Afternic launched traffic statistics for domain landing pages

Afternic launched visitor traffic statistics for domain name landing pages.

Domain name traffic stats at Afternic measure how many users visit your domain name’s Afternic landing page, whether that’s Request Price, Buy Now, or the Lander.

The Lander, launched earlier this year, uses Afternic nameservers and provides Afternic customers with an option to display Lease to Own terms.

Visitor statistics are available at a glance through the new “Views” column on your Afternic portfolio page, providing you with a visitor count for each domain name from the last 30 days.

The running tally can be coupled with the other new column, Leads, which keeps track of the number of inquiries that have been submitted for your domain through the Request Price landing page over the last 30 days.

These leads also go to Afternic’s Lead Center and are trackable there.

Both of these columns can be added to your portfolio page view from the ‘Columns’ button.

The view count on your portfolio page gives you traffic data from the past 30 days.

By clicking on an individual domain name from your portfolio, you’ll notice a new tab called Statistics.

From here, you can see a graph tracking both lander submissions and domain name views dating back further than 30 days. To begin with, our data will go back 12 weeks but this will increase as time goes on.

The interactive graph allows you to hover over individual dates to see your view count for that day, but if you want to download this data, view counts for individual domain names can be exported via CSV.

You can head to your Afternic portfolio page to take a look at your visitor count from the last 30 days for domain names using Afternic landing pages.


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  1. A welcome addition. Hopefully future development could see referring domains added.

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