Epik gets a new CEO

Rob Monster, Epik Founder, announced Brian Royce as the new CEO.

Epik Holdings, Inc. announced that Robert Monster, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, has transitioned to a non-executive role as Chairman of the Board and Brian Royce, a veteran technologist and entrepreneur, has succeeded Monster as CEO.

Rob Monster founded Epik in 2009 as a domain name asset management company. Epik went on to acquire and grow a domain registrar in 2011.

Monster commented on the shift in leadership:

“Building Epik has been a life’s work. Brian Royce brings the tenacity needed to take Epik to the next level as well as a robust set of competencies in the functional areas of technology management, operations, finance, legal and compliance. I am excited to support the next phase of growth from the Chairman seat while also being able to devote more time to new endeavors, particularly in the areas of Christian ministry and related philanthropic projects.”

In response to his CEO appointment, Brian Royce commented on his commitment to core Epik principles supporting free speech:

“Epik will continue to stand for free speech. It is extremely important to me to see core values of freedom, truth and liberty reflected in all we do at Epik.”

“I am concerned about free speech as I look at what is happening across America. People are actively trying to silence people like Joe Rogan, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock just for talking and telling jokes.”

“More conversations, more speech, more debate—that is what makes people more informed and more compassionate,” continued Royce.

Brian Royce joined Epik earlier this year as EVP Operations and quickly made an impact across several areas of the business. Rob Monster encouraged him to invest in a deeper understanding of the business and develop an effective growth strategy for the company.

Royce continued, “We are committed to our mission of helping entrepreneurs and domain investors make a profit and be successful!”

Rob Monster concluded by adding, “The task ahead for growing Epik, as well as for holding the line on reasonable civil liberty, is not one for the faint of heart. Fortunately, Brian Royce greatly embodies the #BeEpik mindset and is not easily daunted when it comes to completing the mission.”


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