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Casting a doubt on all domain name sales

I have been reporting Mike Mann’s domain sales monthly for almost 4 years. Every couple of months there is someone that will say something like “Mike’s sales are fake”, “if these sales were real then why my domains are not selling”, “why are these bad domains are selling?”, “Mike is full of shit”, etc.

Usually these people have spent not even a minute to think why one of these domains was sold, the size of Mike’s 350,000 domains portfolio, how the domain is used,etc.

They make ZERO research yet they question the sales. They just talk out of their ass. Do your fucking research and come back to me with proof.

They can question all they want but these sales are real. Many of Mike Mann’s sales happen on GoDaddy, Afternic and Sedo so they ARE verified.

Finally somehow they only complain/blame me (maybe others I don’t know) while nobody asks Mike on Twitter, Facebook or by email. How come?

And of course they don’t complain to GoDaddy, Sedo, Ron Jackson and Namebio.

Are these people jealous of these sales?

I am not saying we should not verify any sales. But we can’t possibly verify all sales. There are thousands of sales up to $100k every years. And I know what to doubt and do my research.

I have a list of 420 domains sold by Mike Mann that I have reported in the past 4 years. I checked many of them for many factors and the sales seem legit.

I can accept that mistakes happen, chargebacks also happen, etc. Do you want to agree that 1% or even higher of all reported sales are BS? And I am not talking just about Mike. I am talking about all industry reported sales. Yes, some people or registries lie. Some GoDaddy auctions are reported but the domain is renewed and the sale is never completed.

Mike’s twitter and Facebook account is not the IRS. If a domain sale is reversed then he might forget to report it.

I don’t go around chasing Namebio for all the GoDaddy auctions that are falsely reported. They/we can only verify so much. If I find some huge mistake I will report it. With proof!

Do you want to confirm all reported sales up to $100,000? Be my guest. I and all those reporting the sales have other things to do than waste our time.

Do you want to cast a doubt on all domain name sales? Get to work!

If you can’t accept that 1% of the sales are fake or simply wrongly reported then stop reading the sales reports. Because the only other option we have is not reporting ANY domain sales and that is not happening any time soon.

Yes, Mike can make a mistake. I found one domain he reported was free to register. It was a typo. Maybe sometime he copied and pasted the wrong domain or price on Twitter.

I checked these 420 domains and the overwhelming majority of them most have changed owner, nameserver or registrar after the sale. Many are developed or parked (yes domainers buy from Mike for the simple reason that he doesn’t use PPC). I even found one that expired and dropped. Mike is so open in his business like no other. Yet he takes all the crap from some idiots. Mike lists his entire 350,000 domain name portfolio on his website WITH prices. Go ahead and download it! I found 5 domains of these 420 that are still listed for sale on Mike’s website. One is developed so Mike probably forgot to delete it from his database. One is expired so I am not sure if Mike or the buyer left it expire. The other 3 are listed on Mike’s website for sale. Have these been sold? Not sure.

So I can accept that maybe 4 of Mike Mann’s domain sales were falsely reported. That is less than 1%. I can live with that.

If you can’t then you can ask me for the 420 domain name list and do your research. Otherwise you can just shut up and take your BS somewhere else.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. The only thing bogus about Mike Mann’s sales is the false confidence he instills in newbie domainers that either think he’s ONLY selling names at the huge price points he brags about (would love to see how many names he sells at $2K and under), or that being able to sell what seem to be pretty mediocre names (or worse) is the norm, or some combination thereof. Oh and that owning tons of trademarked names is a good idea. I’ll take selective transparency over no transparency I guess.

  2. Because so many of them have had TM issues Mann is well referred to as “the teflon dom.”

  3. I mean you have a valid point but – like Mike Mann – you don’t put it across very well. Why so aggressive?

    The problem with Mann is that he comes across like a massive dick. I mean.. fair play to him for being successful, but most successful people in the industry are just enjoying their lives and their successes. It is very non-standard for someone who is actually as successful as he makes out to be shouting about it on Twitter.

    You know.. in the same way that successful people in most industries don’t shout about it all the time – they are chilling on the beach, not trying to persuade 12 year olds that they are awesome.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      If you look at my twitter feed from the past week you will understand with what idiots I have to deal with daily.

  4. Yes, you are quite correct about the importance of research on domains. That’s why I always give clear description of my domains listed in Sedo direct sale or landing pages or otherwise most people won’t just understand the values or sale prices of these domains!

  5. You have the best blog on here. Mike Mann is a “coke head” and not to be trusted. I have known him for 20 years and the dude is a clown.

  6. If someone is paying tens of thousands for a domain, I would assume they have serious business plans for that. All the above domains are not used after 10 months (as of Nov 2020) which implies that the deal is not real. Even if the transaction is real and legal, they are likely shady transactions where interested parties sell domains to each other, inflating the price. In any case, this is a fraud.

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