Fabulous offers new TLD registration option – .biz and .us are still missing

Fabulous is NOT currently offering registration for a major gTLD like .biz and other gTLDs and ccTLDs like .us but is already ready to jump on the bandwagon to the new TLDs?

Fabulous promised me a few months back that it would be supporting .biz and .us. But I haven’t seen any new developments yet. What is holding them down?

If you log into your account at Fabulous, under the register menu option you will see a new option that is called “New TLDs”. There in not actually an option to register new TLDs yet and not even to pre-register. These are purely information/news pages with an option to create your own new TLD domain watchlist.

These pages are exactly the same as the ones offered by Enom for a few weeks now. Last year Fabulous announced a partnership with Enom.com. Demand Media (owner of eNom, eNomCentral, BulkRegister and eNom.tv) has invested almost 18m USD in about 100 new TLDs.


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