few minutes of research that I did for this comment… and the string actually sounds ok to the ear.

      This is getting better V 🙂

      however, the big Q to me is ‘who is the end user?’… for this domain, what business wants to advertise to it’s own customers by using this descriptive address?

      What business would be interested in an SEO experiment trying to rank for these generic terms (which, btw & imho, would be an interesting experiment that would take at least 6 months to see results from and would require high quality content planning)?

      • here’s a quick question V:

        Have you tried to pitch any of your domains to anyone in person (really, live and in person, not via the web)?

        If not, I highly recommend talking with some friends who have businesses or even just local shops (like a furniture maker or seller for instance) and get a sense of how they see and value domains in terms of their business.

        I have found such experiences very valuable to learning how to buy names that business owners then want to buy from me.

        I have trouble imagining what business would be interested *enough* in to see it as a significant asset which has real value to them. Without knowing how this address will create significant value (increased sales) for a well funded company, I think its hard to imagine this domain as being a very good investment.

        Perhaps you have some insight in this industry that I don’t. If so, please do share your thinking 🙂

        Regards, Max

      • Aren’t all SEO experiments require the same time?
        There are a lot of companies exporting furniture.

      • I meant to highlight that even to try likely will end up needing to renew… My experience is that it can take into the second year to really figure out how to effectively work with a property and to see if one can achieve strong results… ie, its not a quick flip scenario

    • @V you’re getting better. I see some use for for a mega furniture distribute to use as for referral purposes. But i am not sure if .furniture is the kind of extension I would put my money into. Its so out there in the confined space of niche that I feel uncomfortable. Our pointers aren’t just on TM’s. We want you to exercise caution when buying.

      Maybe we need to put you on the spot may we just have to pick each others brains. If John, Max, you, me and even @k what to go after it, we could arrange a googlehangout. Again we are not trying to talk you down.

    • I like it a lot. Is it a premium?

    • This is the ‘dirty secret’ of domaining V:

      Getting good names only gets you started.

      Yet, as the great Zig Ziglar says
      “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

      I often think of addresses using analogies drawn from physics.
      I think of addresses as having ‘potential energy’ and the process of developing or selling them to others for development is analogous to realizing, or releasing that ‘potential energy’ as an aid to commerce (even if only in ideas).

      Using water in the example, I think of a great address as being a position which holds a significant amount of water (read ‘meaning’) at a significant elevation (other name metrics like length and tld).

      Developing that address is then a bit like building a water wheel or some other apparatus to translate the potential energy of the name into some kinda kinetic energy within the system of a website-within-the-web, all with the aim of accomplishing the work of commerce more effectively than others.

      idk, thats all sounding a bit daft… makes more sense in my head, what can I say? 🙂

      Point was supposed to be: developing or selling is 80% or more of the overall process and requires significant further investments of time (and either learning more skills or paying experts); thus, don’t get into names that you realistically can’t/won’t carry all the way through.

      Kind Regards, Max

  119. Max please visit

    Coming to me I purchased this domain to sell not to develop it and the reason behind buying as follows

    – b2b furniture exporters
    – furniture expo
    – furniture exporters directory

    • I love it V!

      Great to see some method vs madness 😉

      Now, how does this name best serve: a property to sell or something to develop into an income site, aka a business?

      Depending, you then need to figure out how the name best delivers value to your target buyer or user.

      Much Aloha, Max

  120. It seems you bought premium name
    congrats Konstantinos Zournas but I cant afford to buy premium which is more than 50USD

  121. Hi guys ( John, Bul & Max )

    Max I like it “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” so I am back with new domain Bazaar.Discount

    My curiosity is to buy one domain in each extension and without your comments or compliments my domain status is ideal & neutral

    • Hey V 🙂

      I can see getting a chuckle out of the play on words, but mostly this address smells like a thesaurus to me 😉

      • Hey V

        Here is a fresh one from me 🙂


        fyi, this is for a specific project thats is in development.

        I grabbed it because it makes sense for the project and because I was able to simultaneously reg.

        I shared this here to give an alternate view on an gTLD buying decision made on a small reg. budget.

