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Comparing Bitcoin with .XYZ domains! Doesn’t anyone care about credibility anymore?

I received one of the most ridiculous emails today from Frank Schilling, Founder and CEO of Uniregistry. The email is informing all Uniregistry customers of this new great “opportunity”.

Uniregistry offers 1.111 billion (yes billion!) .xyz domains for $0.99 per year to register, renew, and transfer. These domains, coined the 1.111B Class, include all 6-digit, 7-digit, 8-digit, and 9-digit numeric .xyz domains between and To celebrate Uniregistry’s partnership with .xyz, customers can register and renew these 1.111B Class domain names at Uniregistry for $0.88 in the Early Bird sale from May 31 – November 10 2017.

This is a huge block of absolutely useless domains presented like a deal with apparent justification other than vaguely comparing these .xyz domains with Bitcoin that is simply ridiculous and everyone involved knows that. Including Frank Schilling. I will not even get into this…

It seems that people in this industry will say anything to make a quick buck. Or $0.99. Does anyone cares about credibility in the domain name industry anymore? From what I have seen in the past few months apparently no one cares.

Most of these domains have no value in .com so they have zero (0) value in a bad New gTLD extension such as .XYZ.

I wouldn’t take these domains in they were free. I would take them if someone paid me and that is to store them until they expire so no one buys them even by accident.

And this above is the reason I am one the few domain name blogs that never had Uniregistry as a sponsor (among others).

Over and out.

Here is the complete email I received today:


If someone told you in 2010 to buy $100 worth of Bitcoin, would you have done it?

Today, I am happy to share one of the most exciting pieces of news for our industry since the gTLD program was announced nearly one decade ago. To foster innovation and creativity on the Internet, Uniregistry will now offer 1.111 billion .xyz domains for just $0.99 per year to register, renew, and transfer. These domains, coined the 1.111B Class, include all 6-digit, 7-digit, 8-digit, and 9-digit numeric .xyz domains between and

But that’s not all, to celebrate our partnership with .xyz, customers can register and renew their favorite 1.111B Class domain names at Uniregistry for only $0.88 in our Early Bird sale from May 31 – November 10 2017.

The 1.111B Class is the first-of-its-kind platform to encourage utilization of domains for nontraditional purposes. Nominal overhead costs allow businesses and entrepreneurs to affordably register blocks of .xyz domains (e.g. everything between – or all dates between –, which can then be paired with Internet of Things (IoT) device serial numbers, used as vanity addresses for system networks, matched to phone numbers or identification numbers, traded as digital currencies, or repurposed for any other type of creative function.

The 1.111B Class is a truly innovative solution to the needs that have emerged from new technologies on the Internet. To see the level of pent-up demand for affordable vanity identifiers, look no further than IPv4. In 2011, all 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses (such as were exhausted.(1) As recently as May 2017, a /22 block (1,024 IPv4 addresses) sold in the aftermarket for $13,824 USD(2) – that’s $13.50 per address that used to be free! To register a similar block in the 1.111B Class today would cost less than 10% of that!

According to Yahoo! Finance, $100 worth of Bitcoin 7 years ago is now worth over $70 million(3) due to the scarcity of the currency today. At the time of this writing, 99% of 1.111B Class .xyz domains are still available. And to make mining for the best domains easier, .xyz has developed a powerful free search tool to download available patterns and blocks that you can bulk register at Uniregistry.

There are a myriad of uses for low cost domain registrations and I am certain the creative minds of our customers will find ways to put these permanently low cost assets to use. There is no reward without risk and fortune favors the bold. Invest responsibly, and good luck to you!


And here is another email from Uniregistry and Frank a couple of hours later:

About an hour ago we made an announcement about a new category of numeric domains released at low prices today by .XYZ, coined .XYZ’s “1.111B Class”. As a retail registrar, we are delighted to support our registry business partners, and we understand that .XYZ is going to put a significant marketing budget and all of its creative talent to bear to popularize what it sees as a special class of registration.

