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Mike Mann sells 13 domains in July for $214,716 (10 sales for 5 figures)

Mike Mann reported selling 13 domain names in July for a total of $214,716. Mike had 10 5-figure sales and another 2 sales very close to $10k.

All 13 of the sold domains were .com. Highest reported sale was that sold for $40,000. The average reported domain sales price was $16,517.

My favorite sale was that was sold for $9,388. But maybe I am just hungry or it is because I only eat bagels when I am in New York…

Mike Mann was pretty prolific this past month so 3 more articles were featured on

Mike Mann: “.com is still king and always will be” (video)

Mike Mann makes a lot of his domain sales at GoDaddy

Now here is an idea Mike Mann had…

Here is a look at some of Mike Mann’s domain acquisitions and sales from July 2017.

Domain name sales:  $13,388. Purch 4/14/09 $90.  $10,000. Purch 8.22.10 $7  $24,888. Purchased 11/26/99 $20.  $12,500. Purch 3/13/09 $70.  $9,388. Purch 12/8/08 $70.  $28,888. Purch 3/17/17 $20.  $10,000. Purch 7/10/17 $20  $2,888. Purch 06/22/17 $20  $12,000. Purch 7/2/12 $167  $16,000. Purch 8.1.12 $7.  $40,000. Purch 4/9/09 $80
GrowthAlliance.Com  $24,888. Purch 8/8/12 $200  $9,888. Purch 7/18/10 $7.

Domain name purchases:

-nothing reported this month-

Mike Mann is the owner of that offers more than 280,000 premium domain names for sale. Mike probably sold more domains as he is not reporting all his (lower) sales.

(One thing to remember is that Mike Mann needs to sell about $2.5+ million worth of domains per year to break even and that he is NOT a flipper. The average holding time for his sold domains is usually more than 5 years.)

Check out Mike Mann’s most trafficked domain names including, and

Here are all the Mike Mann’s sold domain name reports published on in 2016 and 2017:

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  1. The Sherpas on DomainSherpa would have said drop all those crappy names and get some real ones!!!
    IMO they are chickenhawks.

    • DomainShane the biggest moron on the Sherpa’s is wrong about everything, do the opposite of what he says and you will do well.

  2. Having to renew 280,000 domains means he has to sell $200,000 worth of domains each month just to break even for the year.

  3. Sam,

    Son, this is a game based on profits not on sales. You know what ISN’T reported? Renewal fees, total monthly costs. Until I’m proven differently I know that he is losing money. The balance sheet at my business has revenue AND costs. His seems to only have revenue

    • His yearly costs are easy to calculate 290,000 × $8. Plus web hosting and some other fees or an employee. He never said he is not paying renewals.

    • the scale of his economy may not be profitable in return but what Sam said was true. Most of us would not buy those names or wait for the numbers he sold to.

      Yours was a different argument Shane which is also true as he stated he owes 2 milllion.

      I dont know how he operates his business and decide when to sell, this is really something other than domaining and includes pro math skills.

      But right now there must be something wrong with his system.

      Finally any info is valuable and he is sharing them thts what matters.

  4. That’s merely holding cost. The cost to acquire the names is more than zero. And the cost of refilling the inventory is not zero. Those are numbers that have to be known and added to understand the business model.

  5. Konstantinos,

    I get it. Not everything should be and will be disclosed. I realize I am not going to win this argument. Congratulations to Mike and his great sales

  6. Lighten up and smile


    In this thread you have seemed like a bitter person with a chip on his shoulder.
    Are you sure you want to be that bitter domainer being envious of others?

    Your claims that Mike Mann must be losing money on his domains are laughable and make me question your knowledge.
    At 290,000 domains at 8 dollars per domain his yearly renewal cost is 2,320,000 dollars which makes his monthly renewal bill 193,333.
    Add some overhead and call it even 200k per month.

    Now this month he sold 215k worth of domains that he REPORTED so on reported domains alone he made 15k profit over his renewals.
    However Mike Mann only reports PART of his sales and usually that is the part with higher sales prices.
    This is a wise move because everyone wants top dollar if possible and if he sells a bunch of domains for 2-5k that are not as premium as these on this list there is no value in making those sales public for him.

    Most domainers have the best luck in selling domains in the 2-5k range because that is the sweet spot with good enough return but also low enough so companies can buy them without meetings on whether to buy the domain and it is just done as part of the marketing budget.
    This type of domains there is only one listed on Mann’s REPORTED sales.

    He has 290k domains in a portfolio that is quality portfolio so he should be selling 5 of these domains minimum per month per 10k domains (most domainers with quality portfolios average 5 sales per month over the year per 10k domains if they are selling in that 2-5k price range) so lets calculate 5×29 and that is 145 domains and if he sells these for the average of 3k that is 435k per month on top of his reported sales.

    Let’s suppose that he is a difficult negotiator and demands more than this most of the time so half of these fall through (and maybe return later and pay the higher price he is asking) so that leaves 217k per month from the 2-5k price range with average of 3k.

    I am quite sure he can do plenty of inventory replenishment with 200k leaving him with 17k a month for living expenses plus the original 15k profit from this list of few higher dollar sales alone for other expenses.
    The only problem with Mike Mann’s business model is that it can NOT be replicated at his scale because it depends on his instincts in buying domains and his experience in getting the top dollar whenever possible.
    For all domain investors:
    If you are not selling 5 domains per month in the 2-5k range per 10k portfolio you are doing something wrong .
    That sell through rate is 60 domains in the 2-5k range per year earning you 180k per year if your average is 3k per domain sold in that price range and that leaves you 100k profit after renewals with which you can replenish your inventory with 50k and spend 50k per year for basic living expenses.
    If you want to buy the boat or the nice car or the 3rd apartment you do that with those sales you make in the 10k-20k and up range and selling 10 of these per year will bring additional 100k-200k with which to spend on something nice (or buy more domain inventory)

  7. How do you sell for $40K? I couldn’t even give this junk domain away @ Namepros. Best use = marijuana drying biz?

    Actually, unlike most domains he sells that show a message saying this domain is no longer available, this one still shows for sale even though it was sold a while ago – did the sale fall apart?

  8. I’d buy that for a dollar.

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