        In two words:
        Carefully Considered

        Every name I register reflects well over 30hrs of research.

        I believe in homework 😉

        aloha, max

    • Hey V One exposure per extension seems logical so yeah thats not bad. But you still can mitigate by reducing further exposure by ignoring domains such as .bike, .color and many such. If you can’t hold it and do something with it, don’t touch it. Now psych you to remember that you’re making an investment not a flip as you’re going to hold on to them for a while.

  122. I resold 2 x .cruises domains last week, one cost $77 stage 5 godaddy registration, the other cost $385 in stage 4. Each returned $3500 via a broker who settled via in a timely manner. One was the name of a famous river for cruises, the other a popular time of year for European river cruises. Time will tell if the market holds up, but I am pleased with the super fast results which came to me unsolicited. I’m now well, well cost free for the other 45+ .cruises domains.

    Site names that suit affiliate content will IMHO be popular in the future for well named gTLD’s, and is how I am developing a number of my other .cruises domains.

    Do your homework and be passionate about the particular markets you target is my advice.

  123. I am proud to present my dot cologne and dot koeln domains.

    lets start with
    I will use it to show up all my cologne and koeln domains.

    I think thats a fine list
    .koeln and .cologne are geos and they are cheap (10$/year)
    I hope they will grow up solid and I will find some buyers in the next years

    • Congratulations: I think this is a great list.

    • Hey you forgot that people in Cologne and Koeln speak German.

      • sure I know and I bought some, but most good german kyes are gone by landrush
        i decided not to buy things like etc. i did not know that koeln will end up with 12k after the first day. I was surprised.

        did you bought any ?

      • Not koeln and cologne or any other gTLD. Though I played in .berlin (both german and its english variant), .tokyo (english and japanese-romaji) and .london; pre-registrations and I was lucky to get some category defining due to my early pre-reg with 3 registries.

        I did not pay a penny in any land rush. My exposure is to the max of 13 domains single word category definers. Oh I have 2 .tienda for personal interests in Latin America

      • the one thing I always forget to tell you is how much fireplaying you’re doing with Nascar, ICANN, and FORMULA1

      • first: thank you very much for your comment

        i think that chosing domains for personal interesst is still the best. everything else is completely gaming.
        for example I bought for personal and i like it the most.

        fireplaying: i am not able to put it away. they stuck on my hand. maybe u know that feeling .. yes .. no .. away .. no .. i payed .. dosnt matter .. no ..
        but u right and others in here warned me too. i am not feeling well with them.
        there are never supid questions: do u think i should ask them directly if its ok to hold the domain ? is there maybe a chance ?

      • .. or is it better to throw it right now ?

      • Just delete like @k says. You might want to call the registry and ask them to help you delete eem. You don’t need the drama with those.

    • I don´t think .cologne is here to stay to be honest but .koeln is and you do have some nice ones in your list

      These are the ones you can definately sell for a profit, I think the rest is not going to work but you never know.
      Good luck anyway and the ones above are definetely good!

  124. .Audio gTLD is now live, but it is not available at many of the larger registrars like Godaddy. Here’s what I picked up:


    Still like the .Directory gTLD the best, but .Audio is a nice niche too.

  125. The only cologne I like is the one I use after shaving. Yours are useless

  126. I got following domains

    – BookMaker.London
    – Trade.Yokohama
    – Bio.Yokohama
    – Realty.Finance
    – Lombard.Finance

  127. Vijay Narada Kumar P

    These are my catchy New gTLDs

    KAMERA.XYZ (German)
    HYPOTHEK.XYZ (German)







    Please PM me if any one interested @

  128. I own

    • NewYork.Cab is an absolute winner!

      I would much rather own NewYork.Cab than NewYorkCab.Com.

      Time for all those guys in their 50’s to wake up. The new gTLD’s are here to stay.

      • then their is you better get that or your absolute winner might end up a park for a very long time. 😉

      • not agree with you,first of all has been reserved and no one can purchase it, personally i like better than plus domain like is gold and can be sold anytime. i already have 3 offers all in xx.xxxx range. but not interested to sell it anytime soon.

