Mike Mann reports 14 of his April domain name sales with $13k average price

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Mike Mann reported selling 14 domain names in April for a total of $182,370. Mike had 7 5-figure sales.

Highest reported sale was BeAmazed.com that sold for $34,888. The average domain sales price was $13,026.

Drew Rosener bought SUSHMA.com for $10,000 from Mike Mann. Sushma is an Indian feminine given name. It means “sparkling beauty” or “beautiful women”. Notable people with the name include: Sushma Swaraj (born 1952), Indian politician.

Here is a look at some of Mike Mann’s domain acquisitions and sales from April 2017.

Domain name sales:

Chispo.com $7,250 – Purch 12.24.11 $7
VirginiaBrown.com $7,000 – Purch 3/31/13 $200.
BarefootBeachClub.com $4,800 – Purch 2/3/09 $7
GulfBrokers.com $19,880 – Purch. 12/1/11 $7
SUSHMA.com $10,000 – Purch 5/8/11 $190UltimateSoftwareGroup.com $8,500 – Purch 9/11/09 $7
CharityDay.com $14,888 – Purch 10.13.11 $70
BeAmazed.com $34,888 – Purch 2/21/05 $350SilkenTouch.com $5,000 – Purch 1/29/04 $200PelicanGolfClub.com $9,888 – Purch 2/2/12 $12SeaFoundation.com $19,888 – Purch 10.30.12 $200
TripleCherry.com $19,888 – Purch 20/3/2013 $9.
HarvestProperties.com $12,500 – Purchased 7/19/11 $500MountainElectronics.com $8,000 – Purch 4/4/2012 $70

Domain name purchases:

-nothing reported this month-

He probably sold more domains as he is not reporting all his sales.

Mike Mann is the owner of DomainMarket.com that offers more than 260,000 premium domain names for sale.

(One thing to remember is that Mike Mann needs to sell about $2.5 million worth of domains per year to break even and that he is NOT a flipper. The average holding time for his sold domains is usually more than 5 years.)

Here is a comment by Mike that I found very interesting regarding how many domains he has dropped:

“I was persuaded to delete about 100,000 domains over the last few years that could have been renewed for around $7 each, and are very similar to the ones I’m now selling for $20,000 each every day.”

Mike Mann explained his crowdpricing domain appraisal system that will have 4 appraisers here.

Check out Mike Mann’s most trafficked domain names including Bali.com, Tasty.com and office.co.

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  1. is he still Appraising Domains?

  2. Here is Sedo’s appraisal of all of Mann’s listed sales above:

    USD 549
    USD 549
    USD 399
    USD 499
    USD 1,999
    USD 549
    USD 1,999
    USD 1,999
    USD 599
    USD 349
    USD 1,999
    USD 999
    USD 899
    USD 799

  3. Well, just doing a cursory search, isn’t a lot of that a lot of seriously big time TM stuff?

    • It’s only “big time TM stuff” if a trademark owner cares enough. Many do not and just buy the domain name to avoid legal costs and hassles.

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