Rick Schwartz values his domain name portfolio at over $500 million dollars

Rick Schwartz, aka the “Domain King”, made a tweet describing his domain name portfolio and how he values his 7,000 domain names.

“I own 7000 #Domains 750-1000 of them valued over $100k. 150-200 valued over $1 Million+. 5500+ between $0 and $100k.”

When Rick was asked if he had domains that are not worth anything he said yes:

“Absolutely! I have domains that ONLY have value 2 ME. I have other domains I need to stop renewing. I have domains that were time sensitive”

Rick said that the prices given are “Based on my actual valuation. I use conservative numbers. Some I expect much more. It either meets a 7 fig threshold or not. 6 figure or not”.

I made a very rough and very conservative estimate on the value of Rick’s portfolio based on his rough valuation. So according to his valuation I estimate his portfolio value at more than $500 million. Maybe even close to a billion if we take the higher end of the valuation.

Here are some of the domains that Rick Schwartz owns:


These are Rick Schwartz’s currently-available domain name valuations:

Unemployed.com        $750,000
Retrain.com        $800,000
Property.com DEAL PENDING        $2,850,000
Properties.com (with 750,000 Visitors/year via Type-ins) $1.850,000
Homemade.com        $1,850,000
CigarBlog.com        $250,000
Bestodds.com        $800,000
Midddleman.com        $1,750,000
Cheapest.com        $1,850,000
Stud.com        $750,000
DailyDouble.com        $950,000
TopSecret.com        $1,750,000
Widgets.com        $1,700,000
GetTogether.com        $1,550,000
ServiceDepartment.com    $750,000
ServiceDesk.com        $1,888,000
FreeMembership.com.com    $550,000
HotProducts.com        $800,000
Tradeshows.com        $650,000
GoingPlaces.com        $850,000
Rumormill.com        $750,000
LipService.com (My first domain registered in 1995) $250,000
Delray.com        $300,000
Prop.com        $350,000
eBid.com        $950,000
eTrip.com        $1,600,000
eMovie.com        $1,500,000
eGold.com        $600,000
ePolice.com        $800,000
iExport.com        $900,000
iAuction.com        $1,800,000
iBankOnline.com        $400,000
iHotels.com        $1,600,000
iMurder.com        $800,000
Banker.com        $250,000
SiteCop.com        $600,000
969.com            $850,000
750.com            $850,000
1969.com        $180,000
1620.com        $160,000
SXW.com            $800,000
Luv.com            $1,800,000
Ass.com (with 360,000 ANNUAL Visitors via Type-ins) $1,250,000
Dick.com        $750,000
Horny.com        $500,000
Slut.com        $600,000
Whore.com        $300,000
Voyeur.com        $500,000
xxxvideos.com (with 5 Million Visitors/year via Type-ins) $1,888,888
Booty.com        $1,250,000
Bitch.com        $750,000
Queen.com        $2,500,000
GaySex.com        $800,000
Bodyrubs.com        $400,000

Here are some of his most recent acquisitions in 2016 and 2017 :

Plus 180 more

And finally here  are some of his domain name sales:

Rick bought porno.com for $42,000 in 1997 and sold it in 2015 for $8.88 million. In the 18 years that he owned the domain name, it earned approximately $15 million.
In 2003, he sold men.com for $1.3 million. Rick bought this domain for $15,000.
In 2004, he sold iReport.com to CNN for $750,000.
In 2008, he sold Candy.com for $3 million, plus a 12.5% equity stake, to a candy company that had been in business for 35 years.
In 2009, he sold Punchbowl.com to MyPunchbowl.com for cash and stock in the company.
In late 2016 Rick made a deal for Teem.com, in which there is a cash and an equity component. The company that bought it re-branded from EventBoard.com

Early sales (2000 – 2005)
ChinaTours.com: $200,000
eCruise.com: $100,000 & stock
eScore.com: $100,000
FreeSexCams.com: $150,000
GayEscorts.com: $121,550
PartnerCash.com: $110,000
RockStars.com: $180,000
RoomDividers.com: $75,000
SydneyHotels.com: $100,000
TokyoHotels.com: $200,000 ++
236.com: $50,000
235.com: $100,000