      • or you could put money into right now and develop it as first mover. Just thinking out loud

      • Absolutely expensive too, about $1,600 renewal fee, while sold for €1,650 back in 2011. Though I agree I also like better than

      • renewal fee is not 1600 its 1000

      • Mark, well said. totally agree with you

  129. I bought

    Are they worth it? Let me know your views please.

  130. I got and, any good?

    Regards Hasan

  131. Vijay Narada Kumar

    How about these gTLD’s

    * ICC.CLUB
    * PPC.CLUB

    * DOT.CAB



    If any 1 interested PM @

  132. Vijay Narada Kumar

    Hello anyone from Hyderabad? PM me @

  133. What you think of and Thank you


    @Konstantinos Zournas: How about these domains please? 🙂

  135. Hi everyone. How about these that I own:

    Great blog and comments by the way.

    Thanks and greetings!

  136. Hello everyone,

    how about my list:

    Looking forward to your comments. Thanks.

    • I like your list ! .. and are top of pop
      are they normal or premium ?

    • I don’t like any of the 2 words, and
      These are ok:

      • Hi Konstantinos, thank you. Obviously the single word ones are best but I think is also very good, because those 3 words are usually said together in that order when referring to just that! Followed by the Rental Car ones where the Agency word is also often used.

      • i am curious what happend with the
        the owner started an affiliate (by amazon) page with it after golive. but now its looks emty and for sell.

        (i dont wanna compare with
        it just remembered me to it)

      • Hi ROYAL, actually when I first registered I put up a WooCommerce Template with WordPress, tied into the Amazon API, but I just havent got the time to develop it further, let alone drive traffic to it. I think I will just sit on the domain and wait for a juicy offer to come in further down the road.

      • i know what u mean. i takes a lot of time to create and push it (boring work)

        i told my girlfriend about seo (google ranking) and badabuum is on place 1 if you search for “nicole gallery”
        (i am curious if it is just in switzerland or outside as well)
        I was stunned.

        if i got the time for it and not surfing on konstantinos page 🙂 .
        I will try it with as well (4k searchvolume). lets see if it works as well.

      • Here on is top of Google and your site does not appear on the 1st page. Interesting that ranks it Nr1. I guess your WHOIS and Hosting are in CH and obviously all the keywords and Imprint on the site are too.

        Also, for people to search “nicole gallery” they would already have to know the name of your site, so it’s a very exact search and not that difficult to rank. To position the site Nr1 for “photoshooting in basel” would obviously be much more desirable so that potential new customers find the site using generic keywords. good luck!

      • I tried “nicole gallery” here in Greece and is on the 3rd page, 5th from the top. is number 1.

      • @Silver, thanks for checking
        of corse, “nicole gallery” got no search volume and its senseless. so its much more easier to get a ranking. “photoshooting basel” or “foto basel” is interessting.
        i dont know how is google exactly working with countries. NS, keywords like basel, google my business, and she told me that she used the geo target in webmaster tools as well) would be interessting to see if its works as well.

        @ Konstatinos
        Thanks a lot for googeling. I will give that info to Nicole

      • “cheap laptops” is a highly competitive keyword on with a huge CPC so just putting a site up with some content will not work. but in the hands of the right company with the right budget, this domain could be very powerful not only for seo but also for branding purposes.

  137. obviously it’s

  138. Skipper Mark Hanlin

    I see no value what-so-ever in the gtld’s. To the contrary, I think they are a spectacular waste of money. .Com is the only way to go.

  139. HI Konsta & Guys how about following domains ?


  140. How about domain ?

  141. How about these ?


  142. How about :


  143. How about following domains


  144. I like the first 2. Nice domains which could be used by an insurance company for expats and so on.

  145. Thank you very much pax domain reserved so I opt to register

  146. Guys how about these possibly amazing news:

    Reports: New gTLDs rank as ‘exact match domains’ in Google searches


    How to hit the top of Google’s rankings: ‘Use a new dot-thing gTLD’
    You know what they, say – when the Cutts away …

  147. Hi Kosta!
    How about following domains:,,,,,,,,,
    Thanks in advance!

  148. Today I end with 2 domains registration as follows


  149. Today I end with 2 domains registration as follows


  150. If you want to know what is medi? and see the number 20

    –,, & and for thousand of websites search “medi” on google

    • thats what I thought! Thousands…that really takes the value out of it doesn’t it? How about shooting for something like “” “” “”??

