“Doing Domain Business in China” Panel @ NamesCon 2015 (Session 2)

chineselandrushlogo_v3.1A sponsored panel entitled “Doing Domain Business in China” will take place on January 12 at NamesCon in Las Vegas and will be immediately followed by a boxed lunch coupled with a laid-back “Top 10 FAQ’s to Chinese Domaining” session.

As the name suggests, the panel will focus specifically on doing domain business in China, which goes hand-in-hand with the Chinese Domaining Masterclass, except that attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts speak on the subject in addition to the TLD Registry executive team. The panel currently has five chairs, with influential and respected industry experts Michael Cyger (Domain Sherpa), Alex Lee (Huyi), Edmon Chung (Dot Asia), and TLD Registry’s own Simon Cousins and Jin Wang leading the discussion.

Attendees of the panel will have the opportunity to hear from these industry experts about the how to’s, the do’s and don’ts, and basics of the domain industry and China, which should stimulate some very interesting and meaningful discussion. If you’re interested in hearing from China domain business experts about the present and future of the domain industry and China, this panel is “must-attend.”

The panel will take place on Monday, January 12 from 11:50am – 12:50pm in the Verisign Ballroom.

Immediately following the panel, TLD Registry will be sponsoring an informational, yet laid-back boxed lunch and FAQ’s session for the first 250 attendees. Delicious food will be served while guests will be able to get their FAQs about the Chinese domain industry answered by the China experts from the TLD Registry team. Come eat some great food while simultaneously getting answers to the top ten most frequently asked questions domainers have about Chinese domaining.

The boxed lunch and FAQ’s session will take place on Monday, January 12 from 12:55pm – 1:55pm also in the Verisign Ballroom.

The “Top 10 FAQ’s for Chinese Domaining” individual sessions will be offered multiple times throughout the duration of NamesCon as well, which will have more context in its own email as part of a weekly installment.

TLD Registry Ltd, the registry of Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) top level domains, will be running a course called Chinese Domaining Masterclass during the NamesCon 2015 conference in Las Vegas next week.

TLD Registry’s Chinese Domaining Masterclass will run over all four days of NamesCon, and will be taught by TLD Registry’s Simon Cousins and Jin Wang.

The first session of the masterclass is titled “Chinese Domaining Masterclass Main Session.”.


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