Must read: My Greek Bank Adventure – A Hard Economics Lesson


flag-greeceIt all started on the 26th of June, 2015.

Actually the Greek debt problem started many years before that. A lot of debt was accumulated during the 80s, then in the 7 years before the 2004 Olympics and then up until the 2009 world economy crash. But that is another story.

So it was Friday the 26th and I was out having a drink in Patras, my home town. About an hour after midnight I got a message on my mobile from a friend asking me if I heard the news. Continue reading

Hard Disk Recovery – I Made The Impossible!

I made the impossible. Well, it is not really impossible since I actually did it but I will explain...

One night I went to sleep leaving my PC open doing some whois queries, downloading zone files and other domain name related tasks. I woke up in the morning and found my PC shut down although I am using a UPS. It was the first really hot day of the summer and my office gets all the morning sun. I woke up pretty late so the temperature was already at more than 40 Celsius or 104 Fahrenheit and my office was like an oven. I knew something was wrong but didn't try to find out what because I was too busy.

I opened the side doors of the case and the PC booted ok. The 2 weeks that followed were super busy and then I left for 3 weeks of vacation. I came back and one day I browsed my PC and something didn't feel right. Continue reading

.Bank Has 6,000 Applications & A 97% Approval Rate

ftldAs of today, fTLD has received more than 6,000 applications for .bank domain names and approximately 5,400 have been approved for an approval rate of 97%.

The most common reason for a an application to be rejected is that the domain name applied for does not comply with fTLD’s Name Selection Policy (i.e., the name must correspond to a trademark, trade name or service mark of the entity requesting the domain name).

For example, fTLD has received requests for generic terms (e.g., mobile, digital) and when these are rejected they are Continue reading

New gTLD Utilization Report: .Brand Domain Registrations Increase By 50%

newgtldThe October Special Edition of CSC’s New gTLD Utilization Report shows the pace of .brand registrations accelerating with a 50% increase since the September report.

The report shares further examples of .brands in use and also examines the use of some high profile new gTLDs by Internet giants such as Continue reading

.NYC Celebrates Its Anniversary By Releasing Over 16,000 .NYC Domains

nycNew York City and Neustar, the official registry operator for .nyc, released today over 16,000 new .nyc website addresses for businesses, organizations, and individuals with a physical address in the five boroughs.

Domain names are available on a first come, first served basis, from accredited .nyc registrars and at standard market prices.

The domains were released Thursday, October 8, 2015 starting at 3:00pm EDT.

New Yorkers can register one of these new .nyc web addresses by Continue reading

.Online & .Tech In The Streets Of San Francisco (video)

radix-onlineRadix, the .online/.tech/.website registry, published a video from their PR efforts in the streets of San Francisco.

"We were creating a buzz on the streets, talking about the awesome new domain names available - .TECH and .ONLINE! Well, basically it's time to move beyond .com. It's time to #unCOMplicate"

Radix has also put domain name ads on bus shelters in San Francisco.

Here is the video: Continue reading

.CLUB September Premium Name Sales (SOHO.CLUB, MOBI.CLUB)

club-new-gtldSeptember was a busy month of travel for the .CLUB team, starting and ending the month with events focused on the Domain Investor community, DomainFest Asia in Macau and then The Domain Conference in our hometown of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The premium name sales continue to grow on a month to month basis, as do the sales and auctions of the deleted dropping names on the SnapNames platform. September marks the first full month that .CLUB names were available on SnapNames. Total premium name sales for September, including SnapNames auctions, came to $64,423.82.

As of September 30, 2015, total cumulative sales of registry reserved premium .CLUB names came to $1,153,522.02. The highest single sale Continue reading

I Will Even List Domains For Sale That Are Not Actually For Sale!

gtldsI am listing all my domain names for sale. Even or will get listed. But I am not really interested in selling all of my domains.

And it is not only domains that are developed that are not for sale. I have a few domain names that I simply will not sell. for example. It is my last name and I don't want to sell it. And there are more domains not for sale that are not so obvious. Like the first domain name I ever bought in 2000. It still makes money Continue reading

This Is What Will Happen To Expired .NYC Domain Names asked the .NYC registry, Neustar, what will happen to the first year registrations of .nyc domain names that are beginning to expire.

.NYC domain names will drop as usual and no domains are going to be reserved by the city or the registry. Of course registrars are free to auction these domains to the highest bidder. received the following response: Continue reading

Google Domains Adds Nearly 90 Donuts Domains To Its Inventory

donutsDonuts Inc., the largest registry for new domain names, like .guru, .media and .photography, said today that Google has added nearly 90 of the company’s domain options to its domain name sales platform, bringing a more diverse set of new domains to its system.

In beta in the United States since last year, Google Domains is a Continue reading

My First Snail Mail Domain Name Offer

gtldsUsually a letter to a domain investor means a C&D or even worse a lawsuit. In the past it could mean a UDRP too but rules changed and everything related to a UDRP complaint is transmitted electronically only.

But surprisingly a letter could mean a domain name inquiry. And this time it was not just an inquiry but contained what was my first domain name purchase offer by snail mail. Continue reading