I have now completely left Uniregistry!

I have now left Uniregistry once and for all. Yes, I am now completely Uniregistry free and it feels great. The company had great potential when it started but it has been going downhill for the past 2-3 years due to poor business and management decisions and some marketing disasters.

I have left Uniregistry (now rebranding as Uni) in every possible way I can:

  1. As a domain name registrar
    I was using Uniregistry as one of my secondary registrars from immediately after they launched a few years back. I was up to about 750 domains with them at one time but I am now down to 16 domains. (All 16 are new hand registrations that I did them at Uniregistry to use up my remaining credit. I will move all domains out in about a month.)
    Uniregistry could have been a good registrar (as a system) but I don’t trust them long term so I would have any domains with them. The latest disaster has been the introduction of “Domain Perks”. See Uniregistry: Huge price increase on domain name registrations and renewals! and Uniregistry: the absolute mathematical madness of “Domain Perks”!.
    I also didn’t like the Uniregistry personnel turnaround and support was always sub-par being closed during weekends etc.
    I now use Epik as my main registrar and also have 3 other secondary registrars.
  2. As a New gTLD registry
    I had about 15 Uniregistry New gTLD domains at some point like some numeric .click domains that I bought during the Chinese domain madness. I have now dropped all of them. I didn’t even try to sell them.
    Uniregistry (that didn’t exactly choose the best New gTLD extensions) made some poor decisions including Frank Schilling nailing the first nail on the New gTLD coffin by increasing prices on Uniregistry extensions by up to 3000%: Frank Schilling just killed the New gTLD domain name program (Warning!) Many registrars (including GoDaddy, Tucows and Namecheap) dropped support for some or all Uniregistry extensions at that time.
    Now almost all of my remaining New gTLD domains are from Donuts.
  3. As a PPC parking provider and domain name selling platform
    I used to have almost all my domains parked and for sale at Uniregistry. I think I now have about 50 domains left at Uniregistry (from one of my secondary registrars) that I will move away when I have some time. I was never too impressed with the Uniregistry brokers, quite the opposite. I now use Efty and ParkingCrew.

It seems that Uniregistry has been taking one bad decision after another in all different business units and alienating one domaining group after another.

The latest episode with Uniregistry is their rebranding as Uni that was not really necessary (or maybe it was considering all the business and marketing disasters?) and was not really done effectively considering that the domain name Uni.com is not owned by Uniregistry (now Uni). This rebrand came at the same time with the launch of what Frank Schilling had called Uniregistry’s greatest product that was just another website builder. (?)

Uniregistry partnerships over the years with .xyz, .sucks and Topcoin shuttered any trust I had left for this (once promising) company.

It seems that being great at one thing doesn’t make you great at everything and being a great domainer doesn’t make you a good business owner or good decision maker.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Thanks Konstantinos. There are still a number of capable and honorable registrars though the list is getting shorter. Epik appreciates it when sophisticated, demanding and genuine industry leaders with an eye for detail vote with their domains and choose Epik:

    Registry Domain ID: 99566732_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.epik.com
    Registrar URL: http://www.epik.com
    Updated Date: 2018-09-24T01:01:10Z
    Creation Date: 2003-06-23T18:02:04Z
    Registry Expiry Date: 2025-06-23T18:02:04Z
    Registrar: Epik Inc.
    Registrar IANA ID: 617
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone:
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited https://icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited
    Name Server: NS1.HOST.INFO
    Name Server: NS2.HOST.INFO

    We hope more people will embrace our world class escrow product. There is no safer or more tax-efficient platform for clearing marketplace and escrow transactions than Epik right now:


    As we get to know more and more folks in the industry we are also making the industry more efficient. Yesterday we did a $50K+ escrow transaction where the buyer, seller and lender were all repeat Epik clients with domains held at Epik. Zero risk and fast closing. The only reason why the transaction is not closed already is because the seller holds their domain at Moniker which takes 5 days to release a domain!

    December is a great month for folks to move your domains to higher ground — $7.49 for all-inclusive, full-service .COM transfers.

    We have nearly 200 Domain promos going on — bookmark here:


    Epik is still the only registrar to offer FOREVER registrations: https://www.epik.com/forever/

    Epik is Full-service. All-inclusive. No-nonsense.

    And thanks again to Konstantinos for having one of the best blogs in the industry!

    • Rob,

      I would like Epik to invest some money into a better control panel, more reactive, and user friendly.

