Mike Mann shares his most trafficked domain names (Tasty .com, Office .co, etc)

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Mike Mann shared the most trafficked domain names from his large collection.

These 28 names (seen below) average about 2000 visitors per day while the top ones have about 10,000 visitors per day. The list has 27 .com domains and 1 .co name (office.co).

Mike Mann is not displaying ads on his domain names (probably to avoid any legal issues and also to focus on sales) so he not earning any income from this traffic.

So now he is looking at some ways to make some money of these: “These domains each have enormous natural visitor traffic for whatever reasons, our highest, but we need profitable applications to convert them to $$$ Not clear what?”

The list includes generic terms and geos like Tasty.com, Mali.com and HappyBirthday.com. Some of the names don’t make sense at first glance and probably get traffic because of similar domain names that are developed.

These are the stats that Mike posted on Facebook in January 15, 2017:

Updated DomainMarket.com stats:
Domains available for sale: 269,013
Domain price average: $12,539
[Last 30] Sales average: $2,598
[Last 30] New users: 1,777,725

Here is the list of Mike Mann’s domains with the most traffic:

Mike Mann is the owner of DomainMarket.com that offers about 270,000 premium domain names for sale.

Mike Mann announced last week a new domain brokerage that will allow people to sell their domains on DomainMarket.com.

Here are all the Mike Mann’s sold domain name reports published on OnlineDomain.com in the past year:
January 2017
December 2016
November 2016
October 2016
September 2016
August 2016
July 2016
May 2016
April 2016


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  1. 2000 per domain or 2000 averaged across the 28?

  2. Mike Mann own’s the best DotCo domains on the market but every Domain he has appraised and posted sucks. is he accepting every submission? these horrible domains are also priced at 1OO grand each. I thought it was going to be a small list of great appraised domains but its just as bad as sedo. a bunch of crap that you have to sift through just to find one average domain.

  3. So how did (Mike) extrapolate the data for these names. I assume each name is forwarded to his site, and server site data (from what I know) is collected by unique visitors via IP Address, whereas Google collects cookies.

    Just one strain of data collection.

    PS. I know the exact buyer for tasty, he’s getting big on YT and has now doing TV. (We) always used to call him Tasty Hastie and his food channels are just that.

    Cheers K.

  4. Imalways asking myself which keywords they use or where they get them .
    I also have much better domain names [sedo] dont get a sniff

  5. What good is traffic if its not monetizable. Propabaly close versions of popular sites that are mistyped. Worthless long term.

    Couple of generics like Mali, Tasty, Obey have real value. The rest wouldn’t pay much more than reg fee.

    To each their own.

  6. What a BS, he must be a dreamer

  7. Mike Mann announced many domain names sold for a good 5 figure price but if you check after a few months, they are still under Mike’s control. What happened?

    e.g. Mike says he sold GotBoobs.com for $15,000 in mid 2016, but if you check the whois of GotBoobs.com today, the whois record still shows Mike’s company info.

    • What happened is that the buyer didn’t change the whois info. Happens all the time.
      I have sold domains 10+ years that still have my info.

      BTW, GotBoobs.com transferred from Enom to Godaddy, the nameservers changed and it actually has a developed website!
      Domains transferred to GD will not have their whois updated.

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