Mike Robertson returns to Fabulous!

Mike Robertson is returning to Fabulous, the Australian domain name registrar, after nearly 7 years.

Mike will be permanently joining the Fabulous team in mid/late October 2017 at which time more news about Fabulous may come out.

The news came from an email Fabulous sent out to customers today:

“As you may be aware, there are some changes occurring at Fabulous.

We are excited to announce that Mike Robertson is rejoining us. Mike previously worked with Fabulous and I’m sure many of you know of him and his great reputation in the industry over nearly two decades.

Mike will be permanently joining the team mid/late October at which time we hope to share more exciting news. He is available at: mike@fabulous.com and he will be reaching out to you individually to say hello and understand your needs moving forwards.”

Mike Robertson was Business Development Manager at Fabulous from July 2002 up to February 2011.

Then Mike co-founded Domain Guardians, which is now part of Evergreen. He stayed with Domain Guardians from March 2011 until February 2016 when he sold his share of the company.

In the past few years he has been working at DNC Holdings, Inc. (Directnic.com). Directnic.com is an ICANN Accredited Registrar incorporated in Delaware and has a principal office in Louisiana, USA.

(Are the changes at Fabulous mentioned in the email have something to do with an acquisition of Fabulous or something else? I will update the article when I find out.)


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  1. Mike is a great guy and I’m glad to hear he’s making a career move that brings him close to his family.

  2. I’ve been moving my domains out of fabulous..maybe they will finally get a more updated control panel.

    • same, just a few left, then I will be done, another note of achievement I have moved all my names out of Moniker also.

      • haha yeah. i moved my domains from moniker to fabulous and now from fabulous to uniregistry…hopefully that will be it for a while.

  3. Congrats to Mike and smart move for Fabulous. Mike has vast amount of industry experience and knowledge, and he’s a great guy to boot!

  4. well hopefully good things to come

    Dan and the previous team (including Mike) were years ahead with the ONE aftermarket strategy, then the whole industry went brady bunch and everyone moved in together

    then we had monisnapsponsor

    then we had nameregnetsolwebjet

    gave us snapnamenomfabtucowsjet

    plus now we have rightnuts

    and Unisalesregistry

    and of course the AfterDaddy or is it DaddyNic

    Mike ring me up when your settled , would love to do a some biz.

    Page Howe

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