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Top 5 domain name articles of 2017 (Frank Schilling, bitcoin and .xyz, Rick Schwartz, Uniregistry, .XYZ)

These are the top 5 domain name articles from 2017. It was a year full of controversial news and opinions and few people got distracted from domains but that is another story.

It was a busy year for with 413 posts published, 280,000+ views from 123,000+ visitors and 3,300+ comments.

All posts below have from 1,000 views up to 5,000+ each!

Part 3 of the top domain name articles of 2017 has articles that ranked from 1st to 5th place:

You find here part 1 (some posts that didn’t make the top 10!) and part 2 (top posts 6-10) of the top articles of 2017.

This is where the readers came from this past year:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. India
  5. Germany
  6. Australia
  7. Spain
  8. France
  9. Netherlands
  10. Turkey

About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. When the New gTLD first-year registration is on promo price ( around $1), it becomes a target for spam and fishing websites who need a cheap option for a “short-term fraud business”. In the end, while registrar can get a small income boost, this reflects negatively on the reputation of ngTLD. This way they hurt their property more than they promote it.

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