Ladies and gentlemen this is Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz made a momentous post on his Twitter account which he allowed me to share here.

Agree or disagree with Rick you can’t deny that he has always been transparent and unselfishly willing to share with others.

Ladies and gentlemen this is Rick Schwartz:

I’m not a trust fund baby.
I’m not a Harvard grad.

I’m a street wise guy that came from very humble beginnings, dropped out of college & found the secret to success.

I’ve seen the universe from one extreme to the other. So my views & experiences are much different than most.

I have stayed at hotel chains from Motel Six to the Ritz Carlton, the Four Seasons and beyond.

I have owned clunkers that have died on the side of the road and I have owned cars worth $375k.

I started my watch collection with Timex and graduated to Rolex and Patek.

I have been stranded in Gary, Indiana with 25 CENTS in my pocket and no gas in my car.

I traveled from a failing student that could barely make it through high school to one that made the Dean’s list.

I went from flat broke to achievements beyond my wildest dreams.

I’ve watched domains go from no value to priceless.

So during my travels and my experiences, that really few on earth have ever experienced because of the extremities of it, I come to learn and discover many simple things in life because of all the time I have alotted to think along the way. My biggest job is thinking. Playing out different scenarios in my mind to see how they would develop.

And that’s the reason why I am very opinionated. The reason my opinions are very strong. Because I’ve drilled down and done the research to find answers that few have the time to do.

I may consider something for months or more. Others consider something for five seconds, and they think they’re gonna know more. I don’t think so. I’ve already thought their thoughts months ago before I even started drilling So it’s hard for me to give them much respect because they’re talking out of their ass without the information and without doing the homework to find a true answer.

One of my biggest targets are hotel CEOs. Because I’ve done something, but not a single Hotel CEO has ever done. I’ve stated every single hotel chain from the lowest to the highest and they haven’t. That gives me a different perspective that they can never have. They can’t teach you that at Harvard.

Life experience is the greatest educator. The day my life changed was the day I embraced learning without discounting information that I didn’t like.


The wonderful people I met along the way, so eager to share their life experiences, and their knowledge, and I absorbed it like a sponge.

I never forgot those people. I went back personally to thank them all multiple times because I wanted them to know the impact that they had in my life. I am a product of them.

My journey was born out of the experiences they shared with me that I didn’t discount, discard, and never forgot. I truly love them for it, and the only way I can repay them is with my success, that they are part owners of.

I learned to be self-reliant. And so I became a soloist, because that was the only way that I can control the outcome and guarantee success most of the time.

Virginia is for lovers and Domaining is for soloists!! So this was a natural fit from the get-go.

I love domain investing and always will!!


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I like this man alot .Sometimes when i go through some challenges in domain negotiation,I have to remind myself that what would Rick do.He has guts and is outspoken about selling for peanuts or life changing sums.
    Rick is a one I consider a mentor .I always go back to ricksblog to encourage myself and to keep improving.

    Rick loves domainers and wants us to get the value for our investments but he is mostly misunderstood for holding on to his assets for long and most in his shoes would have sold for peanuts .We all cant be Rick but we can sell some names and hold on to the valuable ones as long as we have a job that would help us keep holding in.

    God Bless you Rick.

    Thank you for posting this Konstantinos.

  2. in my opinion
    Listen to Rick Schwartz The Domain King
    do not listen to those people at the new DomainSherpa show.

  3. @Rick – Can you please blog some more? We really miss those blog posts.

    Question: By being on Twitter/X are you not strengthening social media and networks on the expense of domains?
    One of the strong points about domains was to have your own as not to be dependent on other platforms who can do what they want and take away your content or shut you down.
    So yes.. its the way many communicate…..but still it would be great if you could blog every once in awhile.

    By the way, by having your account open only to those that you wish, then those who need to learn about domains like marketing managers/business development managers end up losing out by not having access to your thoughts.

    You are the best(!) Stay healthy and prosper.

  4. Rick is the king and morons like domain Shane who got rekt buying monkey nft scams always upset and jealous of his success of rick

  5. Rick dropped out of college, but he has put more $$$ in the pockets of his ‘students’ pockets than some of the top Ivy league B-school profs.

    I agree domaining is mostly a soloist business and following the crowd is a recipe for failure.

    He is the 🐐

  6. If Rick hadn’t achieved major success in domaining, he would have achieved big success in another area – real estate, collectibles, anything involving assets and marketing and negotiation and tenacity. Well-deserved!

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