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Mike Mann reports selling 27 domains in his best month ever (PropertyPhotos .com, ukcannabis .com)

Mike Mann reported that he had his best month ever selling domain names. He reported selling 27 domain names in March for a total of $233,540. Mike had 7 5-figure sales.

Mike Mann said: “Ive been selling domains for 20 years. This is the best month yet.”

Highest reported sale was that sold for $20k. The average price was $8,650 and the median was $8,000. That is substantially higher to some stats he posted in January.

He probably sold more domains as he is not reporting all his sales.

Mike Mann is the owner of that offers more than 260,000 premium domain names for sale.

Here is a look at some of Mike Mann’s domain acquisitions and sales from March 2017.

Domain name sales:  $17000. Purchased 3.30.2012 $84  $20,000. Purchased 10/15/11 $74  $7000. Purch. 4.29.11 $70  $1600  $13,000. Purchased 4/24/11 $70  for $8000. Purch 12/19/13 $7.50  $5000 Purch 3/2/11 $7  $15,000. Acqu 6.26.2012 $7  $15000. Purch. 3.12.07 $1000  $5000. Purch 4.30.10 $7  $4800. Purch. 8/1/13 $300  is the $1888 I just sold it for, not the $20 I bought if for on 1/26/17.  $9,888. Purchased 6/13/2011 $7  $6000. Purchased 12/6/11 $7  $2888. Purch 12/4/09 $7  $7900. Purch 5/16/11 $7  $8500. Purchased 7/31/11 $350  $4800. Purch 8/7/09 $7  $16,000. Purch 4/14/09 $787  $4000. Purch 8/14/11 $9  $9888 Purch 7.4.10 $7  $6000. Purchased 1/25/10 $7  $7500, purchased 6/20/16 $70  $10,500. Purch 10/30/11 $7  $8500. Purch. 2.17.11 $70  $8000. Purch 6/17/10 $7.  $9888. Purch. 11.9.08 $70

Domain name purchases:  $10  $10  $20
Purchased  $8

(One thing to remember is that Mike Mann needs to sell about $2.5 million worth of domains per year to break even and that he is NOT a flipper. The average holding time for his sold domains is usually more than 5 years.)

Here is a couple of interesting comments that Mike did on Facebook:

“The domains lve been selling appear expensive to the untrained eye but in fact are incredible investments, too cheap. Most likely I could have got double if I held out and negotiated more, started higher.”
“Even while .Com is king, Cash is kinger”
“Perfect time to agree .Com is going up in value (not down like gtlds to <$0)”
“Im intending on taking all the best .Com from the domain auctions forever at a fair price, unless you intend on overpaying you can go home.”
“I have better info and can sell the domains faster at a higher price, so if you beat me on an auction you paid too much.”

“Using slick new software and 1000s of hours, I’m doing a massive asset revaluation to properly reflect the current fair value of 250,000 super premium .Com domains, which have old prices or no prices at all. The old retail value was around $1B and when I’m done appraising I expect it to be around $1.5B. For you 1.4.”

Mike Mann explained his crowdpricing domain appraisal system that will have 4 appraisers here.

Check out Mike Mann’s most trafficked domain names including, and

Here are all the Mike Mann’s sold domain name reports published on in 2016 and 2017:
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  1. only $10 ? Seems very low.

  2. Was CoporateStockMarket (.com) sold or droped by Mike Mann?


  3. That sales figure would put him on par for break even, taking out processing fees, and commissions… any overheads, and sales staff costs could actually put him in the red.

  4. What is the math on this? He pays $2.5M/year in renewals. His best month ever was $233k in sales which would be $2.8M a year in revenue IF he could replicate his best month every single month. And he doesn’t have ads on his domains so no other source of income. How is he making money?

  5. I meant what is motive for sharing some sales? Domain industry has shown time and time again it is best to be skeptical. I think if you saw full picture it would not look as impressive as “Paid $7, sold $20k” which is what is constantly communicated. It’s not like he’s sharing a sale to help teach people anything. It’s like he’s sharing a sale to say “look at me, I’m an expert”. And then you know what, he offers a service to sell through his platform and charge a fee for domain estimate etc and people think of the “Paid $7, sold $20k” and view him as authority. Would people be willing to use his platform and pay $75 or whatever for an estimate if his average sales price was $500?

    • It’s ego, attention, a chip on the shoulder… They miss it, domaining is a lonely business.

      You can take a lot of clues away from Adam Dicker, and why he continued to do what he did, after a while it was just putting on a show, selling something he wasn’t. Do you think anyone believed him when he said oh I just registered a .ca, and I have an offer of $50,000 for it, and I am turning it down.

      Mike Mann is a wealthy man, he just plays this game for the same reason we all do, it is a constant high, to take $10-$100, and churn it into thousands.

    • I don’t know him motive. Would you prefer if he shared nothing?
      I am sorry but there is no platform that shares everything. Sedo and Namejet have a $2,000 threshold. GoDaddy and Afternic shares nothing. No one is going to serve you their complete business.

  6. Have any of you guys ever met Mike Mann? I met him at Traffic Conference in 2004 and known him for 13 years. He suffers from a little “man” complex, most 5’6″ dudes do actually, very insecure dude, who brags because he wants validation, but those in the know, know that Michael is desperate and been losing money for years, hence the BS appraisal stuff he is doing. Wake up! He is doing it because he is losing his ass in domaining, his renewals>sales (Don’t buy the BS he is not reporting his sales, he reports all of them)

  7. Konstantinos,

    are all these sale prices verified?

  8. Large portfolio market places like HugeDomains and DomainMarket probably do us all a lot of good by normalizing retail pricing for domains. Other market places with mixed ownership – e.g. Sedo and Undeveloped – do as well. But a single owner can bring a lot more consistency.

    When we walk into an art gallery and see high prices on every painting, we soon adjust to that price range. Whether or not we buy, we don’t question the fairness of the price tags. That helps “make” the market.

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