Rick Schwartz’s domain name strategy

Rick Schwartz summarized his domain name strategy in just a few tweets.

Rick Schwartz can still find a lot of valuable domain names selling for $500 or $700 and never answers inquiries from domainers.

Here are some of his tweets from Monday:

Domain name classification:

“.Com = Major League. ccTLD’s, .Net, .Org = Minor League .TV, .ME = Semipro. .Biz, .Info = College. #GTLD= Little League.”

Buying domain names:

“Let’s clarify something. It isn’t when u started in #Domains, it’s what #Domains u buy! Lots of guys from 90’s bought CRAP & r GONE!”

“I went frm $1800 budget – $18k budget – $180k budget 2 $750K budget. But I buy #Domains 2 this day like I only have $1800.”

“But I keep starting over again with less money and PUT myself in that position. $700 domains. $500 names. They still buy SHIT for MUCH MORE!”

Selling domain names:

“80% of my domain inquiries come from domainers. I NEVER answer those emails. Waste of time!”

“Everyone running around trying 2 sell everything as fast as they can. My goal is to do 2-3 MEANINGFUL deals a year.”

“REAL domain inquiries come from END USERS & are 1 NEED & 1 PROJECT at a time. PERIOD! It won’t change in future.”

“With #Domains u either wait 4 the guy with the “Highest and best use” or u sell 2CHEAP to another domainer & he does! PATIENCE is KEY!”

“If u have a GREAT domain that u BELIEVE needs 2 be with a certain company, get your ass in front of the BOARD & make a sale!”

“6 or 7. (figures) I don’t do 5 figures without a CHUNK of the new business. PERIOD! No discussion whatsoever.”

“Understood. People have more power than they realize. It’s ok 2 sell shit 2 catfish. ie worst domains to domainers. But NEVER anything good.”

You can read here how Rick Schwartz values his portfolio at over $500 million dollars.

The 3 steps to domaining success from Rick Schwartz


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  1. and there it is.

    • More like an ego-boosting word salad with no underlying value to help anyone reading it. He insults domainers at every opportunity yet they worship him as a king. Rick for president!

  2. Looks like a solid financial budget for investing, but it doesn’t really go into any details about the research, identification, niches, etc. that the budget is being spent on. I think readers might find a step-by-step guide from start to finish much more useful than just the budget prior to the investment.

    • Well Said!! no body help you in that regard or show you step by step guide. Every body tells you after they sell their domain name.

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