Squadhelp rebrands to Atom

Squadhelp announced today its rebrand to Atom.com.

Why Rebrand? Darpan Munjal, founder and CEO of Atom.com, explains:

“There are many reasons for this rebrand. After helping thousands of clients, we understand the “whys” of rebranding and renaming better than most.

In our case, becoming Atom is primarily about reaching our potential.

Squadhelp was a great name for what we used to focus on exclusively – crowdsourcing business names with the help of a huge creative community – but we now offer much more and we have a fairly significant roadmap for expansion.

By choosing a powerful ultra-premium domain, we’re betting on ourselves and taking the exact advice we give our clients, ultimately leading by example. Here are just a few reasons we chose Atom.com as our new home and Atom as our new name:

  • Domains matter: As a naming platform and domain marketplace, we know how important a domain is to overall success. We’re proving this with Atom.com.
  • More authority, more trust, more sales: A memorable, powerful name is simply more trustworthy than the alternatives. Trust leads to brand loyalty and buzz, all adding up to more sales and a thriving brand.

Under the Atom banner, we will build a strong brand that aligns with what we do and embark on a journey to becoming a B2B household name.”

In March 2023, Atom secured $10 million in strategic investment from Hilco Digital Assets. This allowed the company to move into a new stage of ongoing growth, including expansion of the team, accelerated development of new game-changing offerings, and significant increases in overall marketing investments.

“We deeply believe in the importance of a world-class brand and the concrete impact it has on business results. Squadhelp was a great brand for what we used to focus on exclusively – crowdsourcing business names with the help of a vast creative community. But, Atom helps us take everything to the next level. Atom is an inspiring, memorable, and innovative name that people can get excited about. As a naming startup, with this tier A+ name and domain, we are betting on ourselves and aspiring to become a B2B household brand,” said Darpan Munjal, Founder and CEO of Atom.

Hilco Digital Assets Managing Director Andrew Miller highlighted the strategic importance of the rebrand to Atom.

“We invested in Squadhelp because of its many strategic and technology advantages as a naming platform, but from the outset, we were aligned on acquiring a next-level, hear-it-once remember-it-forever brand, one that conveyed the power and importance of having a world-class domain name for both the company and its customers,” Miller said. “I have been involved in many of the most prominent domain name brands for over 26 years, and Atom.com is a game-changing brand name for this platform.”

The company aims to become the go-to naming and branding destination for both new and expanding startups, with plans to add further services under the Atom umbrella. Atom’s startup ecosystem will offer tools across domain sales, naming, testing and customer insights, trademark and IP protection, creative services, and more all while maintaining their current domain name marketplaces and crowdsourced naming contests.

“Just like atoms are the building blocks of the universe, Atom.com will provide the building blocks of success for every great startup,” Munjal added. “It will be an ecosystem for early-stage startups that offers founders everything they need to build and launch a new brand or grow an existing one.”


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  1. Long overdue.
    I’ve never loved a company more whose name i hated this much.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I really liked the new domain name, the logo and even the new color grades.

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