At the same time, you should know that neither Uniregistry nor I provide investment advice. Uniregistry sells domain names as tools for internet-based business and communications. Nothing in our emails or on our website should be considered a solicitation or offer to buy or sell a domain, TLDs, or domains in general as an asset class, as a security, option, future, or financial instrument.

As many of our customers know, my passion is domain name investing. Over almost two decades actively investing, I’ve experienced significant successes and failures along the way. The losses are always more memorable than the gains, and as I reflect on the current state of the industry and all the exciting new extensions and opportunities that exist today that weren’t available to me when I was just getting started, I feel compelled to share one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned:

Domain name investing is highly speculative. It’s not for everyone. It’s extremely difficult to predict how the value of a domain name or portfolio of names will change over time. There is a certain amount of luck that goes into any investment turning out positive, but because domain names are not traded on an efficient exchange or regulated by governments in the same way securities and other traditional investment vehicles are, there is greater volatility in this form of investing, and results will vary greatly based on timing, markets, and many other unpredictable events.

The names I’ve purchased that have had the biggest positive impact have been the ones that have some real utility in the world. It’s the names that I believed people would find desirable to put in use in commerce or other creative pursuits. That said, nearly every name investment I’ve made (including those which look brilliant today) were largely ridiculed by observers at the time I made the investment.

The launch of the 1.111B Class of domains from .XYZ is a great example of how we can unlock potential for new and creative uses for domain names. No one could have predicted that .XYZ would become the largest New GTLD registry and their large marketing war-chest is being brought to bear again. We don’t know how these names will be used but we know that many will get registered. The real value will be realized when people begin to find creative ways to apply these low cost names in business and other ventures. I’m personally extremely confident in the utility of low-cost, universally resolvable identifiers for emerging technologies, but the ultimate outcome is in the hands of imaginative people like you.

In closing to my last email, I wrote, “invest responsibly, and good luck to you”.

I mean that sincerely.



About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. David Thornton

    I too received the email just as I was on a plane taking off for a short sub 1 hour flight and I thought to myself you’d have a blog post out about it before I’d left the airport at my destination. 😉

    • #1.- Schilling and Negari are full of BS, I’m on the Schwartz’s side.
      #2.- Not only “This is a huge block of absolutely useless domains…” Every .xyz domain is useless
      #3.- If you are making money out of the .xyz domains it is on a “fool selling to a fool” basis, for a fool investor, there is an idiot (more fool) willing to pay more and make you revenue. At some point, the most idiot will keep the .xyz domain and cut the losses. 100% losses will happen when .xyz bubble pops and they close the business. “Frame my quote”.
      #4.- Following the item above, Negari and Schilling will say: “Oopss, I did it again!” and again and again, when .tatto, .idiot, etc pop just as the rest of the other useless gTLDs.
      #5.- Show me a project, company, business or whatever other “investor” making money out of .xyz different than reselling? There is nothing! Including Google.
      #6.- .XYZ was just an scam! I’m not sure how Google played that game, but they made Negari millions and millions of dollars just by “announcing” the purchase of Two years later, nothing else has happened, website undeveloped, no body calls Google “Alphabet”, no body visits
      #7.- By the way, they also made me some money because I sold Google an abc.something domain, and I have no fake-NDA or BS, I can prove it.
      #8.- Sedo auctions of .xyz usually end in pennies for the dollar, what happened? Even the “premium” domains are a “penny” fiasco
      #9.- Every heavy investor is shaking right now, cause their stupid .whatever domains are loosing value rapidly. Negari, Schilling, Donuts and the rest of the “useless-gtld gang” will continue to play the political game, they will deny depreciation. But you know what? Use your common sense, no one uses those gtld extensions, the business is reselling in a chain of idiots (I believe a already said that, but I wanted to remark it)
      #10.- And who am I to provide a reliable opinion? Just and informed “investor”!

      • Well stated. To go a little further, in my opinion, even most of the Letter/Number combinations in the dot COM market are essentially “black tulip” material. They simply have no intrinsic value and are a con to that gullible, over funded guy who thinks he’s bought something. Like the Dutch Black Tulip craze in the 1500’s – this too will end.

