Mike Mann says average domain sales prices have gone up to $3200

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Mike Mann said on social media that the average domain sales price has doubled over the past 18 months. Specifically prices have gone up to $3200.

Back in December 2016 he had said that average prices were up from around $1300 to around $2600. Seems average is even higher now.

Just yesterday I posted 14 of Mike Mann’s sales from April with a $13,000 average price. Of course he is probably not reporting the lower priced sales that are bringing the overall average down.

Mike Mann is only talking about his own domain name sales at DomainMarket.com but that is a statistic to keep in mind. Mike Mann is the owner of DomainMarket.com that offers more than 270,000 premium domain names for sale.

He said that there are 4 factors for this doubling in average sales prices:

  1. deleting bad domains
  2. acquiring more great ones
  3. gtlds failing as a competing investment
  4. mostly due to our new landing page verbiage

In December he also said that the cost of replacement domain name inventory is very low.

Here is what Mike Mann said on social media in the past few hours:

“Average premium domain sales prices at $3200 consistently; was half that 18 mo. ago.”

“The doubling in premium .Com domain sales prices from our collection is due to deleting bad domains, acquiring more great ones, gtlds failing as a competing investment, and mostly due to our new landing page verbiage, e.g., aperfectlanding.com.”


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  1. At $3k Katsika.com is a bargain then 🙂

  2. the sherpas on DomainSherpa.com would say aperfectlanding.com sucks Drop that name fast stop throwing your money away start over. BUT Mike Mann would sell aperfectlanding.com for $100,000

  3. aPerfectLanding.com = $50K

    PerfectLanding.com = $10K

  4. WOW! DomainMarket.com is even listed for just under $10 Million. I doubt it includes any inventory as he values his inventory over $2 Billion. In that case, it seems like a risky buy, but it’s interesting to see him put a price on it. He is a great salesman so literally everything is for sale including SEO.com

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