Fabulous.com is migrating to a new website

Fabulous.com sent out a notice that it will be migrating to a new website on Wednesday, February 28.

The site will be unavailable for a bit on this day. Migration updates will be posted via social media.

Here are a few on the new features that are coming up on the new Fabulous websites.

Directnic acquired Fabulous in November 2017.

I hope none of the old features are removed…

Expiring Domain Name Program Downtime:

Due to the migration of the Fabulous.com platform, the Expiring Domain Name program will be suspended from February 14th through to March 1.

Domains follow the schedule below:

Listing Start Date: Expiration Date + 14
Auction Start Date: Expiration Date + 35

Therefore, any domains that expire during the period, January 10 – January 25 will not be auctioned via our partner site.

Fabulous recommends that you review and revise your renewal strategy for domains expiring during this time.

This service will return once the Fabulous platform has been migrated.


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