– Namejet: “We’re sorry, this auction was cancelled.”

It seems that all Namejet .XYZ auctions have been cancelled. I checked today and all auctions display this message “We’re sorry, this auction was cancelled.” and the high bid is set to $0.

Back in December and after the domain sold for $8,100 I doubted that these sales would go through: auction ends at $8,100 at Namejet but no one has to pay – #bullshit

Then I wondered what had happened to and the other Namejet .xyz domains, 6 months after the auction and after general availability had started: .XYZ is DEAD – DISASTER! Daniel Negari Exposed! .XYZ down to 34th place! Where is

Then a few days ago Namejet announced the May sales and included as paid:
Namejet sells 76 domains for $555,842 in May – $100k, $50k

Morgan Linton said that the domain he won in the auction,, was supposed to be awarded to him last week. I checked whois and this has not happened.

Was Morgan mislead by Daniel Negari again? I can’t believe it…

I asked Namejet today why the .xyz auctions were cancelled and if was paid or not. And if it wasn’t paid why it was included in the May report. I will update this post if and when I get a reply from Namejet.

(Thanks to for the tip today.)


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  1. The whole auction process didn’t make sense. The terms were you could win the auction but you were not obligated to buy the domain so… Why pay for a .xyz when you can get’em for free.

    Also I can’t believe what the .Berlin registry did with their free giveaways. Now you got 60k+ domains owned by two domainers/domain companies that will try to resell them. Anything they don’t resell will most likely be dropped next year. How in the world does this do the registry any good?

    I think these registries need to spend a few bucks to hire consultants and develop some kind of sensible strategies. That said, I think the gTLDs will be like the restaurant business where 90% of them fail.

  2. If the the buyers only bought the option to buy the names – what’s the problem here? Options probably weren’t excercised, so auctions were cancelled. Why’s this news? Did they have to pay anything in advance?

    • The problem is that 2 weeks ago Daniel Negari promised the domains were going to be awarded and the sales were reported by Namejet and now it seems
      nothing has been paid and Daniel messed up once again.

  3. No commitment + XYZ freebies = marketing fail. That’s another short equation.

  4. .xyz is as useless as .cc was when it promoted, or should I just say “pimped”, about the same. Times change–people never do.

  5. I bought and paid for ands and they are both in my account.

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