Rick Schwartz’s last DomainSherpa show of his career. :(

gtldsLast month Rick Schwartz, aka the Domain King, announced on his LinkedIn page that he is retiring.

Yesterday, I went to watch the latest DomainSherpa show only to see this sad news in the description of the show: “Rick Schwartz’s last DomainSherpa show of his career. :(”

He did a few DomainSherpa shows after the announcement so I thought that he was going to continue with the shows but I was wrong.

I wrote an article a couple of months back called “4 Months Without Rick” asking him to start blogging again. He latest blog post was on June 17 and as he said in his last DomainSherpa show, everything is written down on his blog so you can go and read what he has said anytime you want.

The 10th anniversary and farewell T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference was held last month in Miami Beach and someone asked Rick if he was going to attend NamesCon 2015. He said no and I understand this. And you will too if you read his LindkedIn description:
“Wherever I feel like being whenever I feel like being. Retired without worry.”

Still, I think he could make a couple of posts on his blog every year just to remind people of his views. These small updates will help keep his blog alive for many years to come. And it will him from getting too bored with retirement! 🙂

Watch the DomainSherpa Discussion: Looking Back at 2014; Looking Forward to 2015 to see what Rick said about this past year in domaining, what will come in 2015 and his retirement.


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  1. He seemed bored on most shows to be honest, sometimes you just need a change of scenery. He has made it, could probably live of parking income, and 1 sale a year, time to go do other things than listen to lowball offers all day.

    Adam doesn’t even listen most of the time, busy doing other things. Many times Mike has to repeat questions to him.

    Rick is a stand up guy though for sure.

  2. You have done an amazing job with TheDomains.com these past 7 years Michael.Major kudos to you (and Ray) for staying on top of things 24-7 – it normally takes a newsroom with a couple of dozen reporters to do what you are doing! Looking forward to reading what you have to say over the next 7 years and beyond!

  3. Domain Sherpa is a good site but I doubt that anyone can learn anything there after watching a few shows (Portfolio Reviews). They talk almost the same things.
    I think Michael should make one domain reviewer changeable so every show we would have 3 the same people plus one new. It would be more interesting too.

  4. Maybe he will come out of retirement after some time away.

  5. Red wine tastes better in retirement.

  6. he is too old,
    esp for our industrious industries

    please let him REST IN PEACE,
    thank u

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