Efty’s landing pages tweaks lead to 30%+ more domain name inquiries

Last week I wrote how Efty made it’s domain name selling landing pages a lot faster.

Efty sent out a tweet today saying that August was an all time high month for Efty in terms of confirmed domain name inquiries:

“August usually is a slow month for domain name sales but at Efty we’ve been seeing an ALL time high for confirmed inquiries so far this mth”

Efty saw an increase of domain names using its system in August but not higher than previous months. Efty believes that the increase in inquiries is likely caused by improved performance. From the graph above it seems that there was a 30%+ increase in inquiries in August from domain names using the Efty landing pages.

The new system brought down For-Sale landing page loading times from 8 seconds down to an average of 1.5 seconds. Efty now has thousands of users and is managing 1 million+ domains.

Efty has made a series of tweaks lately including adding 404 redirects. The 404 redirects might also have something to do with the increased inquiries yet I am not certain on the quality of these inquiries as most of these visitors are coming from link traffic and most don’t understand where they land, even though the landing page could be making it perfectly clear that the domain name is for sale and no other services are offered.

(Efty is a sponsor on OnlineDomain.com)


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  1. That’s great news and thanks for sharing Konstantinos 🙂

  2. I’ve been very happy with my Efty marketplace. My landing pages look better then they ever have before. I’m looking forward to my first confirmed sale on Efty.

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