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Mike Mann sells 9 domains in September for $136,502 (,

Mike Mann reported selling 9 domain names in September for a total of $136,502. Mike had 6 5-figure sales and another 2 sales very close to $10k.

Highest reported sale was that sold for $30,000.

All 9 of the sold domains were .com. The average reported domain sales price was $15,167.

Mike Mann will soon be launching where an appraisal will cost $88 for each domain name.

Here is a look at some of Mike Mann’s domain acquisitions and sales from September 2017.

Domain name sales: $30,000. Purch 4/17/12 $8. $9,888. Purch 11/4/16 $20. $13,500. Purchased 9/15/2009 $350. $14,888. Purch 12/7/12 $8. $19,888. Purch 8/15/12 $158. $15,000. Purch 8/31/10 $7. $9,888. Purch for $150 on 6/3/16. $16,000. Buy 8.27.11 $70. $7,450. Purch 10/11/2011 $140.

Domain name purchases:

(no purchases reported)

Mike Mann is the owner of that offers more than 280,000+ premium domain names for sale. Mike probably sold more domains as he is not reporting all his (lower) sales. Yes, his overall sales average is below $5,000 so the reported average of $15,167 means that there were quite a few not reported sales for less than $5,000.

(One thing to remember is that Mike Mann needs to sell about $2.5+ million worth of domains per year to break even and that he is NOT a flipper. The average holding time for his sold domains is usually more than 5 years.)

Here are all the Mike Mann’s sold domain name reports published on in 2016 and 2017:

August 2017
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  1. Great sales, above average returns on the ones posted, but I am sure well worth it for the new owners.

    Looks like this month Mike would have taken a loss, or broken even in regards to carrying his portfolio as he needs to make $200K at least, not including the funding of new purchases.

  2. Do the simple math

    Domain own times the
    renewal cost minus the $$$$ domains sold.

    negative or positive?

    Does he owns any ecommerce sites that generate income?

  3. Even if he did say 30 sales at $2K, that puts him at $200K on the month, take away exchange commissions on some sales, cc processing fees, staff, and other overheads, and that is a sinking ship.

    I think many people think given his capital investment, he is basically just churning a break even bottom line.

    Why else would he be wasting his time with this domain estimate business for $88 a pop, doesn’t he know how cheap domainers are, they wouldn’t even pay 88 cents.

  4. Mike Mann will soon be launching where an appraisal will cost $88 for each domain name.

    Does this man need more money !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why not help the little guy out with FREE appraisals.
    These hotshots are all the same
    One top domainer was crying ”mummy, somebody eat a bit of my cookie””
    Cookie being a ”company name ”
    He is a miliionair domainbroker and somebody registered a domain name in good faith simular to his company name but with a different EXT .

  5. I dont know if this math is right but its just a guess anyway lol but to bring the $15,167 average down to under $5000. He could have sold 60 more domains for $3000 (I dont know how low he goes on his sales but it does seem like he gets good prices, so 3000 might be too low) anyway 60*3000=180000 + 136502 = $316,502/69 domains = $4586 so he is probable doing pretty good!

  6. Perhaps the fact is Mike Mann is so well known that he is able to sell such domains for these good prices as I still try to sell some good quality .Com names for just $495 BIN each at Sedo without much publicity though I still hold less than 200 domains in order to avoid high renewal costs. On the other hand, I just purchased which applies to new Bitcoin Gold so I just hope this would generate loads of interest!

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