  151. Dogwalker.Club

    drop or renew??

  152. Hey guys, what do you thinking about:

  153. Hi Kosta,
    Wondering about these new TLDs – drop or renew?
    Please would you have a quick look at the following:
    Thanks for your valuable time!
    Your opinion would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Hey Ivan, thought I’d chime in too, hope that its interesting:

      1) Wow! thats a bunch of domains there bro
      1a) I’m looking forward to K’s thoughts also 😉

      2) 48 of these addresses are available in .Com
      2a) This is either an indicator that there is no strong market at present for the term, or
      2b) That (especially for future-focus names) buying the .Com is a branding no-brainer 🙂

      Here are the available .Coms:

      3) From your list: D=Drop R=Renew (R has modifiers: BS=Build-to-Sell/just Sell, Dev=Develop into Business, ?=idk) – R:Dev – R:Dev – R:BS – R:Dev – D – R:BS – Careful of TM – R:? – R:? – R:BS – R:BS – R:Dev – R:BS – D – D – R:BS – R:BS – R:Dev – D – R:BS – R:BS – R:BS – R:BS – D – R:BS – D – R:BS – R:BS – R:? – lettings means rentals? – R:? – Dev – R:BS – R:BS – R:Dev – R:BS – R:BS – R:BS – D – R:BS – R:BS – wikipedia says the ‘old bond street’ distinction is no longer in common use 🙂 – R:BS – R:BS – package w/ – R:BS(?) – idk russian market at all 🙁 – D(?) – D(?) – D(?) – R:BS(?) – R:BS – R:BS – R:Dev – R:BS – D(?) – D – R:BS – R:Dev – D(?) – D(?) – D(?) – D(?) – R:BS – R:BS – R:BS – R:BS – R:BS – R:BS – D – D – R:BS – D(?) – D(?) – R:BS(?) – D – D – D – R:BS – D – R:BS – D – D – D – D – R:BS – R:Dev – R:BS – D(?) – D – D – R:Dev – R:BS – R:Dev – R:BS – R:BS – R:BS – R:BS(?) – R:Dev – R:BS – D – D – R:BS – R:BS – TM? – D

      I do really like the macau names as a set, especially assuming that you have some local knowledge of the area 🙂

      And I think you should consider getting some of the matching .Com’s – especially AntiquitiesAgency.Com & MacauConsulting.Com

      Aloha, Max

      Ps. you might enjoy joining

      • … and of course, all that is imho, and not deeply researched.

        If you know better, then I’d love to know your reasoning 🙂

      • Thank you for replying so quickly! I have read and re-read your post several times and I can only thank you so much for your insights and good advices Max. I will definitely take everything you said into account.
        I appreciate your time and effort.
        I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this, especially Kosta’s.
        Can’t wait 🙂

      • You’re welcome Ivan

        I’m waiting for responses myself at the moment (and am hoping they’ll be quickish) so providing a few in the meantime made sense to me 🙂


      • but seriously, go buy MacauConsulting.Com already

      • I did it Max. Thank you so much for getting back to me, I am really grateful for your advice.

      • You did “Max” research keep it up. IMO I can suggest followings to renewal & remaining you may choose to develop or drop


      • Hey max, what do think About ? Nico

      • I think the whole deal with 3d printing is that it uses everything but ink – so we’ll only keep calling it ‘ink’ until we can get used to new names, eg. ‘filament’

        Drop it if you can’t find a buyer, worth making a simple site and selling if you can 🙂

        here are a few 3d domains approaching drop that you might find some more value in:

        Cheers, Max

      • So now you could build out MacauConsulting.Com as specialists in the various industries that are represented in your portfolio… eg. Cruises or Trade or whatever… do an anaysis of the market there (and your capacities to serve it) and pick your winners…

        Then buy the matching .Com addresses if you can –> eg. if you feel Macao.Cruises is a winner (meaning you know exactly how you will make money – lead generation or affiliate links or direct sale of domain & site, etc.) go buy MacaoCruises.Com (available, btw).