Recent Sales (2014 – Present)
eBet.com: $1,350,000
Meet.me: $450,000
9595.com: $180,000
6565.com: $185,000
997.com: $688,000
989.com: $818,181
899.com: $801,000
399.com: $820,000
6N.com: $100,000


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. What’s on paper, and what you can realize are two different things, maybe he should call Godaddy, and get the real #

    If I was him, I would keep 100 names, sell the rest in a portfolio sale, and just be done with all these udrp’ers, and low ballers. They are just so exhausting.

    • I guess that’s the difference between you and Rick. You’d have sold the farm years ago, and he has a proven track record of sales that exceed “appraisals” and has made a fortune, yet still holds many of his best domains.

      • Bobba Fett you are not understanding simple scenarios. This has nothing to do with selling the farm years ago, the landscape was much different. Sure prices were not as high, but inventory was not so expensive.

        We take it at the face value of the owner, 7000 domains is not a hobby, especially when a good portion are absolute category killers. Berkens had 10X that amount, but there were not as many pure one worders in there.

        You come to a point in life where when you have so many millions already banked, you don’t want to waste your days getting spam from China, getting people from overseas trying to tell you they have a right to own the keyword Queen.com etc… He keep his 100 most favorite, sell 1 per Q, and after 20 years he still wouldn’t be able to sell them all at such a rate if domains are still relevant at that point.

        You can’t take them with you! I know you bow down to him which is fine, but I mean at the end of the day, sometimes it makes more sense.

      • I don’t understand why he should sell if he has more than enough to live with.
        He wants a lot of toys to play with. Why should he settle with 100?

    • GoDaddy is not the real number. Not even close to that. It is a deeply discounted wholesale price.

      Why should he sell? He has plenty of money and is making money as it is.
      To some it can be exhausting. To Rick it could just be a hobby.

      • Of course it is the real number, if you want to sell your entire portfolio you’ll get the GoDaddy value,

      • No, it is not. It is like saying I own Manhattan and I want to sell to just one company.
        While you can do it (for some reasons), it is not the optimal way to sell a portfolio.
        It is a deeply deeply discounted price. If it wasn’t then GoDaddy would be buying at these prices.

        If wholesale was the real value of a domain, then why do people buy expired domains? To sell at the same prices?
        Come on people. Be reasonable.

      • It is nothing like that Konstantinos, nobody owns the whole of Manhattan, and there is no company on earth that would have the resources to buy it.

        There is parties who could spend $50million or $100million on a domain portfolio. Let’s stop putting domains on a pedestal and be realistic.

        Regarding your question, the reason why people buy expired domains is to sell them one at a time to endusers, but they accept whilst some will sell for 20x most will actually never sell. When those people do eventually need to sell the lot (whatever remains) they will get sold at the Godady price. Unfortunately we will all be selling at the Godaddy price one day, dead or alive.

      • Yes, let’s be realistic.
        GoDaddy would offer Rick $5 to $10 million at most for 7,000 domains. He can make that just by selling 1 domain.

        If you think that Rick’s portfolio is worth $500 or $1,000 per domain then you are not the realistic one. Because THAT is the GoDaddy price.
        GoDaddy price is selling a Ferrari for scrap.

        Do you mean that after he sells his best 500 domains he will sell at the GoDaddy price? So his current portfolio is not worth the GoDaddy price but way way more.
        I am talking about his current portfolio. Not a portfolio stripped away from the jewels and the liquid domains.

      • Konstantinos, don’t put words in my mouth, I never said any of what you are saying above.

        The fact is that a portfolio is only worth what someone will pay. It is not worth the retail values all added up together.

      • What exactly you did NOT say? That is the GoDaddy price. If you don’t agree with the GoDaddy price then you should not assign it to premium portfolios.
        Did you say this? “When those people do eventually need to sell the lot (whatever remains) they will get sold at the Godady price.”
        Whatever remains to me means, whatever remains after selling the best domains.