      To many searching for options, boxy look, a more free flowing instantly updating control panel would probably help. I am constantly searching for my payment plan domains etc within the options it’s very choppy.

      • Mike, it’s true that where greatness already resides (e.g., the Epik UI) there is always room for even greater and evolving greatness, and even I have requested and suggested a few cp wish list items before, but the Epik UI is still the best one out there bar none. As Rob said there are “still a number of capable and honorable registrars” left, but I was going post this about the Epik cp before I even saw Rob’s first comment here. For instance, regarding finding your “payment plan” domains you simply click the “Marketplace” link and there it is. Just sort by “INST” if needed there.

      • (And you can also sort by TYPE AND MONTHLY too.)

    • Everytime guys like you use the word ”honorable“ I feel like I have to throw up.


      ”According to a report by the pharmaceutical watchdog organization LegitScript, Epik has been told that some of the domains the company sponsors sell illegal drugs and inauthentic medications, yet the company has not acted.“

      Way to go!

      • Richard, I’m afraid that you are mistaken on numerous levels, because you have been misled. In matters like this it is also not good to just “buy” the invectives of the first person or people who come along to cast such stones like that. In fact it reminds me of a famous proverb which in English goes something like “The first in his plea seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him.” The title of the Wired article itself also clearly indicates immediate bias in characterizing Gab.com as it does, and on reading it the article is obviously a biased “hit piece.”

        I don’t know what country you are in, but here in the US it is also a good idea to be extremely wary and to look deeper into any party making such an allegation when the matter involves “pharmaceutical” issues and is represented as being a “watchdog.” Real “watchdogs” are great, but not if they are watching out for the $$$ interests of “big pharma” vs. those of us actual “We the People.”

        So in reality, what do you really have there with that “According to a report by” quote? Unfortunately, nothing but a scurrilous allegation. If you care about such things as apparently you do and you want to get a more accurate picture of what is really going on with that, however, you will find it here:

        “Supplement makers sue LegitScript”


        And of course, take special note of both Rob’s and Joseph’s comments there.

        So as you can see, you are now dealing with a “horse of another color” compared to what you have been misled to believe by the Wired article and the “LegitScript” accusation. Instead, you are dealing with an organization (Epik) and the people involved being champions of due process, client and customer rights (yes, that means you too), free speech, and so forth. Exactly what this industry needs.

      • Yeah because Free Speech is so Right Wing….move to Venezuela already, it’s a commies dream come true.

  2. I don’t want my domains offshore period.

  3. I’m also exactly doing the same thing, moving the names out as expiry comes into Epik. I feel many others are to follow.

  4. I think you are not seperating Uni or Uniregistry from the DomainNameSales side of it.

    As for a registry to hold your domains at, they did nothing wrong to do. Now on the other side it seems as if you have an issue with their Sales & Marketing platform portion of it.

    Agreed they fired, or many veteran domain brokers left, maybe a cost cutting measure, not sure. I believe about 5 or 6 veteran brokers are still with them, the rest are more of a rookie class.

    It is a unique product you can go on vacation, and set all leads to be managed by a team of brokers, who else is going to give you that option?

    I am not biased but I am keeping an open mind, and open conversation.

    I do say that charging the annual fee for domains was a bit premature, they might have wanted to establish themselves more, or offer a better incentive package on the account with more added features. To simply keep your current pricing model, and get support is not enough to justify this.

    I don’t know how the ownership stance is with Uniregisty, I have always thought Frank was the principal, and thought he is a pretty well funded guy that he has a nice cashflow coming in to carry the losses that Uni might incur during the early years. We all know they make top of the chart sales weekly over there, so I mean what is really going on, poor management, a hard time sourcing talent?

    Having your register offshore can be a good thing, as well as bad, but I think the good outweighs the bad from a domainer model.

    Look forward to feedback from people who actually have used the platform, and maybe Jeff, or Frank themselves.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      I am separating them ok. And I have problems with all units. The registrar (not registry as you say) has increased prices and has sub-par support. And my account rep left the company.

      Also I don’t want my domains being sold by any brokers.

      • Fair enough your broker left the comapny, there is a lot of turnover in this industry, you can’t put that completely on the company without any back story.

        The broker thing is a mixed bag, given they have a few Chinese speaking brokers it has actually helped me close a few deals over there just based on the fact they can speak the language, build trust, and fill that cultural divide.

