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Mike Mann’s domain appraisal/brokerage: Some good and bad news!

Mike Mann shared the latest update on his upcoming appraisal/brokerage system. There are some good news and some bad news.

He said that programming is going great but is taking too long. Also the cost of the appraisals has gone up from the last time. From $48 to $88 for 3 appraisers.

The good news is that you will be able to use the DomainMarket lander without an appraisal. The new option will allow you to list your appraised sub-$10,000 .com names but also domains without an appraisal and non .com domains. It is not clear to me if there is going to be a 4.5% change that covers all e-commerce transaction fees, transfers, etc.

If you only use the lander then you will be able to broker and negotiate your own domain name but it won’t be listed on the marketplace.

Mike told me “no appraisal or commission for lander“. Not sure this means that you can’t use his payment system (that costs 4.5%) or that you have the option not to use it or even maybe that you have to use it. Mike separates the 5% brokerage commission from the 4.5% e-commerce fee. This is much like Uniregistry does. Uniregistry charges 3.6%-6.6% for its payment system depending on the payment method.

Here is what Mike Mann said on Facebook:

“Domain appraisal/brokerage system update: Programming going great but taking too long..what’s new. Going to vet many professional appraisers for our system; all names have to be .Com and have to list name for the average of 3 appraisers’ price points, or lower. 3 independent appraisals will initially cost $88. Has to appraise at least $10,000 to get into brokerage. Has to point to our landing pages. Commission 5%, plus 4.5% covers all e-commerce transaction fees, transfers, etc. Can still use landers without our brokerage and negotiate and process one’s self for non .Com or ones that appraise too low.”

You can see my 3 previous detailed posts here, here and here.


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  1. So the idea is to charge $88 per 3 domain appraisals in order to be listed in the marketplace?

    Why not use your own landers then? Or Uniregistry Market? Or…Sedo etc.

  2. Picks and shovels anyone? 🙂

  3. Total scam in my book, I’m fine with a higher commission.but this is an
    Appraisal scam. he should just do the work and pick names on his own that’s it. I thought her was different but now he is simply selling picks and shovels. EFTY here I come

  4. Woohoo, can’t wait to get my domains appraised! 😀

    • I had a “ROFL” in there for added measure, which I’m sorry to see did not appear, but it seems any time you add “less than” and “greater than” signs as brackets it does not appear. Same thing happened over at Elliot’s.

      • That signs are used in code and are deleted because they can be a hacking attempt.

      • Yeah I figured it might be some kind of “sql injection” protection or something like that. I just like using them occasionally for style, so I’ll just have to remember to never use them in any blog.

      • (On the other hand, I used to be paid to use SQL myself years ago, so I know that they don’t even appear in SQL. Must be some other method I’m not familiar with.)

      • Oh sorry, my bad, they can appear in SQL. LOL

      • Hey by the way I like your blog, Konstantinos, but I do want to let you know that the way the big menus pop down and fill up almost the entire screen can be a bit to deal with. It took a while, I finally go used to it, but it’s still a challenge, lol. You have to really be up for it, like a game, lol.

  5. In all seriousness, though, so called “appraisals” most normally tend to do harm to everyone, and notwithstanding how someone like Elliot says he makes use of them to efficiently look over monster lists of thousands or tens of thousands.

  6. I wonder if a single person will use him/his platform. What exactly is he bringing to the table? A lander? He doesn’t have a marketplace that end users go to so he’s not going to drive any traffic or visibility to anyone’s domains. This just seems silly.

  7. Anyone notice ever since Uniregistry raised prices his puppet has started going to every other domainer blog to put comments.

    • If he wants to keep his sponsor money, he has to, value added service. we all know escrow will probably be dropping many blogs soon, as their sales are way down.

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