.VIP Domain Names and China (video)

The .vip domain name has broken records in China. Why and How?

Joe Alagna, V.P. Channel Development at 101domain, Inc., interviewed Simon Cousins, co-founder and CEO of Allegravita LLC, an expert on China who specializes in domain names. Simon is very engaging and very knowledgeable on this topic.

Simon Cousins presented a webinar on the meaning of VIP in China and how that has set records for domain names. Simon explains the recent phenomena of domain registrations in China and will cover why .VIP has done so well there.

Watch the video here:


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  1. It’s always interesting to see how different extensions or keywords translate to other countries and potential target markets. Though, I have to admit, even with inside information on hot trends like this I find myself hesitant to invest in a market that has a different primary language than my own. I’ve found it to be very difficult trying to negotiate effectively when you are unable to translate a language accurately into your own (and vice versa).

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