        This is the thing about domaining everyone is always chasing the price, today epik might be cheap, but next year they may raise the price etc.. etc.. the cat chasing their tail,

        Everyone has to find their fit I have learned, there is no perfect answer, we all have different needs, different experiences.

        Brokers are brokers, they are trying to get their slice of cheese.

        Anyone with a good portfolio, especially Mike Mann has been doing well with Afternic, and you know they take 20% off the top, or a bit scaled down the larger the sale.

        My issue with Epik is those epik bucks, or 5% cashout for one payment method epik bucks, I don’t get all that, offer me paypal payout, or wire without a 5% cashout fee of my own funds.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        My account rep left uniregistry along with many others. Not my broker.

        I am chasing good and cheap but I have not changed a lot of registrars over the years. I had just 3 main registrars since 2002.

    • Mike,

      You mean like their Domain Perks and their worthless TopCoin? This company is like a pyramid scheme built on domains which most are worthless. I am transferring all my domains away asap. I had ALL my domains registered there because as Konstantinos said, in the beginning the company offered hope & promise, but in the end it was just a thinly disguised pyramid scheme getting rich by selling people worthless domains and marketing fluff.

  5. I disagree that the rebrand to Uni while not being the current registrant of “uni” in .com matters. Donuts, the former Rightside, Minds and Machines and Alphabet and many others don’t have their matching .com either. If they ultimately decide to use “uni.{Something else}”, good luck to them.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      All 3 companies Donuts, Minds and Machines and Alphabet don’t sell directly to a consumer. Huge difference.

  6. I’m a firm believer in keeping my domains in Canada or the US. I can deal with the laws here and have good legal options available to me should something untoward occur. Same cannot be said for the laws of other countries, I would hate to have a legal battle in a foreign country where our most common North American laws do not apply.

  7. Good for you, but Epik is not much better IMO.

  8. Presidential Executive Order on Buy American and Hire American

    All your domains have to be registered and hosted by Americans and in USA!!
    If not you will be charged with unpatriotic laws.

    Putting all your domains outside USA is suicidal esp China–they steal everything!!

    • So what they stole some of your crappy 4L.com’s they were complete jargon, a domain veteran like yourself should have had better passwords, maybe not browsed so much porn, or maybe 2 fact Auth in place.

      • Thanks to my contacts all over the world and facial recognization the thief got caught and put in jail in China
        He even sent me his pictures

  9. Where Frank went wrong is that in the old days we were treated like partners. Then somewhere around 2014, I guess, Frank started treating us like customers, or assets to be monetized like a big corporation would do , and being the individualistic group we are we are more attuned to business than your average Joe, so most of us rejected the new tact Frank had taken. I’m not looking for discount clubs, do this then you get that game, etc….. ball always moving kind of pitch, so the new savings plan from Uni makes absolutely no sense to me. It’ll be some kind of new pitch again next year. I’m not looking for that, and I expect that’s not what pros want.

    I think their brokerage is great. They are relentless in tracking down customers, even if it’s automated most of the time.

    I think their parking has really gone way down in the dumps, but so has Parking Crew. ParkingCrew is not paying out worth a darn anymore so nothing to compare to Uni with, but still, Frank used to be the parking leader with DomainNameSales but now is probably the worst of the big parking companies, what’s left of them that is.

    I know some like their interface but I never liked it very much, especially the platform’s scroll bar with seems impossible to grab.

    They don’t answer many questions when you submit them. I never liked that. I need answers sometimes, not a no reply approach to my needs.

    Prices are not competitive with GoDaddy and I don’t want to fight anyone offshore to get one or all of my domains back (never say never).

    The brokerage is the only thing I see good about them, and they do do that very well.

  10. Just look out for the 15 day grace renewal period at epik.

    • I agree, I have had Jessica spam me for years trying to lowball domains going into what they perceive an expired period.

      Lots of good domains have probably ended up in Rob’s hands due to this 15 day window.

      I would recommend you rah rah him into making it 25-30 days, on the other hand Uniregistry is 40 days.

    • If that is Epik’s grace period for renewal it almost equals theft.
      That’s not fair and is over the top sneaky and greedy, if true.

      There is no reason anyone in this day and age should lose an asset , a domain name, yes, an ASSET, in in two weeks because they forgot to renew, were in the hospital, etc……. Why the frack does ICANN exist if they can’t keep a better eye on registrars than this and provide better protection for consumers? Is their only job to release countless unwanted new TLDs which are failing in droves now?

