Uniregistry: Huge price increase on domain name registrations and renewals!

Uniregistry has recently pushed huge price increases on domain name registrations and renewals (including .com) to some of its customers.

The domain name registrar has quietly introduced “Domain Perks” that is a discount subscription system. My understanding is that this subscription system is set to replace the individual prices that each domain investor was quoted and assigned when they moved to Uniregistry. (or the standard prices if there was no negotiation)

uniregistry domain perks

The lowest volume level, for up to 250 domains registered with Uniregistry, has 3 different yearly subscription prices depending on the discount level and other “perks”:

  • $108 per year
  • $144 per year
  • $180 per year

The prices quoted on the Uniregistry website are per month but they billed yearly so I calculated the yearly fee above.

uniregistry domain perks

Each package gives you different discounts for gTLDs and ccTLDs, premium domain discounts, standard or priority support and a dedicated account manager or not.

Depending on how many domains you own and the subscription level the yearly price goes up to $2,628 (for up to 50,000 domains). There is custom pricing for domain portfolios larger than 50,000 domains but very few people in the world would be interested.

It seems that there has not been an official announcement to all Uniregistry customers. I had no idea “Domain Perks” existed before I was informed by a reader last week. Some customers with fewer than 1,000 domains received an email in late September informing them about the price increase:

Two days left to adjust your domain pricing. Act now. We are adjusting your domain pricing on September 30. Users are already paying less at Uniregistry than anywhere else, and you can keep paying less by simply starting a Domain Perks subscription.

The email didn’t really talked about a price increase in domain name registrations and renewals but this is exactly what it is. Actually in most cases it is a HUGE price increase!

And not every customers with a small portfolio got this email. I currently only have 18 domains at Uniregistry and I didn’t get an email and my prices have not changed/increased. But this is maybe of my current price level or my blogger status. If I go into my account at “Domain Perks” I see this:

The standard price showing in NOT my current .com pricing. I get $8.56 for .com registrations/renewals. The standard price showing for .com is $10.88. The other 3 prices depending on the subscription are:

  • $9.79 (plus)
  • $9.04 (pro)
  • $8.59 (elite)

But these prices don’t include the yearly fee that will be distributed among the domains you have.

So if you have 250 domains you will get this final pricing for each domain (including the yearly fee):

  • $10.22 (plus)
  • $9.62 (pro)
  • $9.31 (elite)

If you have 750 domains you will get this final pricing for each domain (including the yearly fee):

  • $10.00 (plus)
  • $9.32 (pro)
  • $8.94 (elite)

BUT if you have a portfolio that is close to the volume levels the essential yearly .com rate goes up as the yearly fee is paid in full. Here is an example with 500 domains:

  • $10.10 (plus)
  • $9.47 (pro)
  • $9.12 (elite)

I don’t remember ever having more 750 domains at Uniregistry so even at $8.94 this is a huge increase over my current price at $8.56 that I consider it pretty high as it is.

I made a calculation for 50,000 domains and the Elite level and I came up with the best .com price you can get in “Domain Perks”: $8.64!!!

This is well above most of the Uniregistry competitors.

This seems like Uniregistry is driving small (and maybe bigger) customers away. Or the company is shooting itself in the foot once again. Wrong management and marketing decisions have created never-ending problems for both the Uniregistry registry and registrar.

I spoke with a domain investor with 500 domains and he is moving his domains to GoDaddy (which I don’t use either because of various reasons). Maybe Uniregistry doesn’t want to deal with smaller investors as their support is already suffering. A tweet during the weekend warned people about the Uniregistry non-existent weekend support.

Not sure if “Domain Perks” are going to be pushed in all Uniregistry customers in the future.

I think it is more than obvious that I have stopped using Uniregistry. I now have most of my domains at Epik.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. what a befuddling complicated mess of perplexing confusion. I got nauseous just reading this article.
    I’m glad I stuck with Fabulous and never transferred any domains to Uniregistry.

  2. You expect this kind of service from B rate registries with no connections in the industry, this fly by night strategy is going to backfire big time. Uniregistry or NameMedia whatever they call themselves has been killing it with some huge sales, they have made great commission sales from customer portfolios, as well get a lot of free data. I guess that isn’t enough for them, and they want more more more.

    Sorry Unlce Franky, time to move to Godaddy, Epik, or Namesilo!

    Minus 1200 domains from your count.

  3. We use NameSilo and Epik.

  4. Mostly use DynaDot, nice $8.50 price for .coms

  5. I just don’t get why most of you don’t stick with godaddy. If you learn to stay away from Godaddy’s cross and upselling, you’re going to have a no bs experience. Besides, you can be sure that their economics is good enough not to mess with price fixing. And for big portfolio owners, subscribing to their domain club is a no brainer. I stayed away from uniregistry even when they soiled my inbox with so many offers for help

  6. In reference to your post I also receive email and if in the last three months to register 228 domains now have http://www.uniregistry.com 328 domains see that with the Elite not leave on account since I pay $ 8.77 (.com) had a discount of 19.39%, remainder of TDL equal, with the Gtdl have a 25% discount from the year and only have two domain ccTDL

    It is impossible that they would not understand that raising the amount with an Elite I was the first time as a domainer to register in three months 228 domains having achieved good sales with expired domains (.com)

    Uniregistry.com is not for everyone the same system Uniregister.com/market a domainer with more 1000 premium domains get use Landing page and domain parking premium, I know domainer that only have 300 domains of premium value and the rest can not sell for $ 500 .

    The advertising and monitoring with landing page have to pay $ 499 each month to get the monthly benefits of my domains in uniregistry.com to not be equal to other privileged domainer, not to envy.

    I solve with uniregistry.com the most complicated parts and with it already be satisfied. New registrations and to know that I will not do as long as with their monthly offers there is a TDL opportunity and I can buy.

    Happy Day.

  7. It seems that Uniregistry is rolling out “Domain Perks” for more customers this month as many people have received notice to choose a “Domain Perks” subscription until the end of October.

  8. Someone has to pay for all the failed nTLD’s and other bad business decisions. Upper management sure isn’t going to pay for it.

  9. Not only are they introducing “domain perks”, they are pushing up their retail prices on gtld as well.

    So if you were looking at what you will save on a domain on older pricing, be aware retail prices the discounts are coming off of are going up.

    Saw the following…

    $220 jumped to $240
    $110 jumped to $120
    $50 jumped to $55

  10. Uniregistry has a sensational Support team and a beastly change of superior positions, a very bad management by the Brokerage all the premium domains that send by email to Senior Domain Broker the answer coming from Business Development, exasperating since your answer is like having to Be a new customer account.

    Before having an Account Manager, very good and attentive, but last months disappeared I think because he saw how to work the rest of the departments, each or each company does well or worse his organizational chart of positions and employees I can not comment because I’m not inside but also to happen similar in times past in the Multinationals that I work without existing Internet.

    I am not like you in sales domains costs me more and it best to send to Brokerage outside of the US market, with this I write a comment to you @Kostantinos for months that I transfer while going to Epik.com I have made some although not all domains gTLD and ccTLD the prices for my $ US 10.88 (.com) to renew the same, on the other hand in Epik $ US 8,49 (.com) and equal renewal.

    I have the same prices without the 30% discount from year 2015 on arrival Domain Perks all change for the worse not to follow with the old customer account with the same 30% normally companies that change the prices and give discounts for purchase respect the old customer account and the new ones must go through the new norms of prices and discounts of the company in Uniregistry did not do well this matter, I lacked professional ethics with all its customer account although it is true that the Domain Premium with more 2500 domains have better privileges.

    Happy Day. Jose.

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