Nominet issues warning over misleading .uk registration offers

Nominet is warning registrars and registrants to be vigilant regarding misleading offers to secure the .uk version of their existing domain name. It would be very useful if a list of the known misleading offers was given by Nominet so that registrants can be protected but such list is not available.

Such pre-registration offers are inaccurate and unnecessary. Existing registrants don’t need to take any immediate action regarding reservation of an equivalent .uk domain name or to pay any up front reservation fees to secure .uk domain names.

Holders of third-level .uk domains that are eligible for the free reservation period don’t need to pre-register the .uk equivalent. The shorter address will be automatically reserved for them for five years. Nominet’s marketing and customer outreach will continue to make it clear that registrants should not feel obliged to make a snap decision.

Registrars should be aware that this type of misleading pre-registration activity is prohibited and Nominet will take steps to prevent it.

Nominet advises registrants to be wary of unsolicited calls, text messages or emails regarding their domain name or web presence and contact their registrar to check if any action needs to be taken.

Registrants should also check the small print carefully to fully understand what is and is not included in the details of any promotion or offer before completing a transaction.


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