Chaturbate bans Rick Schwartz’s affiliate account!

Rick Schwartz said that for the first time over 25 years he has less than 200 domains pointing to PPC since Google changed its terms regarding adult traffic:

For the FIRST TIME in over a quarter of a century…

I now have less than 200 domains pointing to PPC since Google changed their terms.

The other 6300 now pointed to DomainKing.

EVERY new domain will still START w/ PPC as I LEARN about the domain & Traffic they have.

When I asked him about an alternative to Google he said that he was sending his adult traffic to Chaturbate since 2016 but last week he found out they banned his affiliate account weeks before:

I was sending some of my adult traffic to Chaturbate since 2016 and as I started sending ALL my traffic to them LAST WEEK I found out they BANNED my account weeks before. They did not contact me first they just STOLE that traffic and screwed me for $$$. Told me I was sending fraudulent traffic.

The same shit I dealt with DECADES ago with maninstream affiliate programs!

Even as I explained it was 100% registrar redirected of which can’t be manipulated, they just went silent.

Chaturbate is NO GOOD in my book!! Spread the word! They are THIEVES!!

I need to contact some folks in the adult world to let them know of this crooked operator. No fucking good to do that and that will be costly to them. Idiots are in charge.

GFY here I come!

He then posted more details:


Since @chaturbate
can’t see my posts, copying and amplifying or forwarding it is okay on this post!

I started sending traffic to @chaturbate
back in 2016 from such notable domains as,,,,,, and hundreds other domains.

All traffic was via Redirect right from the registrar. 100% TYPE IN TRAFFIC!!

Last week after Google changed their adult terms I started sending more domains and traffic their way only to find out that my account had been banned without notice and accusing me of sending fraudulent traffic. I contacted them and to no avail.

So just a heads up. Everyone needs to know what they have done and they don’t seem to get it or the damage it is about to do.

Not a lot of $$ but the very fact that @chaturbate
would do it needs to be amplified.

Idiots are now in charge and hard to find anyone with a brain at #chaturbate

So NOW I am exposing them!

I expect an apology and whatever $$$ they STOLE to be PAID!

NOW it is THEIR problem.
I tried to handle privately, but to no avail so now I am going public to alert others!!

If they screw me, they will screw you!!


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