Must read: Why I Renewed 1,000 Domain Names In July And Dropped 130


Like every month I go through my domains to see what to renew and what not to. This month I renewed almost 1,000 domains and dropped 130 of them. So I dropped about 11.5% of the total 1,126 domains that I had expiring in July.

In June I dropped 193 out of 807 domains or 23.9%. Click here to see what domains I dropped and why.

These are the domains I renewed in June for a total of 996:

.com 289
.net 8
.org 65
.info 171
.biz 5
.us 458

Here are the domains I dropped in July by extension for a total of 130: Continue reading

346 New gTLDs Have Been Delegated: .NGO, .LGBT, .NRA, .City, Green, .Navy, .Army, .Bio, .Host

I haven’t done this post since May and since then ICANN has announced that 87 New gTLDs have been delegated for a total of 346 new gTLD strings. Here are some of the more important of the latest 87 new gTLDs: .NGO, .LGBT, .NRA, .City, Green, .Navy, .Army, .Bio, .Host.

Below are the key Contracting statistics, as of 11 July 2014:

  • 1147 applicants have been invited to Contracting
  • 606 applicants have responded to their Contracting Information Request invitation
  • 544 contracts have been sent out for signature
  • 468 Registry Agreements have been signed
    • All signed Registry Agreements can be viewed here:
  • 1 Code of Conduct Exemptions has been granted:
    • .SEAT
  • Additionally, the following Code of Conduct Exemptions were previously granted:
    • .REALTOR (30 May 2014)
    • .FIRMDALE (05 June 2014)
    • .EUROVISION (05 June 2014)
    • .AXA (12 June 2014)
    • .CRS (16 June 2014)

Here are the 346 New gTLDs that have been delegated so far:

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Interlink Co., Ltd. Wins Community Priority Evaluation For .Osaka

ICANN published today the latest Community Priority Evaluation results. New gTLD Applicant Interlink Co., Ltd. prevailed in a community priority evaluation for the New gTLD .Osaka getting 15 out of the maximum 16 points. Osaka is Japan’s third largest city.

This means the contention set between Interlink Co., Ltd. and GMO Registry has been resolved in Interlink Co., Ltd.’s favor. GMO has already launched .Tokyo and .Nagoya.

This was ICANN’s message to Interlink Co., Ltd.: Continue reading

Google Starts Issuing Invites To Google Domains (1st Screen Shot)

Last month, Google announced it is getting into the domain name registration business through Google Domains and offered a form to sign up to be invited. Like countless other I submitted the form but I have not heard back.

It seems that some have been invited over time but now those who have access have been given the ability to invite their friends. I believe this is coming mostly out of Google employees who have accounts with Google Domains. A few people have offered invites but all are gone in minutes.

Google Domains beta is working a lot like the initial Gmail invite system.

Kim Clinkunbroomer posted on Google+ a screen shot of the interface for Google Domains: Continue reading

ICANN Tells U.S. Court That Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) Are Not “Property”

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has told a U.S. federal court in the District of Columbia, that a country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) cannot be considered “property,” and thus cannot be attached by plaintiffs in a lawsuit, who are trying to obtain the assets of countries that they argued have supported terrorism.

“We filed a Motion to Quash in the US federal court today, to ensure that the court has the essential information about how the Internet’s domain name system (DNS) works. While we sympathize with what plaintiffs may have endured, ICANN’s role in the domain name system has nothing to do with any property of the countries involved”, said John Jeffrey, ICANN’s General Counsel and Secretary.

“We explained in our Motion to Quash, that country code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD) are part of a single, global interoperable Internet which ICANN serves to help maintain.” Jeffrey further explained that “ccTLD’s are not property, and are not ‘owned’ or ‘possessed’ by anyone including ICANN, and therefore cannot be seized in a lawsuit.”

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Key-Systems Donates 30 Euro ($40) For The First 1,000 .HIV Domains

Key-Systems GmbH based in Germany will support the dotHIV initiative with a fundraising for the start of .hiv. The domain registrar will donate 30 Euro (about $40) to the dotHIV association for each of the first 1,000 .hiv domains that is registered in the first six months after the Sunrise start via the in-house retail portal domaindiscount24.

In the Sunrise period until August 20, .hiv domains are initially available for trademark holders; from August 26, after the so-called GoLive, all interested parties can register .hiv domains.

The dotHIV initiative uses all surpluses from the allocation of .hiv domain names to support organizations which advocate the access to life-saving HIV medicines. For companies and individuals their .hiv domain is an easy way to show social commitment. The .hiv pages incorporate online users and thus provide visibility for the dedication: Each click on a .hiv domain triggers a micro-donation and activates the funds collected through the domain distribution for the social purpose. Continue reading

Trademark Clearinghouse Has 31,866 Marks And 89,773 “TM” Notices Have Been Sent

The Trademark Clearinghouse has published it’s latest stats. So far 31,866 marks have been submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse as of the 28th of July 2014. The number of marks were 30,916 on the 19th of June. So the Trademark Clearinghouse added 950 trademarks in these past 40 days.

Finally there have been 89,773 notifications sent out to TM holders so far. This means that 89,773 (or probably less) new gTLD domain names have been registered that contain a mark that is registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse. The registered domains are probably less than 89,773 as when a domain, that consists of a trademark that is registered by multiple parties in the Trademark Clearinghouse, is registered then multiple notifications are sent to TM holders.

On itself that doesn’t mean something to me as it is getting more difficult with each passing day to find a dictionary term that is not registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse and because of availability most of the New gTLD domains that are registered consist of just 1 word. Common terms such as “insurance” or the letter “e” are trademarked.

I am almost certain that almost 99.9% of these 89,773 domain registrations do not infringe on any trademark. Of course most of it all depends on the use. Continue reading

Minds + Machines Client “Celebrate Broadway, Inc” Wins .Broadway

MindsAndMachinesFollowing recent press comment, Minds + Machines Group Limited (AIM:MMX), the publicly quoted owner and operator of Internet top-level domains, announced that its client, Celebrate Broadway, Inc., has secured the sole application status for .broadway.

Minds + Machines will act as the registry service provider for the new generic top-level domain and will be advising Celebrate Broadway on the next steps ahead of the domain’s launch—pre-delegation testing, contracting and then delegation into the Internet’s root zone.

For further information, please contact: Continue reading

.London Domain Name Ads On The London Underground

This is how you do marketing in a big city for a geo New gTLD like .London. You target the most popular transportation service. And in this case it is the London Underground. That and of course a .London TV ad is also very helpful.

The .London landrush ends on a the 31st of July. Visit for more.

Every day around 24 million journeys are made across the London transport network.

London’s metropolitan area is the largest in the EU with a total population of 13,614,409, while the Greater London Authority puts the population of London metropolitan region at 21 million.

My sister that now lives and work in London send me a couple of photos from the London Underground Central Line: Continue reading

“Tax Savings Should Drive Long Term Bottom Line Growth for VeriSign” did an article today about the VeriSign shares after the VeriSign Q2 2014 report.

Shares of VeriSign (NASDAQ:VRSN) rose over 10% on July 25, 2014 after the company reported strong profit figures in the second quarter of 2014. The company reported revenues of $250.4 million, marginally missing consensus estimates by about $1.3 million. However, net income per share for the quarter increased to 68 cents and was 4 cents higher than consensus estimates, fueled by a $300 million share buyback program. In year-on-year growth terms, revenues increased 4.6% this quarter while net income expanded 15.3% over Q2FY13.

It seems that .com and .net growth has slowed down but this bound to happen someday. Continue reading