Dan.com landers are now available on Afternic

Afternic has unveiled a new landing page that may be familiar to customers of the GoDaddy-owned marketplace, Dan.com.  

Sellers on Afternic will now have access to these high-performing landers from Dan.com, which offer a quick Buy It Now checkout experience with additional payment options for buyers. 

Upon launching, this landing page option will be available with a standard background: navy blue.  

This was chosen thanks to the higher sell-through rate that has been achieved historically by sellers using this color. 

However, in the future, Afternic’s team will be implementing options to customize the colors of the Dan.com landing page to allow sellers to adjust the landing page settings based on their own preferences. 

The landing page is currently available for Buy It Now listings only.

In the future, Afternic will add additional features that will allow sellers to use more than just the current Buy It Now functionality. 

How to Use This Landing Page 

To begin using this landing page option, there are two prerequisites.  

  1. Your domain names should point to ns1.afternic.com and ns2.afternic.com. 
  2. Your domain names should contain a Buy It Now (BIN) price at Afternic.

To switch your domain names to the Dan.com landing page, navigate to your Afternic portfolio page.  

From there, you can either update domains in bulk or individually.


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  1. Is there some benefit to doing this via Afternic nameservers rather than directly with Dan.com nameservers? The commission structure is the same (I believe …)

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