      Rob, I commend what you are doing with GAB, but for God’s sake don’t treat customers with a two week grace period. WTF ?

      GoDaddy recently shortened their renewal grace period also. I guess everyone is racing towards the bottom with greed in the domain industry. Everyone wants to take your assets “by default” — you broke the rules, the domain TOS, you ticked the radio button — got you sucka’ !

      • @David Zoretic

        Between auto renew and proper portfolio management why would anyone really need a grace period. I have hundreds of domains and use a spread sheet for management. THe domains I really want to keep are on auto renew and the ones I ‘m not sure I want to keep are not. So if I get sick the most that happens is a lose some junk.

        Personally I think people make too big a deal out of this auto renew issue. There are enough emails that get sent out to the owner and in the real world there would be no grace. I can see that coming in the future and quite honestly that does not scare me because I know how to manage a portfolio and that includes designating a backup admin in case I get sick.

      • You don’t know how much it hurts an end user to see a domain go into expiry, and before they can lick their lips as they have been doing for the last year, come out and get renewed for another year. Fast forward usually leads to a decent end user sale. You don’t know how many times I get an offer right after renewal.

        To MapleMans response those are ICANN rules, and yes by having a 15 day window instead of 30 days, the house ends up with some other people’s domains when unfortunate things happen, as they happen to people sometimes. Natural disasters, car accidents, credit cards expiring etc..

        More domains at epik, the more that will go into expiry, my guess Rob is done slaving in this side of the industry, wants to build the numbers, and sell the company very soon.

  11. Not completely on topic, but I was wondering why you went with ParkingCrew instead of Bodis.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      I have not tried Bodis. But why do you ask?

      • I was just curious to see if you had tried them both and had a reason to choose one over the other. I have not tried ParkingCrew, just Bodis and Uniregistry for parking.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        OK. It just seemed like Bodis was the obvious choice and I had missed something. I might try them in the future. Do you know where they are based?

      • No idea, but I have been using them for a year and so far no problems.

        At some point I intend to test different services to see if there is one that pays more than the others.

  12. Hi Konstantinos,
    What do you think of Google Domain as a registrar ?

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      I have not tried it is as Google Domains only allows customers from 15 countries and Greece is not one of them. But I don’t think I would like it. I prefer more specialized companies. I choose the best registrar, best hosting provider, etc. And from what I have heard they have some strange problems like not allowing to register domains for more than 1 year. Then you can renew for more years…

      • The reason I am considering is because there are advantages when you use Google Cloud as a provider and AdSense as a monetiser -at the same time. I too prefer specialised however lately I’ve been more successful selling domains via website marketplaces rather than domain auctions. I’ve been using AWS ( Amazon ) as a second registrar, and provider but moving to Google Cloud so I wondered .. txs!


    I finally got the last my my names transferred to Dynadot. I also will be removing my entire portfolio to Efty.
    Too many issues with their brokers to list her let’s just say time to move on.

  14. I guess i choose my registrars and sales platforms based on actual technology, usability, service, etc. Haven’t had any issues with any of them. Marketing and business decisions that don’t affect me are usually much further down the list…

    1) They have waived increase for most of their existing med-large customers. I have less than 300 names there, and they reached out and made clear my pricing would not be changing. I think new pricing was focused on new users, and i bet they roll it back altogether to stay competitive.

    2) You don’t have to use their brokers. Their brokers only step in after 90 days on dead leads. Not sure why anyone would care about that. They’ve revived a lot of dead deals for me

    3) whole new Uni platform rolling out soon, new CMS, new customization, etc. Otherwise i’ve found it much more easy to use than efty, parking crew, etc, although thats just my opinion, and i plan to split test to see who monetizes better

    4) Uni marketplace > epik marketplace

    5) Uni iphone app > epik iphone app

    6) people are still buying gtlds?

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      The thing is that these business decisions do affect most of the Uniregistry customers.
      As a registrar they don’t have the cheapest prices and have sub-par support. And when I choose my main registrar I look to more than that. I am looking for trust and stability.
      1) I have people complaining to me that they got a price increase and have more than 300 domains there. I on the other hand didn’t get the increase. And of course they are doing it in batches so who knows.
      2) This is not exactly the case. Some people don’t understand how to make an offer on a form and just make a call to Uniregistry. This automatically goes through the brokers.
      3-4-5) This is your opinion and I respect it.
      6) Maybe they do. But more importantly they bought a few good ones years ago and are renewing them.

