Afternic announces new and improved domain for sale landers

Afternic announced that it is launching a new and improved version of its domain name “For Sale” landing page – a simplified experience with a more elegant mobile design.

Results from its recent experiment are showing as high as 47% more leads than the previous design.  The mobile experience alone resulted in as much as a 63% increase in leads.

Will these 47% more leads bring you more sales?

How does this impact you?

If you’re already pointing your names to the For Sale Landers then you do not need to do anything. This update has been rolled out to your domains that point to Afternic automatically.

If you’re not using Athernic landing pages here are two easy ways to use the new lander if you would like to give it a try:

To use PPC parking with a For Sale Banner that links to the new For Sale Lander, you can point your domains to these nameservers:


If you’d like to send your traffic directly to these landing pages, you can point your domains to these nameservers:



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  1. A lease to own option with the monthly cost displayed would be a great addition.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      I don’t think this is coming soon it if ever. It is too complicated for GoDaddy. Their goal for 2021 is a BIN only lander.

  2. Which One is better for sales domains

  3. The BIN lander will need to have an option for buyers (who cannot afford the full asking price) to be able to submit offers that correspond or exceed the seller’s Floor Price(s).
    A direct phone line on the lander will probably not be enough to entice those interested/lukewarm leads into buying the domain at an acceptable lower rate – one that still generates a respectable ROI for the seller.

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