Efty Launches New For-Sale Landing Pages

Efty announced today that they just pushed the launch button on a first-of-its-kind service in the industry, offering a For-Sale landing page theme gallery for all of your domains in Efty.

The theme gallery will allow you to host a selection of five top-notch For-Sale landing pages that have been fashioned for optimal visitor-to-lead conversion and to sell your domain names through direct navigation without paying a dollar in commission.

The first five themes in the theme gallery are:

  1.  North (with logo)
  2.  Hong Kong (with logo)
  3.  Silk (with logo)
  4.  Kiffer (with logo)
  5.  Spring (with logo)

efty2Just like before you can customize your For-Sale landing pages with their own sales pitch, unique selling points and a custom logo. The new designs will also allow you to set a minimum offer amount and integrate BIN (Buy It Now) buttons thanks to a deep integration with the Escrow.com platform that was completed last month.

Efty’s deep integration with Escrow.com enables you to place a Buy It Now (BIN) button on your For Sale landing pages, which will allow interested buyers to purchase your domain via Escrow.com.

Market research has shown that Buy It Now domains are three times more likely to sell than domains soliciting offers. By setting BIN prices on your domains you eliminate potentially lengthy negotiations while creating a sense of urgency for buyers. What’s more, our new partnership with Escrow.com allows you to close BIN transactions without paying a dollar in commission, all while offering your buyers the most trusted and top-ranked domain name escrow service in the world.

Some important changes as of today are:

  1. The current “classic” Efty landing page will be no longer available.
  2. For-Sale landing pages on domains that you have already parked with Efty will automatically be replaced by the North theme (we mentioned Spring last week but North is the new default),- one of the first five designs in our theme gallery.
  3. You can set a default Landing Page theme for all your domains underSettings > Efty Market. Previous and future selected themes on individual domains will overwrite this setting so you can use different themes for different domains.
  4. Any custom logos, text and/or domain name USP’s you have already set up for your domains will remain intact. Make sure to use logos with a transparent background for the best result.
  5. You will be able to set a minimum offer value for each domain name to battle low-ball offers and tire kickers.
  6. We’ve removed the pre-filled inquiry text from the new landing pages to stimulate buyers to provide more information instead of only submitting an offer and email address.
  7. An optional field for a telephone number will be added to the new offer form so buyers can provide you with more contact details.

The way you set up and customize For-Sale landing pages will remain the same.


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  1. Signed up after reading this and I am very impressed. I know from experience many times over making a perfect landing page is like a spotless car for sale…it is fundamental to the task of selling upon landing. I believe other users will find making sure you have your own landing page is optimal while also supplimenting all secondary market outlets. More often than not page landers haphazardly leave info and are not motivated to offer much from just short dialogue on a flat white page. I would say to anyone with domains to sell a landing page that is motivational is a BIG part of selling domains!

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