Poll Results: 30% Of People Will Renew All New gTLD Domains While 15% Will Drop Them All

poll-domain-namesWe are now just a week away from the first anniversary of the New gTLD program launch.

It all started when 7 New gTLDs from Donuts were released on the 29th of January 2014. That is when the 7 extensions (.bike, .clothing, .guru, .holdings, .plumbing, .singles, .ventures) entered the EAP availability.

I started this poll (How many New gTLD domains will you renew?) 3 months ago asking readers if they intended to renew their new domains and what percentage they would renew. The poll has now ended and got 528 votes.

I  included 6 options in the poll: 100%, >50%, <50%, 0%, no domains to renew and one more I found important. That is what distinguishes New gTLDs from the legacy gTLDs: “I will only renew some non-premium domains”. Premium domains are sometimes pretty expensive, up to thousands of dollars per year. From my research premium domains account for about 10% of the total of New gTLD domains. At least that is for the Donuts domains.

As a reference .com renewal rate is a little over 70%. So I think that anything above 50% would be good for New gTLDs.









Here are some more detailed results derived from the poll:

  • 29% of the voters said they don’t own any New gTLD domains. The result of my previous poll asking if people were buying New gTLD domains found that 34% were not buying them. Maybe this lower percentage here is because some of the people that don’t own any domains were not interested in a poll asking about renewals.
  • 373 people from the 528 or 71% that voted own New gTLD domains
  • 15% of the people that own New gTLD domains said that they will drop them all. Of course we don’t know how many they own.
  • 30% of the people that own New gTLD domains said that they will renew them all.
  • 21 or 5.6% of people said that they will be dropping all their premium domains. I have seen some people trying to unload their premium domains.
  • 55% of the voters said that they will renew their best domains

From the results above I would estimate the domainer renewal rate at about 60%. .Guru was at about 10% renewal rate about a month before the first domains expire. I would expect non-domainers to have a smaller renewal rate. Partly because they probably have domains of lesser quality and partly because they don’t pay much attention to renewals.

So what I see happening is a renewal rate of around 50% or a bit less than that.Of course I am not counting all the free or $1 domain names. These will take a much bigger hit.

As I said anything above 50% would be a great result for any New gTLD extension but people tend to overestimate.

(The poll has a margin of error of less than 5% and it is not a scientific poll by any standards.)


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. I think your estimation basing on that poll is not going to be right. You may be surprised when actual number came out.

  2. huuiii, my drop rate for the first month is about 90%
    there are some nice ones in it, but I collected better ones during 2014

  3. I like how uniregistry has no premiums.

    Rightside, Radix need to adjust pricing to reasonable levels.

    Donuts needs to look at some pricing points also.

    Otherwise you will have more fun throwing your money away at a strip club, then sitting at a computer, and clicking it away year after year on high level premiums, and extensions that cost 3-4x as .com’s.

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