Domains using the Efty for-sale domain name landing pages got more than 1.4 million visitors in September

Efty sent out a tweet saying that Efty for-sale domain name landing pages reached more than 1.4 million visitors in September.

Here is the tweet:

According to DomainTools.com there are 152,347 domain names using the Efty landers today. That means they use the Efty nameservers: NS1.EFTYDNS.COM and NS2.EFTYDNS.COM.

So the average domain name that is using the Efty for-sale landers gets a little over 9 visitors per month.

(Some users choose to forward their domain names to their marketplace site instead, using services such as Nameserver.io – these domain names are not included in the above stats.)

Efty now has thousands of users and is managing 1 million+ domains. About 14% of all these domain names use the Efty landers. The other domain names are in the Efty system utilizing different services.

Efty is a domain name management platform at it’s core but they also have users that use the software to track renewals, stay organized and gain all sorts of insights into their portfolio’s performance. Efty also has integrations with most of the key parking companies such as Bodis, ParkingCrew, Sedo and VooDoo so that you can easily add domains that make decent PPC revenue to those platforms from within your Efty account.

Also there are investors that are using Efty for the marketplace feature that allows you to set up your own custom domain name shop. Some examples of Efty powered marketplaces can be seen at http://www.dnbx.com or http://www.namerockstar.com. Domains listed in these marketplaces are not all using the Efty landers.

Efty made its domain name landing pages a lot faster. Efty reduced loading times and reached an average of 1.5 seconds.

August was an all time high month for Efty in terms of confirmed domain name inquiries.

(Efty is a sponsor on OnlineDomain.com)


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  1. Are bots counted in the 1.4 million number of visitors? Bots account for the highest percentage of visits.

    • We use Google Analytics for tracking visitors and they do a pretty good job at filtering out any bot traffic these days. If not traffic slips into GA it’s usually “referal traffic” and as mentioned more than 90% of the traffic we saw in September was direct traffic (type in traffic).

      • Direct traffic spam is also an issue with GA. And are you excluding your users’ IP’s from the stats?

  2. What does it matter if you use efty, or sedo, it is the domain that will bring the traffic.

    • Agree. The domain will bring the traffic. But with Sedo that traffic will benefit Sedo more than the domain owner (i.e. the visitor can easily browse away and check out other domains).

    • You do not pay a dollar in commission if you sell a domain name trough your Efty For-Sale landing pages while most other solutions take anywhere between 15 and 30% commission on sales. Efty also has no insight in your sales data and you can utilize traffic on your landing pages to promote your own custom marketplace instead of domains owned by others.

  3. why is that news worthy?

    So the average domain name that is using the Efty for-sale landers gets a little over 9 visitors per month.

    ( and thats about 8.9 bots visiting?
    or domain owner checking LP speed ??? )

    how can this info help????

  4. Any Efty success stories to share? I haven’t tried it yet…

  5. This looks like toughdomains

  6. efty announced they have over 1 million domains in their system about a month ago. Im a bit confused if you have a million hosted domains (not pointed dns but using the hosted sales page) that would mean about 1.4 million visits per domain per month. even 9 visits per month per domain seems low compared to what I am seeing at parking metrics.

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