        “The fact is that a portfolio is only worth what someone will pay.”
        Of course not. That is one of the things that buyers say to get a better wholesale price. And to get you to sell to them wholesale.
        Who said Rick is selling all his domains as a package?

        Wholesale in domains in most cases is not even close to real value. This is not iPhones.

      • “Whatever remains to me means, whatever remains after selling the best domains.”

        No, it is just whatever remains when the person decides to sell the lot.

        If someone sells all the best domains off then tries to sell the remains obviously that will massively effect the price of the remaining portfolio.

        “Who said Rick is selling all his domains as a package?”

        Nobody said that.

  2. Lmfao. Rick has done well but yah right. Maybe 50 million. And that is a stretch. Can’t stop laughing.

  3. I think Rick is physically sick with a serious disease. I am not being mean or cruel but he and Berkins are old and look ill. these old guys aren’t going to live forever so they are fighting like hell everyday to stay relevant. yes they do have $$$ but when you get really old money cant cure any of us. look Mark Cuban swindled yahoo in my opinion when he sold they broadcast.com for 3.5B in stock. he is the real domain king. those days are over and never coming back. its all over and they are on their way to their 7O ‘s yolo and when its over its over.


    • K you asked above why get rid of his toys, that he can play with… domains are not toys, they are intangible assets that have come to be worth alot of money.

      I don’t know the extent of The Truth’s comments, but in a more general sense, I mean when you get into your 60’s, you don’t want to be going back, and forth with low ballers, tire kickers, and Reverse Domain Hijackers, is portfolio is very valuable, and that attracts the wrong kind of attention sometimes. Like Queen.com, the guy who started it might be taking a few grand kick at the can, but he is wasting a lot of Rick’s time, and resources in the process.

      His top 100 domains, are worth more than than some people who have 250,000 domains probably. I think that is where Berkens made that call, he valued the quality of life more than a few extra million, at the end of the day he walked away with $35M, on top of an amazing 2015 sales year.

      I used to watch Rick on Domain Sherpa, he looked bored half the time, names like iauction.com for $1.8M??? I think Daniel had Auction.com on the block for a 1/3 of that.

  4. Wow, impressive portfolio. I think Property.com is worth more than 2.8m, and it has to be for someone to spend 2.8 on it. As with all names, I look at what you would sell in that space or how would you monetize them with products, leads or ads. Names like iMurder.com at 800k are a stretch, but for the right murder mystery novel or the like, it could be a value. I can’t argue with the money he has made and I read all I can in hopes of making a little myself. Great article.

    • He has owned property.com thru the housing boom, and bubble, and rise again somewhat, if it was worth more, that buyer would have probably presented themselves in the past 20 years.

      It is a unique name, it has a whole extension built on it, but deals in the millions take time, and lots of patience.

    • IMO, nobody will pay $800k for imurder.com. Unless there is a startup making a game using that name, this domain won’t generate a sale of that magnitude. No author, publisher or movie studio will fork out that much murder for this domain. To be honest, I would be surprised to see murder.com sell for $800k.

  5. In my humble opinion as a fairly new domainer, there seems to be too much education involved in updating consumers about all these new domain extensions that are getting churned out. Sure, you can create unique names for your site, but all the majority of people out there know is dot com, dot net, dot org and dot info. – as well as cctld.
    Based on this, i think Rick’s portfolio’s of dot com still have value. If you have cash for renewals then sure invest in these new extensions for the future, or build a content site and sell it of. But for the most part, ntld’s mean you have to actively seek out buyers who will benefit from the cross-brand promotion of your domain offering. I started this way, then got a few dot net and dot org’s, but now as is permitted by my budget, i focus on dot com’s, more so after watching plenty Domain Sherpa interviews and looking at portfolio’s or pro’s like Rick.