        Are you in Macao to ‘hit the bricks’ and sell your services/sites? if not, are you able to call/contact businesses to make a pitch? If you can’t move your inventory one way or another you might be heading down a road with little profit at the end, fyi 🙂

        Good Luck Ivan 🙂

        I hope that this has been of some help.

        Aloha, Max

      • …my bad, I must be getting tired…

        I switched ‘Macao’ for ‘Macau’ up there… and MacauCruises.Com is already taken… the model holds though 🙂

      • I have got the idea Max. You guys are awesome! Thank you all so much.

    • Max’s comment was great.
      I see that you are or living in London. That is right up my alley as I lived there for more than 5 years.
      Disclaimer: This is just my opinion. I don’t know everything. Development is king.
      Like Max said if you see that the .com is not registered then in most cases the New gTLD is not good.
      If you are sure it is good then get the .com as well. And in the case of the London domains consider the domains as well.
      Here is what I would renew and drop: (R + D) D D D D D D D D R D D D D D? D D D D D D D D D D D ? D D R? D D D R D D D D R? D R D R R D R? R? D R R ? ? D D D ? ? ? ? D D D R R D R? R? R? R D D D D D R ? D D D ? D D ? D D ? D D R R D D ? ? R D? D D R D D D

      • Cheers Kosta! Thank you very much for taking the time to answer and think about my questions. I appreciated your response and am thankful for the advice! Yes, I am based in London indeed. Thanks to all you who take the time to offer us your pearls of wisdom. I wish you lots of success for the future. All the best.

      • Tough Love there K 🙂

        You’re probably right to take the knife so far in.

        I’d recommend Ivan to follow your list more closely than mine.

        Cheers, Max

      • I have to.
        I am doing the same with my domains.

      • Oh boy…that is a lot of domains in a lot of niche. Advise, go after established portfolio with the money you will save from taking @k or Max’s advise

  154. What a waste of money. I guess some people have too much money

    • “I guess some people have too much money”

      Ain’t that the truth!

      …but we’re all wealthier than someone who’ll say the same of our actions.

      (I figure that the participating in this forum at all is a pretty clear indicator of one’s status as wealthier than many others, just my opinion)

      Aloha, Max

    • who is stopping you to beg

      • Subhash, you have a serious problem and too much time on your hand. See your psychiatrist ASAP and if he decide to lock you up in a mental institution let me know where so I can send you a parcel for Christmas

      • I went to see Psychiatrist but it was closed with sign board outside ” My son John is missing due to psychological disorder”

        Pity on your doctor daddy dont know that you are here begging everyone.

    • You are very welcome Nico 🙂

      I think that you will do a lot better dropcatching expired names.

      Follow Bul’s advice and get niched up in your buying based on actual market research 🙂

      For example, when I looked up those 3d addresses for you I saw one that I didn’t pass along because its in one of my strongest niches… It just dropped, and I am so freakin’ thrilled to have landed it – 3dHemp.Com

      Look over the drop lists for your keywords every other day, build a strong watchlist of domains to have on-tap 🙂

      Cheers, Max

  155. Good evening, what do you think about these domains:

    Thank you so much, best greetings nico

  156. Okay thank you 🙂 Where do you looking for expired doamins?

    • Thats a whole topic by itself Nico… get on google 🙂

      you can start with though I really recommend you take the time to read and look at other marketplaces/services and how the whole thing works before diving in – for instance some services charge whether or not the attempt is successful, others charge only if successful and so on. Look for a service that also lets you build a watchlist of names that are coming up but you are not going to try for, and then track them (as well as the names you fail to grab – also, always look what service the winner was using) as they drop so that you have a list of names that you can pull out of a hat.

      Cheers, Max

      • Hi Nicolas,

        Another couple of good domain drop sites and (Freshdrop is great as it will give you some handy information on the domain history)

        As Rick Schwartz says sometimes you can find a few gold nuggets in the mines. is what most of the Sherpa’s from hosted by Michael Cyger.

