China Boot Camp: Domaining For Domain Investors, Registrars & Registries (Videos)

allegravitaAllegravita’s China Boot Camp has launched.

China Boot Camp is a domain name masterclass on China.

Recorded from the main-stage at DOMAINfest.Asia in September 2015, Allegravita’s Simon Cousins and Raymond Li explore the Chinese domain name market opportunity from the three main domain industry angles: for domain registries, domain registrars and domain investors.

Allegravita launched their latest Chinese masterclass series of lectures on the internet that they call the project Allegravita’s China Boot Camp.

A lot of domainers and industry pros asked Allegravita and Simon Cousins to create a masterclass series that covers ASCII domains.
“So, after having been asked by literally hundreds of people to create a masterclass for ASCII domains in China, my crew and I took up the challenge about three months before September’s DOMAINfest.Asia. We dedicated hundreds of hours to performing a completely new research into the Chinese domain market — not from an economic or sales leaderboard perspective, but from the cultural and linguistic perspective, which is what has informed all our agency’s work over our 13 years of China successes.
China Boot Camp was created from this process, and we presented our first three China Boot Camp sessions from the mainstage at DOMAINfest.Asia last month. Today, we have posted all three videos on our website:“, said Simon Cousins, CEO of Allegravita.
The three videos are China Boot Camp for Registries (mostly focused on what non-Chinese registries must know and do when they enter China); China Boot Camp for Registrars (which is all about comparing and contrasting Chinese domain registrars with American/European registrars); and China Boot Camp for Domainers (which will be of interest to all non-Chinese domainers interested in China, as well as being helpful to newbie Chinese domainers).
Simon Cousins added: “When we developed the project, we wanted to demonstrate our chops by doing something more interesting than a straight lecture. So within our team, we experimented with several different formats, and we eventually found one format that we felt worked best: a lecture/masterclass format with a small panel of domain industry pros, each of which have already achieved *excellent commercial profitability* in China. By building panels of winners we were able to put our recommendations and analyses on the line, and have them tested live on stage. I do need to give you a disclaimer: almost all the successful domain pros on the three China Boot Camp panels are Allegravita clients, but that is hard to avoid, since we are the key China partner to just about every commercially successful foreign domain business in China.”
The sessions are presented by Simon Cousins and Raymond Li. Raymond has for 13 years been Allegravita’s CTO and head of the China practice. (Allegravita’s team of 17 is spread between NYC, Beijing, Hong Kong and Boston).
One really nice feature of the videos is how video editor Elaine Yang has added all the PowerPoint slides as graphics overlays in the videos. So when you play the vids back in 1080 HD format, the information-dense slides are really easy to read.
All slides are fully bilingual in English and Chinese of course.
Simon Cousins also said: “Why are we giving our best analyses away for free? For the exact same reason as why we have partnered with NamesCon and .ASIA to produce DOMAINfest. Asia — to bring China and Asia to more non-Chinese domain businesses and pros, because it is in our interests to see the Chinese and western markets understand each other better. One other benefit for us is that more domain pros will recognise the central expertise of our team when it comes to China. I am convinced that our team is the best in the world at what we do, and the only way to prove this statement is to show the world the quality of our work and our team’s expertise.”
Here are the 3 videos:

China Boot Camp for Domainers:

China Boot Camp for Registrars:

China Boot Camp for Registries:

Allegravita is a multi-disciplinary strategic communications firm led by 27-year tech sector and corporate communications veteran Simon Cousins, and is headquartered in New York City’s Madison Avenue, with offices in Beijing and Hong Kong. Allegravita provides expert support for businesses and brands seeking access to China and Chinese-speaking markets.


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