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Mike Mann says GoDaddy domain appraisals are a total scam and a racket

Mike Mann made a few posts on social media about the GoDaddy automated domain name appraisal tool, calling it a total scam and a racket.

I can’t say I blame him. I have written numerous posts about this ridiculously badly made automated tool. Here is the latest post:

GoDaddy appraisals display comparable domain sales from 2004 (!!!)

Mike got angry after a potential buyer for one of his domains offered him the price he saw on the GoDaddy appraisal.


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  1. Sorry, I know Mike Mann is supposed to be some sort of domains Celeb but really…..No Shit Sherlock!

    We have all been bitching about the GoDaddy scum for years.

    Maybe the news is that he dares to say it on Twitter!

  2. Don’t get me started. Oh wait, I already got started years ago, along with some of the industry luminaries like RS and MB.

    I have one that’s literally one of the most famous and popular phrases of all time, worldwide. Some party or company tried to buy it for a hefty $x,xxx,xxx once before I got it. That’s well documented, not just rumor. You could say a lot more than just a few $m. It routinely and only ever gets auto “appraised” for peanuts, the practical equivalent of pocket change.

    And that of course is not even the half of it. And no I won’t say what it is (sorry). And don’t worry, I was able to get it a certain undisclosed way many years ago without having to spend a fortune at the time, so the “auto” phenomenon is only hurting me for potential resale, fortunately not for what I had to put in (though that alone is still certainly way bad enough to be sure). 🙂

    I’ve also bought ones for way more than their auto “appraisal” and am sure glad I did. But then you can get nagged with “auto-nagging” to sell it for far less after you do, no less. Because of this very phenomenon. Would be nice if you could stop that auto-nagging to sell part, as in just a little click to say “no, not for sale, thank you.”

  3. Completely agree with him!!!

    I can’t imagine to renew your domains at GD costs $20. You have to pay extras GD discount club to get it down.

    Go TsiTsiPas!!!

  4. potential buyers referencing the godaddy appraisals has been a plague on domainers for sure.

  5. Interesting and powerful not because Mike Mann wrote it, I have received many offers through email from expert domain investors with offers to buy my domains at free pricing from godaddy, domainindex and others.
    It is an insult to never reply to any email.

  6. Tell buyer who quotes the Godaddy appraisal to buy the name from godaddy. Oh, they can’t

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