  15. I have about 1,800 domains at Uni which is about 75 per cent of my holdings. Most weeks I transfer in another 8 or 10 names.

    Sales results are excellent, I consistently sell one or two domains a month at professional prices. For example, in November I sold two domains for a total of $9,500.

    The platform is great, support is great and the brokers are great.

    The platform is flexible, as far as I know you can still use the landers for free and self-broker. (So Konstantinos could use the platform but self-broker if he chose to.)

    But I always use the BIN option where I pay 10 per cent commission (so that Uni handles the escrow and instant transfer)… and if a broker needs to be involved the commission rises to 15 per cent.

    (Even when you have BIN pricing, some buyers still want to negotiate. Then, if you have selected the option, a broker can be automatically assigned.)

    So sales results are great, and likely to get even better in August 2019 according to Frank Schilling on Twitter recently:

    “…we are launching the greatest piece of sales infrastructure ever launched to sell a domain name.”

    [The timing indicates a date some time around August 2019]


    It seems to indicate a revolutionary new sales platform is being planned. Uni recently intoduced a new dashboard as well as a new easy website builder. A few months ago, there was a user survey which indicated that many innovations are under consideration. So I know many interesting things that are under consideration, and sent in more suggestions of my own. I have high expectations of what’s on the horizon, and cannot wait to see it.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      (So Konstantinos could use the platform but self-broker if he chose to.)

      Like I said, this is not exactly the case. Some people don’t understand how to make an offer on a form and just make a call to Uniregistry. This automatically goes through the brokers.

      • Then simply ask Uni to make the details of the potential buyer visible in the marketplace. I did that a dozen times in the past and they share that information within hours. You take it from there.

        Now, I understand that people don’t like certain business decisions that were made bei Uniregistry in the past and I get the point that some people feel uncomfortable with an offshore registrar in general (some like it, some don’t). But that said… Epik?? Really? That lame excuse of an registrar, with their “swiss bank of domains” bullshit? I don’t understand why a guy like you would fall for something like that. Offering “forever registrations” to boost cashflow and hosting a hate-spreading platform like Gab.com? They are the worst kind imo!

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        Have you tried Epik?

      • I don’t like what has happend with Digital Town, and years prior to that the parking pages.

        Rob is trying very hard to boost the numbers, maybe take it public, and then walk away again, and who is going to deal with this sh*t storm again.

        I mean it was all hands on deck for Digital Town, now that company is a bust, just bleeding renewals, with no real business plan, and it went public.

        In the course of a year that stock was 30 cents now it’s 3 cents, I just don’t get the incentives to bring all the domainers over, I know it is a numbers game, and godaddy is winning it.

        Uniregistry has numbers in the house account, and some very big old time domainers who provide some very nice commissions. Do you know the commissions that the Middle East Prince’s account provides, a kings ransom for sure.

        Everyone has a right fit for themselves, I know K has had some issues with Uniregistry in the past, and Jeff which if you follow the blog is whatever, and he has every right to speak his mind, just as we all have our right to share our thoughts.

        Some good comments from everyone for sure, haven’t seen such a heated topic for a while, and everyone is on point which is great.

        It is all about finding your fit, obviously uniregistry is going to value accounts with good aged .com’s that provide a nice steady flow of commissions for their platform much higher, maybe it isn’t a good fit for small portfolios.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        I agree that Rob may be trying a bit too hard after he left Digital Town.

  16. Well, there is something I can tell about epik.com as a registrar, I have almost 28.000 domains with them, stay tuned………….

  17. For my experience in this domain market, I see that I lose a lot from 10 years ago to the present. I will not give names of those who have made their comments in this post, they understand each of you, what happens in Uniregistry.com has a system of preferences.
    Example: Concert of music the listeners are those who are seated in premium seats and the rest in cheap seats, this is what happens in Uniregistry.com the companions of 2012 to have preference over the remaining customer’s account, which? premium landing pages and premium domain parking and business meetings in the office of his companion Uniregistry.com, the news of other colleagues fly “word of mouth” as in any market.

    This is not new in any company, business, etc. Their friends, comrades in the market, are preferred by all of whom together make a living with their effort.

