Must read: Domain Name Bought For $70, Sold For $20,000


gtldsI just sold a .com domain name for $20,000 at Sedo. So after the 15% fees I am getting $17,000. Wire has arrived in my bank account so I can share some of the interesting details. e.g. Negotiations lasted 2 months! But let's start from the beginning.

When negotiating I don't look at how much I bought a domain name. I usually remember the ballpark and even if I don't remember, the purchase price is pretty much irrelevant. I can't negotiate with 2002 prices in mind or even 2014 prices. I negotiate with what I think that the domain name is worth today.

When I got the first offer at Sedo for $1,250 I was sure I hadn't paid more than Continue reading Offering First Class Support & Invoice System

escrow.comIt is a very rare occasion when I need to contact the support. Transactions run smoothly no matter what the amount is or the number of domain names.

So whenever I need support it is always a nice reminder to see Continue reading

Going To Domaining Europe 2015 in Valencia? Let Me Know If You Want To Meet!

domaining-europe2015I am ready to leave tomorrow for Valencia to attend the Domaining Europe conference.

From the 23rd to 25th of April 2015 the 7th European Domaining Conference is being held in Valencia, Spain.

I am leaving Greece tomorrow at 14.00 and will be arriving at about 21.00 at the hotel in Valencia. Continue reading

Post Your New gTLD Domain Name Sales

newgtldIt has been more than a year since the New gTLD program started and quite a few of sales have been reported so far. I have sold 2 domain names myself.

I posted the top 10 New gTLD sales of 2014 in a post here: Top 10 New gTLD Domain Name Sales Of 2014.

This is where you can Continue reading

Flippa Weekly Domain Sales: $15,900, $5,100

flippaHighest sale this week at Flippa was the domain name that was sold for $15,900.

Lots of private sales this past week, so the report is showing roughly two-thirds of the $130,000+ of domains that changed hands.

.IOs continued to show strength, with Editors’ Choice leading the way. + sold to the same buyer.

Post-Auction Negotiation was the method of sale for 4 domain of this week’s list.

There were 8 domains that were sold by Buy-It-Now and just rebranded "Flippa Portfolio Sale" (previously known as Domain Catalog) had 2 sales this week.

Flippa 2014 Review: $2.15 Million In Domain Name Sales

This Is The Buyer Of For $85,000

Top Flippa Domain Sales from the past week: Continue reading

New gTLD Inquiry By Someone That Writes Differently

newgtldI got an inquiry for one of my New gTLD domain names today at the

It turned out not to be a prospective buyer but it was really interesting how this internet user from Pakistan arrived at my domain name.

He left a comment that said: Continue reading

Top 10 Keywords Registered in .COM and .NET in March 2015 (China)

verisignVerisign published the list of the top 10 trending keywords for March 2015 registered in .COM and .NET.

Top 10 Keyword Registration Trends for .COM and .NET in March 2015: Continue reading

Donuts Renewal Rate Drops Below 65%

donutsDonuts released the renewal rates for its first 25 New gTLDs and 180,000 domains and the overall renewal rate seems to be closer to 65% (probably lower) so far rather than the projected 80%.

The renewal rate for the first 81,569 names was 68.4%.

Of course .Guru that has the most domain name registrations is dragging the overall renewal rate (that was not revealed this time) down. The .Guru renewal rate is Continue reading

Verisign Announces First 5 #InternetOfficial Contest Winners

internet-officialVerisign announced the first round of #InternetOfficial contest winners.

The First Prize Winners will receive $5,000 each, and are eligible to compete to win the #InternetOfficial contest grand prize of $30,000.

The panel of top industry experts and celebrity judges has determined the five best .COM domain names entered into the #InternetOfficial contest during the first monthly entry period.

The winners are:  Continue reading

Daily Domain Sales (4-10/11/12-2015): $55,000, $3,000

dailyTriple report today with 1 5-figure and 28 4-figure domain name sales.

More Proof That ICANN Is A 2-Face Organization

Sedo Will Now Display The Domain’s Asking Price Directly On The Parking Page

Domain Name Bought For $70, Sold For $20,000

Domain Name Seller’s Remorse

Most Of The $2,500 .Sucks Domains Have Their .Com Available To Register

The Most Awkward Moment At NamesCon

.Sucks Registry Makes $200k+ Selling Domains To Taylor Swift, Apple, Google, Microsoft

I can't stand these people that think they deserve a domain name just because. “Now check to see what reverse domain name hijacking is or just look at the mirror.”

I Just Hate Moniker

.CLUB Hits 200,000 Domain Name Registrations In Less Than One Year

Sedo’s Commission Increases To About 18% For Europeans Without A VAT Number

Click here to see all the old daily domain sale reports.

To newbies: these prices below are 99% WHOLESALE prices except for some sales at Sedo.

Here are the top domain name sales and auctions from Sedo, Namejet, Snapnames, Go Daddy, Drop Catch and Flippa (please note that a lot of the domain names listed below have not been paid for yet): Continue reading

Sedo Will Now Display The Domain’s Asking Price Directly On The Parking Page

sedoSedo added a small change to its domain name parking pages. It will now display the domain name's asking price directly on the parking page.

This new feature affects both “Buy Now” and “Make offer” domains. Continue reading