        The best thing to do is join a lot of domain forums and watch a lot of interviews and take notes.

        The key is not to buy too many domains at once and only purchase a domain if you think it is better the your last purchase. I went a little crazy at the begging but lucky not too over the top and has saved me a lot of heartache in the begging.

        When purchasing a domain think of how it could be developed as a business or find a successful mentor in the business. Adam Dicker is good to follow.

        Jason Laird
        New Zealand

  157. Hello Konstantinos, Max, and fellow Domainers

    What do you think of .city TLD potentials now, and in the very near future?

    My best ones for this new gTLD, are:

    These are cities in California


    • I really don’t value one letter domains as much as I value 3 letters or one word meaningful names.

      The only advantage they have is the shortness, and may appear confusing to an average end user. Though I may be wrong.

      • is’nt the same as any other single letter domains such as or etc. means ‘a vodka’. Subdomain can be added to make it more meaningful for example like You are right that not all single letter domains are meaningful.

      • @Malik, with your explanation and vision for the use of, the domain makes perfect sense now.

        You nailed it with this usage example: ‘’

        Good luck on sales!

  158. this morning was the golive of the 3 South Africa domains and I bought:

    of course, the 3 SA ngtlds got currently a low interesst but i am fine with those domains. SA and the 3 cities are modern and they are growing strongly.

    Why springbok ? everything special in SA is springbok. Sport teams are calling springbok. restaurants are calling springbok. hotels are calling springbok etc etc

  159. Two that I particularly like out of the many I have registered…



  160. Not sure what is happening but I reviewed most of the threads, and domains above, there were some decent names, not any category killers I saw, but for the most part being on the ground floor, you guys are missing the vision. Some of the lists are looking to be expensive lessons.

    Let me tell you guys some of the top notch names are hard to sell, or getting $500 or less offers, with the end users not knowing about premiums, some of these names you have to get to a point of saturation which occurred in .com basically around year 10. You can’t afford to hold these for that long, Quality, not quantity.

  161. What about ” ” ???

  162. Hi guys, what do you think of these domains? 3 domains received offers from $xxx to $xxxx:

    BILLIONAIRE.PROPERTIES (received offer)
    DIGI.DEALS (received offer)
    PRINTING.DEALS (received offer)


  164. I took break from new gtlds and registered couple of dotcom domains as follows & listed them for sale on Sedo

    – ( Short Form of Johannesburg, search for “JHB” on Google )

  165. Just bought new names. What do you think of these:? Thanks guys.


  166. Good one, and

  167. Just bought Float.City
    Floating.City was taken!

  168. from time to time I am checking common words like business, sports etc and found

    sure, is not a prime domain but I think its not a bad one. I am confused

    what do u think about ?

  169. Hi Guys, What do you reckon of these names I just bought? Thanks.


    • i like , dont ilke other 3.

      Top is not really used to express quality of a gift. But could be brandable at least . Your other two is very bad/ 247. gifts has no meaning , since its a weird number of gifts. If it was then i would like it, but the number you have neither too low nor too high, which doesnt work for gifts. And its obvious why i dont like Sydney.London

  170. Dk, Thanks for your feedback. You probably right, NewYork.Gifts is a strong name. means all day online 24hrs 7 days a week online shopping.

    Sydney.London can be brandable for online travel flight booking from Sydney to London or vice versa. NewYork.London was taken!

    Top.Gifts is not as good as Best.Gifts but short and brandable.

    • Raymond, if you have to explain meaning, its not a great domain. Especially with amount of gtlds available, anything less then great shouldn’t be registered. If it was .com , then sure those are great names. But when it comes to gtld, anything less then great is bad. There is no good enough.

      This my measure for .nyc registrations, if its not great, i dont want it. And .nyc is a lot more picked now then many other gtld registries.For example, i like triple numbers on .nyc because it has meaning. Up to 500 every number has a building that it belongs to in Manhattan (and unless you live in new york, people unlikely to know that). Across all streets and avenues, hence its an actually has a lot of use. On .gifts i dont like it, since 24/7 …. gifts are not an emergency unless its Christmas, and even then you competing vs everyone else. New York England .com is available, get that if you really want to do flights, but NewYork.London is way too specific for gtld.

