Afternic launches Custom Checkout Link

Afternic has launched Custom Checkout Link, allowing sellers to use the GoDaddy platform to close a domain sale that they have already negotiated.

This new service enables sellers to utilize Afternic’s parent company, GoDaddy, and its platform to close a domain transaction once they negotiate a sale price with a prospective buyer.

This service comes with a 5% commission rate for Buy Now deals, with a minimum commission fee of $15.

For Lease to Own transactions, the commission charged is a flat 10%. Afternic’s standard marketplace commission rates and discounts do not apply, with no markup fees paid by the buyer, either. The maximum lease term for this option is 12 months.

The Buy Now and Lease to Own commission fees for Custom Checkout Link are not dependent on nameservers.

Afternic is leaning on to enable Custom Checkout Links to its customers that leverage the platform – endorsed by the GoDaddy brand – to ensure buyer confidence.

Generating a checkout link for domain names on Afternic is a simple process. Once generated, sellers can share this link directly with the buyer of the domain. Sharing the link with the buyer will allow Afternic to finalize the domain sale by guiding the buyer through its secure transaction assurance process.


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  1. Its a smart integration.

    I’ve used the Import-Lead feature with and it is very useful.

    Based on this announcement, I’m guessing Dan .com will be shuttered and fully integrated with Afternic no later than Q1 2025.

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