    The most shocking after three years with Uniregistry.com I am not from 2012 if I do not give my opinion as well as do this vintage.

    Is to find me in this post, https://acro.net/blog/domain-brokerage-communication-is-the-key-element/ that in the fourth comment and in the last paragraph of the same reading this: Naturally, there are many domains that are being negotiated, plus Frank’s own portfolio. I agree that more brokers might be needed. It’s great to know that they are also spread around the world in dedicated markets.

    I have several registrar domains Uniregistry, Epik, Directnic, Name, Marcaria, Godaddy, Moniker, with this last start and very much in spite of me, for the treatment received from Brokerage Uniregistry.com the year 2019 be the last, I have other online business in March and I need to be more for them.

    Happy Day. Jose

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Jose, sorry but I did not understand much.
      Are you leaving Uniregistry in 2019? Is this what you are saying?

    • Who still uses Moniker ?

      Looks like he is transferring out in 2019, very hard to understand the point or side your taking?

      I think the fundamentals is based on what kind of client are you, one that makes them $50k in commissions, or one that makes them $500 in commissions. Just like everything else in life you basically get treated based on your perceived customer value.

      One issue I have with Uniregistry is I don’t like my dollars competing against me, and my business model in the marketplace. How do you expect me to pay you if you drive up the cost of me dousing business ?

      I think domainers need to take a stronger stance on this, and not feed their completion. Aka TARYN

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        I left Moniker many years ago. Surprisingly I still see some good domains are still registered there. I guess their owners have missed the news…

  18. Hello, Konstantinos,

    I am customer account since 2015 at http://www.uniregistry.com right now I have 349 domains in this registrar, during these three years I had to find my life to earn money with landing pages with ads with https://instapage.com, https://urbounce.com, https://mailchimp.com,
    This is because I am not a domainer of which the internal system of http://www.uniregistry.com have premium landing pages, premium domain parking and privileged attention with Brokerage Uniregistry.com, I with this department of brokers have bad experience since 2016 two domains premium to find buyer has passed three brokers and still not sell, I send email to the last broker of each premium domain as not find a buyer for $ 9999 when in these three years they sell premium domains for $ 2500.

    I send everything to Monte Cahn, Broker known by me since 2008 on Moniker.com having a lot of work and I think I will leave the best domains of a single word and the gTLD (Events, Lol, Online, Club, Ltd, top , loan, cam, site, shop, casino, etc.) I have good premium domains of a single word and considering the high figures to be paid in the market, try your luck again with Brokerage Uniregistry.com send email to Senior domain broker and the answer you receive by email from a Mr. Business Devolupment Uniregistry.com in Manchester UK.

    In this email give orders to register in Uniregistry.com and the uniregistry.com/market DNS for my new domain names, I think They are bad, and without any experience, or an error?

    I answer correctly and I still await an answer.

    Now I’m going to sell the gTLDs from uniregistry.com/market with inequality to Frank’s colleagues,

    I sell domains by transferring my domains to Epik.com. Mr. Joseph Petterson is the one who exchanges more emails and helps differently to know a lot and better the market domains.

    I calculate that leaving uniregistry.com in about six months.

    Happy Day. Jose.

  19. Hello, Mike

    In Moniker I have 4 domains (3.com and 1.net) since 2008 these were the only ones I could save 60 domains that the German company based in Luxembourg that buys Moniker change their strategy in their own favor and not in our your customer account, all the domains without knowing us to put in Adsense advertising, I know this through the domain parking http://www.voodoo.com.
    Domainer who transfer their domains loses them all because of system security failures on Moniker.com.

    I learn more from this domain market when reading the first posts Mr. Rick Schwartz, I put the value of my premium domains, after studying it and anyone interested in this global market, can be $ 500 to $ 500,000.

    I use brokerage uniregistry.com, to sell, before you must have at http://www.uniregistry.com/market the premium domains with the value or figure thereof in Buy in Now (BIN) this is what the Uniregistry.com Brokers ask for the last four that I sent with the same keyword were valued each in more than $ 250K at 15% commission of four domains premium to the low were $ 150,000 and a high plus or minus $ 350,000 commission, I do not think any broker With common sense, you want to lose a commission equal to the one I just wrote.

    A broker for what I know never waste time searching for a buyer for a premium domain of $ 2,500 and if they do the brokerage uniregistry.com will not be mine.

    Happy Day. Jose.

  20. Have you ever considered fixing your scrolling?

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