The World’s 1st Domain Name Themed Coffee Shop In Beijing, China (video)

The world’s first domain name themed coffee shop, China.VC, is located in the Haidian district of Beijing, China. This district alone contains 3.2 million inhabitants in the capital city of 22 million, and is known to be a center of innovation and hotbed for startup activity.

People in the coffee shop can talk about domains or bid on live domain name auctions. The walls of the coffee shop provide lists of available domains for purchase.

The coffee shop opened last year and has shareholders from 5 different countries.  The owners have already opened another larger shop in a different city.

One of the co-founders and owners, Dai Yue, was interviewed by and said he is cautiously optimistic as to where domain name prices are headed.

The 7 minute video feature was produced by and has footage from the coffee shop as well as interviews from 2 of the co-founders.

A peek inside the world’s first domain name themed coffee shop. from Pinkard Brand on Vimeo.

Yesterday another video produced by was posted: The Chinese Investor Who Bought 7,000 Domains For ~$20M (video)

On users can find and buy Chinese domain names easily, even if they don’t speak Chinese. In particular, the Premium Name search filter allows users to search English translation keywords among 42 categories, or by domain keyword in Simplified Chinese or pinyin, by popularity, and by price range.


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