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Now here is an idea Mike Mann had…

Here is an idea that Mike Mann had and shared on his Facebook profile.

He wants portfolios of domains and a 75% commission in exchange of renewal costs, staff, overhead or servers, no risk of losing money and no need to figure out how to appraise the collection. He will price and delete all as necessary.

This is what Mike Mann said:

“Portfolio domain owners should give me their portfolios of premium domains for free since I can likely sell them for 4 times as much, then they can collect a 25% commission with no renewal costs, no staff, no overhead or servers, no risk of losing money, no need to figure out how to appraise the collection. I will price and delete all as necessary. They will make more like this and won’t risk failure or bankruptcy.”

Mike Mann also said that this was just an exaggeration: “This post was just an exaggeration meant to illustrate the situation in the industry, but evenso is probably relatively valid.

Mark Hershiser commented: “Since you brought it up how about this, you buy all my domains that you think have value and that you think you could sell for 25% of what you HONESTLY believe you could sell them for, I think I would take that deal and just head to the beach. JPYMWYMI lol.”

Mike replied to Mark: “that is not the offer but I understand

The idea seems crazy at first but I am sure a few people that currently have no domain name sales might actually consider it.

But they might end up having no domains when Mike deletes them all! 🙂


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  1. I would probably take that deal and cash out. I doubt he would drop many of my domains and when he sells domains like for $40k I am pretty sure if he took me up on my offer I could head to the beach with a huge bag of $$$. Every time I see the Mann post a sale I am in shock and awe and it makes me think I sell my domains for too cheap, if I got for $80 in 2009 and sold it for $10k I would be impressed with myself lol, $40k is off the charts IMO…

  2. If they are premium domains to begin with, no domain investor in their right mind would do this.

  3. Mike Mann is the strangest dude I have ever met in the domain industry, but I like him, at least he is a no BS kind of a guy.

  4. Crack Head

  5. The “AgriCool” is a made up name.

    AgriCool= Agri+cul-Ture
    Cul= cool
    Total $40k?

  6. Just a quick search will show you why it went for as much as $40k.

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