Must read: Donuts: “.COM has become diluted and meaningless. It adds nothing to an identity.”


Donuts, a New gTLD registry with more than 200 strings already released or coming soon, posted an article on it’s official blog with the title “The Importance of Semantics and Affinity, and the Meaninglessness of .COM”. The article has many flaws…

The article starts by explaining what semantics is: “the term semantics is about meaning.”

Approach ten people on the street and ask them what .BIKE is about. Even if they haven’t heard of new domain names the chances are very good they’ll say, “It’s about bikes.” Same goes for .CAMERA, .EMAIL or .REPAIR. All these new domains are semantically meaningful because they refer to something specific that consumers want. Specificity is where Internet addressing is headed, and it’s a big reason Donuts got into this business.

Ask those ten people what .COM means, and you’ll get a puzzled stare, because it doesn’t mean anything to them. In the old days it was there to tell you you’re looking at a website address—before everyone learned the dot itself means it’s a web address. .COM has become semantically forgettable and meaningless. In the context of new TLDs, it means “miscellaneous.”

People doesn’t know what .com means because .com has been synonymous with the Internet for 20+ years now. The fact that people don’t know what it means and despite that they visit .com websites everyday without even thinking about what it means speaks for itself. .Com is embedded into people’s minds. They don’t have to think about it and they type it. It is a habit and habits die hard. Continue reading

Uniregistry Starts Integration With With ‘Uniregistry Tracker’

uniregistryUniregistry is working on the first phase of integration between the platform and the Uniregistry registrar. A new utility called Uniregistry Tracker where you can track your domain names for free was introduced yesterday.

Using the Uniregistry Tracker you can receive updates and keep track of domain names. Now you can track the location and expiration date of each of your domain names, regardless of registrar, and transfer/consolidate them to Uniregistry. To use the Uniregistry Tracker you need an account at Uniregistry.

The Uniregistry registrar offers Continue reading

New gTLD Weekly Review: .Audio, .Digital, .Finance, .Credit, .Cologne, .Koeln

newgtldThis week 9 New gTLDs enter General Availability, another 4 New gTLDs enter the EAP General Availability and 1 New gTLD enters a landrush phase.

Uniregistry is launching 3 strings on the 3rd of September: .hiphop, .audio and .juegos (games in Spanish). Almost all good domains are going to be reserved so I don’t see a lot of potential here. .Audio is the best extension in my opinion and a few good domains may be available.

Donuts enters EAP General Availability for the following 4 New gTLDs on Wednesday, September 3rd 2014: .Digital, .Finance, .Insure, Accountants.

.Digital seems to be on the wrong side of the dot but Continue reading

Daily Domain Sales And Auctions (9-1-2014): $5,000, $1,725

dailyI am starting a new daily post today. I am going to list all domain name sales and auctions I can find in most of the aftermarkets and auction houses. I hope you will enjoy it. It is also a way for me to write some domain related thoughts and small news I have that don’t make it info a separate post.

After 4-5 non-paying buyers in a 10 day period in August, I finally closed 3 deals in 36 hours before Labor day weekend. I sold a .com for $10k (I am certain it is going to be paid), another .com for $4k ( transaction closed, wire has not yet arrived to my bank) and a .info for $3.5k (wire has been send to I will post more details when all 3 sales have closed and money is in my bank. Wire transfers and payments have been delayed because of Laber day.

The domain sold for $5,000 at Sedo. Buyer is probably the owner of that is an active dating website.

It will take me a couple of days to get tuned in to all the auctions but here are yesterday’s domain sales and auctions: Continue reading

.Cymru And .Wales Sunrise Is Now Open

wales-cymru2Businesses that have already registered their trade marks with ICANN’s Trademark Clearing House can now apply to secure their new .cymru and .wales domains. This Sunrise phase prioritises and secures trade mark rights, provided there are no duplications in these applications which would then need to go onto a tie-break and possible auction process.

