Sedo Cuts Me Off Completely! (Will Not Even Reply To My Emails)

Sedo has completely cut me off after I wrote 2 articles last week about Sedo’s declining numbers in number of sold domains and criticizing many of the issues they have for years and their lack of innovation.

The 2 articles were “Is Sedo Slowly Dying?” and Sedo: Number Of Sold Domains Is On A Steady Decline Since 2010 (Down 38,7%).

I have been receiving the weekly Sedo domain name sales report for the past few years. Last week, and after I wrote the 2 articles, I didn’t receive the weekly domain sales report by email as usual. All the other bloggers, that have requested it, got it ok.

So I emailed Christoph Holler, Sedo’s Marketing & PR Manager, telling him I didn’t get the report. He was the person emailing the report every week. Almost a week later and I have not received a reply. Not even one saying “we don’t like you so we will not send you the report”.

It’s good when companies once again confirm my opinion of them.

Christoph Holler did make a single comment on one of the articles but he didn’t reply to all the questions that were raised either by me of by the 69 (so far) comments made by readers. Comments are a good read and provide some very interesting data.


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  1. Andrea Paladini

    Next step … they will close your Sedo account … LOL! joking! 😀
    You know, truth hurts …

  2. Sedo has excellent escrow and support system but there are very few sales when compared to afternic.

  3. Not surprised of a company that has been totally ignoring domainers media for a full decade.

  4. Don’t feel bad, Verisign won’t email me their keyword stats after I let them know their shared metrics are meaningless without detailed data.

    With regards to Sedo, they are slow to communicate but I don’t think there’s malice involved.

    • I asked Verisign when in Amsterdam to share more data. They said they will consider it.

      I have been waiting for Sedo’s lawyer to reply to me for a year now. Do you think he will reply to me?
      Sedo didn’t send me this week’s report either.

  5. That’s one of the reason of their decline when they ignore customers. Not responding also shows acceptance of stats from their end.

  6. With all due respect, what did you expect to happen? Corps can do whatever they want and obviously Sedo doesnt want to correspond with you.

    You might be right, but at the end of the day you mean nothing to them because you aren’t making them a material amount of money.

    • @RP,

      With all due respect, Kosta’s blog is read by virtually every domainer out there, hundreds and thousands of views.

      A lot of newbies find out about sedo by reading this blog, and a lot of them will move venues -away from them- because of their inability

      to speak the truth. I admire companies that act upon their mistakes instead of BSing…

      It is Sedo’s loss and not the other way around, at all.

      Update your NS at will, everyone.

    • I expected at least an email reply. I didn’t say I mean something to them although I have made them a lot of money in the past.

  7. Dont bother…i did lots of domain auctions on sedo…paid wasted bucks since they hardly rotated my domains on main page resulting in minimàl views for my domains…no use and they dont admit their flaws…guess its their over confidence as the best marketplace…but enpires do fall…

  8. RP,

    You are right, nothing will happen, they will continue ignoring domainer’s media, not promoting domains auctions, … But it’s so good to say sometimes what one feel even if it’s talking to walls.

  9. So if Sedo have an uptick in sales you can’t do a rebound article now. Petty of Sedo, leaderless.

  10. Marvelous jones

    hey Where the best place to sell a domain name in your opinion

  11. Hopefully Kosta is the last straw that breaks Sedo’s back. I’d love to see all their business evaporate to other platforms considering how slow they innovate and how much they charge.

  12. Rolph Mickelson

    @Jeremy: And if Sedo goes under that will be one less marketplace for exposure to your domains. Which means Afternic (Godaddy) gets more marketshare and therefore more control over commission pricing and sale terms.

    Great idea, let’s hope Godaddy dominates the domain resale market too. Once they are the primary hub for enduser eyeballs the increased volume of sales will give them an incentive to lower commissions for domainers. Then pigs fly and we all become rich. And no, you won’t be selling your sub-$2k pigeon domains on DNS to make up for the difference, the eyeballs are at Godaddy.

    Businesses are around for one reason, generating revenue. If you get butthurt by their actions why root for their failure? Simply unbunch your panties and move on to their competitor. Assuming there is one of course (just like all the choices you have for internet access).

    And that’s the point. More competition is good. Less competition is bad.

  13. it’s a fair game to be honest, I mean I did see this coming to you after you wrote those two articles especially with the tone of the titles. Any other company/organization would/could probably do the same thing, it doesn’t have to be just Sedo.

    • @August,

      it may be fair, as they are not obliged however, Retaliating a customer after constructive criticism is
      not exactly a very smart thing to do, businesswise.
      LookUp “Sedo Sucks”, there are literally hundreds of people saying the same thing.

  14. We need a Domain Democracy

  15. Critiques is okay, but cretizised is not. I veiwd critiques as a gem, because it allows us to make changes and navigate us to the new and improved era. Website, platform and parking etc. also needs process improvements. Hope to see some new platform out there with new everything process. The 25+ years ago of doing things is the thing in the pass. “Change is important and progress is needed” and it’s said by me.

  16. No Wonder why their sale is declining. Their design is outdated and they are only interested in collecting auction fees.

    You did a great job by bringing the facts about them in front of sellers. It surely made them pissed off. Thank You!

  17. Sedo has stopped reporting their total sales and total of sold domain names:

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