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The new Mike Mann premium domain brokerage (more details)

More details about the new Mike Mann premium .com domain name brokerage are coming out.

Mike Mann made an announcement that he plans to allow people to sell their domain names on his domain name aftermarket at

He plans to have the software to accept domains in 30 days and he wants to have control on what domains are being sold on his platform and how much they being sold for.

Here is what we know so far:

  1. The domain names must be .com (may expand with .co and .org)
  2. The domains must be pointing to the
  3. Your landing page at the DM brokerage will look just like Mike’s landing page and with same words (see image below).
  4. Mike Mann will approve all names
  5. Domains must be priced and prices must be approved my Mike Mann himself
  6. The new brokerage will only offer .com domains priced above $10,000 initially.
  7. The brokerage commission fee will be just 5%
  8. Domains will be sold using the commerce platform
  9. Length of contract is not yet known

Here are a few more of Mike’s comments:

“My domain brokerage competitors web sites are predominantly filled with domains that have a 0% turnover and no valid appraisal, clutter, therefore leaving to eventually exclusively control the real premium domain market. Conversely, names are great, appraised, fairly priced, .Coms, ready to build permanent world class brands. Great domains resell at around 2% per year, so crappy ones like gTLDs are around 0%

“As I mentioned will open a domain brokerage asap, which will have very strict rules and be very automated, with very low fees and high quality services. Only .Com is Rule 1 (may expand with .co and .org). Rule 2 is must have a good appraisal or price range meeting our standards. Rule 3 is it has to point to our landing pages. Rule 4 is it uses our commerce platform. Rule 5 is length of contract. That’s it, then you get the best at the lowest fees.”

“I wanted to retire but since that’s never going to happen instead I will school everyone how to dominate the premium domain industry, SEO/Web industry for and VOIP/ app/ API cloud with Another way to put it: Retire me or I’m going to take your customers.”

“You may recall I am appraising and pricing 250,000 .Com domains that were generally purchased long ago, leveraging our slick new software, but still takes a year. In any event I assumed I would find a lot that appraise to $0 and would be deleted, but I am thrilled and blown away to find the exact opposite, insane high value buried for a decade that nobody including me noticed, now need to figure out how to market and sell them! (jptm)”

“I dont even consider the purchase price, just what its worth today. I am trying to be precise because if too expensive get paid $0 and if too low hosing self.”

Mike Mann and the

Mike Mann is the owner of that offers about 270,000 premium domain names for sale.

These are the stats that Mike posted on Facebook in January 15, 2017:

Updated stats:
Domains available for sale: 269,013
Domain price average: $12,539
[Last 30] Sales average: $2,598
[Last 30] New users: 1,777,725

Here are all the Mike Mann’s sold domain name reports published on in 2016:

December 2016
November 2016
October 2016
September 2016
August 2016
July 2016
May 2016
April 2016


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  1. Sounds like great news for people with truly high quality .com domains that they are looking to move.

  2. Good luck to Mike Mann! He needs to do something because his renewals>sales per year and he has been losing lot’s of money off his own portfolio. Wish him well!

  3. could this happen? –> submit a domain to domain market tells berkins or Schwartz or another insider I gave the owner 10k for the domain hahaha find a buyer and we can resell for $180,000
    if your domain is good you don’t need anyone to sell it for you.

  4. Hello Konstantinos,

    We wish Mike Well, His timing is excellent, and only serious Buyers will be the key to success. JAS 2/18/17

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) Former ( Rockefeller I.B.E.C. Marketing Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed C.B.O.E. Commodity Hedge Strategist) (

  5. I don’t get it, what’s the added value for a domain owner? He will probably do zero outbound marketing and only a tiny fraction of customers will go shop for domain names directly to DomainMarket, just as they rarely go to Sedo or Afternic. It’s a great move for him, capitalizing on his fame in the industry, but otherwise?

  6. .COM only
    Rest my case.

  7. Not worth it at all.
    He only wants premium domains, and he wants to control pricing and the worst part is that he insists on
    “2. The domains must be pointing to the”

    I would not point any domain to anyone’s site except my own. You’d lose on a ton of direct sales contacts and still pay a commission on your own leads.

    If it was another outlet to display your domains and pay commission, that would be OK, but to send him your own traffic is not gonna happen!

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