Must read: For Sale: List Of All 7,123 .Media Domains Sorted By Renewal Price (All Premiums Included)


premium-domain-namesI am introducing a new service that I am working on for a couple of months now. .Press landrush is ending on Monday the 15th of September at 12pm EST and general availability starts on the 17th and I thought that this was a good time to offer for sale this list of all .Media domains sorted by renewal price. .Media has 7,123 registered domain names today and all are included in the list. Although media and press do not exactly match there are going to be a lot of domain names that will be valuable in both extensions.

The list includes:

  • All 7,123 .media domains sorted by their renewal price
  • 604 premium .media domains sorted by price
  • 206 sunrise domains (including those with premium prices)
  • 348 EAP domain names (including those with premium prices)
  • 4 domains with $1,000+ premium prices
  • 52 domains with $200+ premium prices

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Future Media Architects (FMA) Transfers 100,000 Domains To Uniregistry

uniregistryFuture Media Architects (FMA) is transfering over 100,000 domains names to the Cayman Islands based registrar Uniregistry.

Uniregistry is a registrar owned by domain name investor Frank Schilling.

Future Media Architects, Inc. (FMA) is owned by domainer Thunayan K AL-Ghanim (aka “Elequa”).

FMA owns domain names such as,,,, and According to Dnjournal it owns more than 1,000 three-letter .coms and more than 2,000 each in .net and .org. Thunayan K AL-Ghanim is known to be one of the rare domainers that is not selling any of his domains.

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Donuts Exceeds 1 Million Domains (A 6,803 Domain Avegare For The 147 New gTLDs)

donutsDonuts released its latest newsletter and announced that it has brought 147 new gTLDs to the public, “offering more choice, specificity and meaningfulness to businesses and individuals worldwide”.

They also announced that they exceeded 1,000,000 registered domains this month:
“With over 960,000 registered domains in the wild, we’re excited to exceed the 1,000,000registered domains milestone this month!”

That is an average of about Continue reading

CENTR Report: 282.5 Million Domains In The World With 1.6% Growth

gtldsAs of August 2014 the total number of domains across all Top Level Domains (TLDs)  stood at 282.5 million (including new gTLDs). This represents a growth of roughly 1.6% since May 2014 (4.5 million registrations).

ccTLDs grew at the highest rate for the past 3 months at 1.7% this compares with 0.3% for legacy gTLDs. The global market share of ccTLDs (as a percentage of all TLD registrations) has been increasing over the past few quarters it currently stands at 45.8% (see left). Continue reading

Daily Domain Sales (9-29-2014): 22,500 EUR, $23k, $17,750

dailyThere were 7 5-figure sales yesterday and another one at about $9,500. The top sale was for 22,500 EUR ($28,340).

I went through all 42 different regional Go Daddy homepages to find out what domains does Go Daddy promote. I found that all 42 regions feature .co and that .biz and .us are completely absent. I suggest you read this.

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New Shorter .NZ Domains Names Now Available For Registration

gtldsThe .nz registry has started offering shorter .nz (New Zealand) ccTLD domain names.

From yesterday 1pm, 30 September 2014, ‘second level’ domains like the .co in ‘’ and the .org in ‘’ became optional. You’ll be able to get .nz names with them, without them, or both.

Registering one of these new, shorter .nz names is called registering directly at the second level.

Most people who already have a .nz domain name will be able to get the shorter version of their name before Continue reading

What Domains Does Go Daddy Promote? (.Co No1, .Org & .Com Follow, .Biz & .US Absent)

godaddyGo Daddy has been using different homepages for different countries and different languages for quite some time now. So I thought about going to all homepages and checking what domain name extensions Go Daddy is promoting. Go Daddy is the biggest registrar in the world so what is on its homepage could make or break an extension.

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T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Will Have A “Rick Schwartz Roast” (Price Goes Up On Friday)

The 10th anniversary T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show will feature the Opening Cocktail Party, the networking event that launched an industry back in 2004 to the Masquerade Ball and dinner to the Industry Awards Ceremony, special guest speakers and the “Rick Schwartz Roast” that Rick promises that will be talked about for years.
Prices for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. go up on October 1, however they are extending the $1295 price until Friday. at 6PM. Hotel Room rates will also be going up significantly.
And as a special bonus if you sign up before Friday T.R.A.F.F.I.C. will give you a link to watch and listen to Howard Lefkowitz of fame at the TRAFFIC Las Vegas show last spring.
There is also a T.R.A.F.F.I.C. contest. Just send Continue reading

First .Cymru And .Wales Domains Go Live Today

wales-cymru2Today, the first .cymru and .wales websites will go live when Wales’ First Minister and the National Assembly’s Presiding Officer officially switch over the first tranche of websites to their new internet domains, marking a historic day in Wales’ digital history.

Those wanting to express their Welsh identity online will be able to do so through two new .cymru and .wales domain names. One of the first to go live will be the National Assembly for Wales, who were amongst the first to declare their support for the new internet domains and today they will officially adopt their new and web addresses. Continue reading

ICANN Issues Alert On The Latest Domain Name Renewal Phishing Scam

icannLast week I wrote about the latest email scam that is targeting domain name owners. Domain name owners receive an email with their details from whois data and a domain name that may or may not be expiring. The scam uses a disposable domain name with ICANN’s logo and info plastered all over it. The email asks owners to go to that website so they can renew their domain names. All that the scam tries to do is steal credit card information.

ICANN issued an alert about this scam today: Continue reading

Daily Domain Sales (9-28-2014): $2,444, $2,025

dailyNot much to talk about today. I have been pretty busy on a new project and I sold another domain that is not in English and the buyer is from Europe. One domain on Friday and one today. Can’t be a coincidence.

Make sure you read this if you still haven’t: “New Domain Renewal Scam Steals Your Credit Card With A Tempting $3 Price And An ICANN Logo“.

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Here are yesterday’s domain sales and auctions: Continue reading