Founders, high-profile early adopters of .cymru and .wales, including Ourhomeonline and Eincartrefarlein, will start using these domains soon, marking the start of a truly Welsh space on the internet. The Welsh government announced its switch to .cymru and .wales earlier this summer, and strong backing has come from many organisations, among them: S4C the Welsh language TV channel, the National Assembly for Wales, Sport Wales, the Federation of Small Businesses Wales, the Scarlets rugby team and the Arts Council for Wales.

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Adam Dicker Evaluates 450+ Domain Names In 110 Minutes! (3 videos)

dnfcollegeDNFCollege TERM 3 started about 10 days ago at the always popular domain name forum owned by Adam Dicker.

Adam Dicker has published 3 videos on his YouTube channel giving domain name evaluations for all the domains that people submitted for evaluation and pricing on the DNFCollege Facebook page. Over 450 domains are evaluated by Adam in about 110 minutes in 3 batches.

Here is the 1st video: Continue reading

Nominet Increases Security By Adding 2-Factor Authentication To .UK Domain Names

nominetNominet announced that it is boosting the security of the UK namespace to help protect it from attack and exploitation. As part of this, they will be offering two-factor authentication access to their Online Services (OS) to registrars later on this year. Two-factor authentication is a two-step verification process and provides an extra layer of security to users accessing online systems.

Nominet is running a limited pilot in September and it will be inviting a small number of registrars to take part. For the pilot, Nominet is selecting those who have approached us about this service in the past, in particular the brand protection sector, and those who log into the Nominet OS most frequently.

Following a successful pilot, two-factor authentication will be offered to all registrars wishing to use it later on this year. The new security feature will have a phased rollout, with registrants being offered this service at a later date.

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Sedo sells 561 domains for $0.9 million: 60k Euro, $20k, $18.5k

sedoIn the past week (August 18 to August 24), 561 (502 last week) transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $0.9 million ($1.1m last week). Only 168 (149 last week) domains from the 502 were reported by Sedo. The other domains were either private sales or domains that sold for less than 700 USD/EUR/GBP. Over 53% (52% last week) of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Sedo will not reveal what is the Buy Now percentage of the public sales vs the percentage of the private sales. And will not reveal what percentage of the total sales value do the Buy Now listings represent.

The average domain name sales price was $1,604 ($2,191 last week). sold for $18,500. You can read the whole story here.

Here are the 168 public and reported Sedo sales for the week August 18 to August 24 2014:

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.Bio Sells 4,100 Domains For $250,000 In It’s First Week

bioStarting Dot, the registry operator for new generic top-level domains (new gTLD) .BIO, .ARCHI & .SKI, announced that the company experienced greater than projected registration volume with .BIO, which launched on Aug. 21.

Over 4,100 .BIO domain names have been registered at the end of the first week generating over a $250,000 USD in revenue thanks Starting Dot’s pricing and marketing initiatives. The .BIO launch ranks in the top 15 in terms of new gTLD first week retail revenue and validates the popularity of the extension in the market place.

First week retail revenue is calculated by multiplying the total domain name registration (net from registry operator self allocation) by the average retail one year registration fee in USA, Germany and France. So the average retail price for .bio was Continue reading

Latest Flippa Sales: $50,200, $5,000

flippaHighest sale this week at Flippa was the domain name that sold for $50,200. sold for $5,000 and became Flippa’s highest new gTLD sale to date.

Post-Auction Negotiation was the method of sale for 6 domains of this week’s list. These Flippa post-auction negotiations are working very well.

Top Flippa Domain Sales from Last Week: Continue reading

Minds + Machines Announces New gTLD Launch Dates And 70+ Registrars Are Offering Them

MindsAndMachinesMinds + Machines Group Limited provided an update on the launch programme of its portfolio of new top-level domains, such as .london, .country and .surf, its registrar sales channel activity and the development of services for its own wholly-own registrar, Minds + Machines Registrar Limited.

In September, names within the following new top level domains in which Minds + Machines has an interest will go on General Availability (“GA”) to the public on the following launch dates: Continue reading