66% Of Domainers Are Buying New gTLD Domain Names

newgtld521 people voted and the poll results are in: A third of domainer investors don’t buy New gTLD domains but the other 2 thirds of domainers do buy them.

The first New gTLDs went live in January 2014 and about a month later this poll began. So now, 8 months and 521 votes later it is time for the results.

I have been watching the poll results in the past few months. The people that don’t buy New gTLD domains were at about 40% in the first 1-2 months. Then the percentage of people that don’t buy New gTLD domains dropped to about 33-34% and remained there for the past 3-4 months.

Here are the final results from the 521 voters:









Here are some more detailed results derived from the poll:

  • 66% of domainers (342) are buying New gTLD domains
  • 34% of domainers (179) have not bought any New gTLD domains
  • 27% of the people that buy domains, buy them to develop
  • 73% are buying the domains to resell
  • 31% of the people that buy them are looking for a quick buck (flip)
  • 69% are buying as a long term investment or development

At first I was expecting more of a 50-50 divide between domainers that buy and don’t buy New gTLD domains but I was wrong.

I think that a few domainers changed their minds a couple of months after the launch or when better extensions or extensions that suited their niches started coming out.

I believe that if the poll was conducted now the percentage of those buying New gTLD domains would be more than 70%.

All in all the numbers look healthy so early in the New gTLD program except of those that are looking for a quick flip. This is very difficult to do in such a new market.

Now it is time to check the domainer’s intentions on New gTLD domain renewals. About 290 have voted so far and the percentage saying that they don’t have any New gTLDs is at 28%.

If you want to see what domains people are registering take a look here. There are over 500 comments from readers.

(I assumed that more than 95% of the people that voted are domain investors.
The poll has less than 4.4% margin of error but it is not a scientific poll by any standards.)


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Domainers can’t resist even if they are not fully on-board with the new gTLDs. 🙂

    I talk crap about the new gTLDs, but I still end up buying a few.

  2. i would like to hear what great domainers like konstantinos, rick etc are thinking about the ngtlds after 10 month ..

  3. I would like to go back in time and hear what great domainers said after 10 months when .com got out 😉

  4. Very meaningful poll results. Thanks.

  5. Not meaningful poll results.

    The real pros in this business for the most part won’t vote for something stupid like “Do you buy new TLD’s”. They are too busy working or just don’t care after all these years to vote since they know the outcome already.

    Of the top dogs, I’d guess only 10 to 15% are buying.

    • The “top dogs” are about 15-20 people that don’t buy pretty much anything, not even .com, as they have too much money and too many great domains to sell.
      I really like to know who (names) do you consider top dogs and if you think they are buying or not.
      This is not about the elite or 1% of domainers. It is about the other 99%.

  6. i think domainers must be like fashion artists, they have to create the new trend, the unfit letters right to the dot must disappear, like old style hats, only comprehensive one must be used.


  7. Great post !! One thing,i think in this poll we shouldn’t consider domainers buying GTLDs for personal or business purpose. Because we are talking about domainers here who will buy GTLDs as an investment to earn money by selling that particular domain. If they buy for business use, they should not be included in the category of domainers in this poll.The results will be different if we think this way. (There should be another poll for everyone i.e whether they would buy GTLD domains for personal or business use or not). I might be wrong here. Just my point of view . Please reply if i am wrong. 🙂

    • This blog is being read mostly by domainers so the poll for everyone will not be so different from this one.

      In this poll if you want to take out the people who are buying new gtlds to develop you end up with about 59% of domainers buying New gTLDs. But the problem is that most domainers start this way (to develop) and before they know it they have 1000 domains and they don’t have the time to develop so they start selling.

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