Fabulous plans to offer more TLDs soon – .CO and .TV were the first two

I just got an email today from Fabulous.com announcing that they started offering .tv domain names. They have been offering .TV for a couple of months now. Here is the email:

Fabulous Now Offers .TV
The Home of Web Video.

Every day over 4 billion videos are viewed online. While video sites are great for hosting video, Internet users turn to websites to find the content they want to watch.

.TV is ideally positioned to capture users combing the internet for videos. You can monetize .TV by getting names users are likely to be searching for like viral videos that get millions of views in a matter of days.

With .TV there is a huge inventory of domain names that promote brands, make sites memorable, and makes increasing a site’s audience easier.

.TV is as easy to register as .COM and is available through Fabulous now.

Fabulous is an Australian-based ICANN accredited domain name registrar. Fabulous.com is currently the 17th largest registrar with 895,144 according to webhosting.info. Fabulous is the second largest registrar in Australia after MELBOURNE IT. It also operates a domain parking service. Last year Fabulous announced a partnership with Enom.com and since Enom is actively marketing and selling .tv domains (both premium and non-premium) it was a logical step to start offering .tv domains. Demand Media (owner of eNom, eNomCentral, BulkRegister and eNom.tv)  is an exclusive retailer for .TV Premium Names.

Fabulous.com is the registrar of choice for many domainers around the world because of it’s great customer care and it’s top notch security features including:
Fabulous Security Key
Challenge/Response Security Questions
Executive Lock

Fabulous is known for to be very strict as to opening new accounts:

New Account Criteria

We service some of the most profitable domain owners online and strive to keep our Fabulous customers more than satisfied. To be eligible for a Fabulous Premium account you must meet either of the following requirements:

    Domain portfolio must generate US$750; per month

    Transfer 750; domains to Fabulous

We are primarily interested in serving portfolios that consist predominantly of English language .com domains which receive type-in/direct navigation traffic.

If you would like a Fabulous.com account, please send a sample of your portfolio with revenue statistics to support@fabulous.com

Nevertheless anyone can open a new Retail account with Fabulous using this setup form. So if you want to sell a domain name that is registered with Fabulous you can direct your client to the link above and then push the domain name to their new retail account. Be sure to explain to your client that the prices for renewals start at $29.95.

Fabulous.com has also been offering .co for more than a year now on top of .com, .net, .org and .info that has been offering for many years.

I reached out to Fabulous as to what other plans they have about serving more TLDs and I got a reply from their Customer Care Manager:

“We do plan to offer more TLD’s.

 .MOBI is next and we’ll be expanding further after that, though the TLD’s haven’t yet been decided.

 I would imagine that .biz and .us would be close to the top of our priority list.”

I look forward to the new TLDs at Fabulous as it is my favorite registrar.


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