      Long story short, get great domains on gtlds, on .coms you cant do it without paying through the roof. But on gtlds the field is open, dont waste it on mediocre names.

  171. got as well

  172. Parramatta.City is still available for A$53.99 @GD

  173. I agree with your advice… “anything less then great shouldn’t be registered”.
    I will take it onboard, get the great names on gtlds, don’t get mediocre names ….
    Dk, many thanks for your great advice.

  174. Short.Black and Long.Black refer to short black coffee and long black coffee in Australia. Probably not widely known globally.

  175. Hi konsta & Guys how about following domains

    – 3DBio.Technology

  176. one more domain I add to my portfolio i.e

  177. Yes, I’m from Darlinghurst.
    Aussie.Club sounds good!

  178. Doesn’t pass the radio test. Not keen on .company, it sounds funny and awkward.

  179. Just bought these interesting names, see what’s your opinion on these:


    • French.Restaurant for $600+ per year? Sounds a lot! I don’t get near anything above $100 now.

      I didn’t even know singles day was a thing until now. Thanks! 🙂

      • Thats a tonne of money I agree. I don’t have a single premium priced gTLD. I don’t even have one in Restaurant or any such. I only did city geo’s i.e. london, berlin, tokyo, and probably 3 in vegas

      • French.Restaurant is $675
        Quite high for my budget! I need to trim my budget not over $100 also.

  180. I went straight for dot directory domains for whatever reason; well actually the reason being that directories will always serve a meaningful purpose and although there are plenty around, they aren’t always easy to find. I think this is where the dot directly GTLD comes into play, depending on the subject. It’s an easy place to look first…here’s what I grabbed from the getgo:
    Opinions and criticisms are greatly appreciated: (possible legal issues?)

    As for some other GTLDs, kind of a random mix: – willl likely do something with this one myself someday

    Those are all the GTLD’s I’ve got.

  181. I’m mainly only investing in ones where the .com equivalent would fetch at least $10k.

    I’d say my best one is, it is a premium priced renewal though.

    I know this name probably wouldn’t fetch over $10k but it’s an interest of mine and the .com isn’t cheap so I bought for future development.

  182. bye bye :__(
    but no issue, mistakes happens everywhere (the options A&B are fair) and hexonet is one of the best reg I know

    Dear “my name”

    This important notice is to inform you, that some of your domain name registrations in the past two months from the registry operator Mind and Machines were mistakenly priced as “Standard” domain registrations by us, when in fact they should have been marked as “Premium Domains”, and sold at premium price levels. This means that Premium Domains were sold at regular prices instead of the intended premium price for the respective domain(s).

    The good news is that all unmarked Premium Domains sold at regular prices through HEXONET will be honored and remain active for one year. However, please be advised that next year, these Premium Domains will be renewed at their intended premium price, which have been listed below for your convenience. As a registrant of a mistakenly unmarked Premium Domain, Minds and Machines has graciously provided us/you with some customer-friendly options in preparation of next year’s premium price renewal:

    Option A – Refund for Your Unmarked Premium Domain Name

    We understand that some of you may not have registered a Premium Domain if you had known the Premium Registration/Renewal price before hand. If this is the case, you can DELETE the domain and receive a full refund of the standard domain price you paid. Simply delete the domain in the Control Panel and then email before November 27, 2014. Please provide us with the deleted domains and your Account ID. All refunds will be processed on November 28, 2014.

    Option B – Keeping Your Unmarked Premium Domain Name

    No further action is required. PLEASE NOTE that the Premium Domain(s) listed below will RENEW at premium pricing in the following year. Please also ensure the Renewal Mode for your domain(s) are properly set for next year’s renewal (Auto-Renew or Auto-Expire)

    Domain Name
    Premium Renewal Price
    $ 2800 USD

    Thank you for your understanding and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Additionally, HEXONET would like extend our gratitude to the registry, Minds and Machines, who immediately expressed their willingness to work with us on finding customer-friendly solutions for those affected.