  6. Imurder.com at $800k? Who in the world would pay this price for that? ? Many of the valuations for “e” and “I” domains are overpriced. On the flip side, single word domains in his portfolio are priced too low. He’s made his fortune on adult domains. Those were his moneymakers since the beginning. The high valuations for less than stellar domains are far-reaching.

  7. Early adopters in any new business segment are the visionaries we all need to reach beyond the stars and Rick Schwartz is clearly one of these visionaries. It is his belief in the value of his portfolio that continues to result in him being able to sell domain/website names for top dollar. I absolutely follow Rick’s belief.
    As an example, of my 300 plus domain/website names, have two-dozen in the .XYZ space and I’ll get top dollar for them as I’ll simply wait for the next benchmark sale setting a new threshold. The best example I see is from last year’s when 9.xyz sold for over $170K and shortly after, 1.xyz topped $180K. It’s not rocket science . . . STAND YOUR GROUND and don’t budge much on price because decisions based on price alone is what creates commodity markets.

  8. Rick Shwartz has proven time and again that he got it right more times than he got it wrong.

    He’s also proved that he got it right more times than most people in the domain sector (it grieves me to call it an industry when it’s far from that on many levels).

    I started out just a few years after Rick and benefited personally from his generosity in terms of advice and hospitality, yet I was dumb enough to follow my own instincts in domaining and got it hideously wrong.

    Oh how to go back in time and LISTEN PROPERLY.

    You can whinge, moan, criticise and complain about Rick, but seriously, how can you knock the money he (and certain others) have made along the way?

    I bet just a tiny few so-called “domainers” have made more than 5% of what he’s made from domaining and yes, I include myself in that number.

  9. It really all comes down to how you put a value on domains. His portfolio may be worth $500 million based on the amazing prices he usually gets, but that is based on a handful of big domain sales a year that he makes. Those estimated prices only work if he holds a domain a very long time so he can wait for the right buyer (somebody willing to pay way more than the typical market price).

    So, although theoretically he could sell the domains one by one for $500 million, that is not realistic. Even if he sold 100 great domains for $50 million total in the next 10 years, the other 6900 would need to be valued differently. You can’t value 7000 domains at high end user prices when it is not really possible to sell those 7000 domains to those type of end users in your lifetime. It is also not fair to put a crazy low liquidation value on them, because he is not trying to liquidate them. He could probably sell all 7000 domains to end users one by one at normal pricing if he used a big domain brokerage, but that would get nowhere near the record breaking prices he usually gets.

    So I am not saying Rick is wrong when he states his domains are worth $500 million, because he does have the track record to prove he can get those type of prices. But, somebody else could easily show those domains are worth only $50 million, so it is just a matter of how you look at it.

  10. A lot of his domains are over priced, way overpriced, and is not a very impressive portafolio, even some of the domains I find hard to believe that he will even sale, porn, porn, porn, I guess he was busy during the 90s in front of that screen, not my type of domains, I have seen better portafolio, even my portafolio is better than this one ?

  11. Does he really own middleman.com or midddleman.com with tripple “d” ?

  12. When Rick says we need to wait for endusers to come offering to purchase our domain name, it only works for super premium domains.

    For non-premium domains, its better to just sell them if the price it right.

  13. Hello Konstantinos,
    People often ask us how does Rick negotiate such high valuations?
    Ricks mindset and conviction are bolstered by the underlying Concept.

    ” In many cases undervalued , .COM Profit Center (Equimoddities) are unleveraged Online Sales Entities in sheeps clothing.
    Visionaries are simply defined as those individuals able to clearly visualize and define, future undervalued Asset Forms, that actually do finally Manifest into Form. JAS 9/14/16

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )http://www.UseBiz.com

    • Hello Konstantinos,

      We remember very clearly Rick saying that (Frank the Shill Schilling ) would probably become the first domaining Billionaire. He also stated he would never compromise his Integrity in doing so as Frank has so shamefully displayed. Well now look at the future rolling out before us. It is our opinion that Rick is grossly undervaluing his portfolio. Who of the two strategists is clearly benefitting from not Whoring Himself ? JAS
      Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )http://www.UseBiz.com

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