    Your Team @ HEXONET

    • I also received that email a few hours ago.

      So far, no email from which may have also not charged premium prices for some domains in the same TLDs mentioned in the email I received.

      • interessting .. as I understood the mistake happened by hexonet (not by minds&machine). maybe enom sold by correct prices.

      • I don’t think it was just Hexonet affected because, for example the domain “” I pre-registered with both Hexonet and Enom but it just happens that Hexonet beat Enom during the General Availability start phrase rush.

        Hexonet’s email says the price for “” should really be $ 1100 USD instead of the $25 (or so) price that I paid.

        But, Enom also only charged me non-premium price for the same domain pre-registation.
        Pre-register 1 $26.00 / Successful
        Pre-register 1 $10.00 / Successful

      • spelling mistake in my post:

        phrase = phase

      • I see and u right. thank you for that important examples.

        but does this not change everything ?!
        In my opinion the registry is not able to come arround later and ask for more money for the next year (this is close to a scam)

        fuu, i am confused now


        I don’t have all the facts, just speculating based on my own experience and a sample size of 2 registrars.

        I would love to keep renewing the domains for the non-premium price, but I don’t know the legal right I may or may not have to that scenario. And the moral right for me is to forgive a mistake and not try to take advantage of the situation. I am more interested in long-term mutually beneficial relationship with key players in the domain industry than a short-term gain on a few domains.

      • Wow, thats a scam. Aside from it costing 2800 to renew?!?!?! wtf, really, it maybe worth reg price but nothing in thousands.

        I really dont like how Mind and Machines do business, and i spoke to a guy who dealt with their CEO and he really thought not much of him. How M+M handling London is good example of how the company should be avoided and looking to take free market out of domains and make the most money for themselves. They leave nothing on a table.

    • This is bad. Registrars and registries should get their act together finally…

      • Wow. We should all brace ourselves for the upcoming markups so our friends can squeeze every lemonade out of the lemons. Any rights here being violated? What stops them from sending similar emails saying “we sold you a domain that we did not intend to sell”???

        I learnt that ethical businesses will not up-sale to attempt to pull money out of clients at the pretext of low-charge in the past but rather swallow it and move on. For now, I don’t have bags full of money to throw away so I will be excusing myself from purchasing any minds+machine products due to fear of recall or take backs. I want to feel a sense of respect for my property otherwise I would be living in a communist country.

  183. OK, what these guys are doing makes BRICKS AND MORTARS look like a gold mine right now.

    This was the whole purpose of the internet ease, and accessibility. These guys were begging to be let into the GTLD space so they could offer people options that the .com space had exhausted. Now they turn around and shit on everything they said.

    The other GTLD operators should shame, and exile these people, and now they want to see the 2L’s released. They seem to have a long list of WANTS, no GIVES.

    I have been saying from day 1, the agreements have very little documentation in regards to price increases, and allowable raises in pricing. Well you are seeing every loop hole utilized while ICANN is busy finding the next 5 star hotel to book, these guys are getting squeezed, and the people that took the money to care, clearly don’t.

    Mind N Machines have been very shaky from the start from their assumptions, to their attitudes, I don’t know why anyone would support them, or their extensions.

    As a community we need to be more lateral in dealing with such rodents within our industry.

    • They all wanted to provide people with cheap and good domain names.
      I just hate hypocrites.

      I don’t think I own any M+M domains. Maybe 1-2 .London domains which is not they gTLD but they managed to consult and destroy.

  184. My best domain is: NewYork.Holiday annual renewal USD 82

  185. This is not my best domain but really “keyword domain” Dining.Guide annual renewal USD 250

  186. Thanks. This domain could become a global domain with sub-domains ( or … ect)

    • what ealfert is said is right “Very very nice domain. So much commercial potential. Definitely worth the $250/year (plus high acquisition cost) to anyone that wants to develop it” but if you are trying to sell them its peanuts never ever consider domain worth considering google search output because every for junk keywords you get xxxK result. appraisal value is 10$


  188. I cross checked Microsoft Registe