      • Interesting to see that domainers are still talking in terms of tulips! I introduced that analogy on April 5, 2015, when the Chinese surge was just beginning to gain momentum:

        Now people lecture me about tulip crazes and boom-bust cycles, as though I don’t understand or am conspiring against them. And the irony is that they do it in terms of ideas they heard from a guy who heard them from a guy who heard them from a guy who heard them from a guy who heard them from a guy who heard them from a guy who actually read what I was writing 2 years ago, 8 months before the Chinese market prices took a downturn.

  2. Daniel, please do not hype in future. This turned out to be damp squib.

    Domains > Bitcoin or Crypto.

    Crypto is 100% artificial speculative market. Technology is good, but its all experiment projects IMO.

  3. If you had bought $100 worth of Bitcoin in 2010, you probably would have had it all stolen in the Mt. Gox hack/theft in 2014.

  4. There are too many conflicts of interest in domain speculation to keep track. Be careful newbies, a lot of snake oilers ready to unload their bad investments onto your back. Never turn off your critical thinking cap, simply because you admire the success of certain figures.

    Soon enough, the nGTLD bubble will pop…

  5. completely shameless con

  6. The footnote says it all. Frank I’m going to responsibly register one name 🙂

  7. ROFL!!! This email is hysterical. Use the domain as the IOT serial #’s, wow, are they that useless. Who types in serial #’s as a domain. Most people cannot even spell Uniregistri and you expect them to input serial #’s.

    Comparing a decentralized currency to a weak commodity that has no demand, no aftermarket, no end users, no visitors, and no value is insane. You don’t see Bitcoin trying to artificially inflate demand by giving them away for free.

    I smell desperation by .xyz and Uni to try & get whatever they can for these worthless domains essentially standing on a corner begging for money.

  8. @KZ
    I received this email too. My first reaction WHATTTTT???

    It’s a nice joke to read.
    This is the guy I admire in domain business but now losing respect due to recent business decisions e.g. renewal fees of 3000% increase and now this crap email convincing domainers to spend their hard earned money to a worthless domains.

    A sad day in domain business.

  9. I would like uniregistry to pay out dimain sales in Bitcoin they are a perfect match.

  10. I registered some. The use cases are clearly presented on the landing page:

    Smart device connections for the Internet of Things
    Advanced network communications
    Vanity digital identifiers
    Phone numbers and other personal identifiers
    Virtual currencies and tradeable assets
    Other creative uses set out by innovators

    The biggest seller was that I was able to register for 9 years for less than $8. Can you do this with .COM or any other TLD?

    If you don’t like it, nobody is forcing you to buy any. This blog is littered with drama.

    • You are right. Bullshit is better than drama.

      $8 down the drain. And yes you can do it with .tk.

      • Except, I haven’t generated over $100K in profit over the past year selling .TK domains. .XYZ is quite a different story.

        If you’re unable to see value in XYZ domains (and I’m not talking about these numerics) and figure out how to present it in a way that gets you paid…well…that’s on you.

        The numerics I bought are for personal use and I am happy to have paid $8/each for them.

      • Give them your money so they can buy some bitcoin.

        Please share your .xyz success.

      • Are you saying you’ve generated over $100k in profit on .xyz names in the past year? If so, please do show us.

      • Yes and it wasn’t by blowing money on premiums like “8888”. While many sales were under NDA, there’s no need for me to disclose specifics of the ones that weren’t. Sale prices ranged from $500 to $6000. Not at all difficult to do if you get good names early enough.

    • Nobody is going to ask to put a .xyz under NDA, total BS!

    • Worth noting that there hasn’t been a single .xyz sale over $5000 in the last 12 months.

      The market looks to have tanked so I am very interested in hearing about these claimed sales.

    • lol, you can run your mouth all you want – until you prove it, you’re just another troll hiding behind a username.

  11. I really lost my respect for some people from the industry today. When I read the email couple of hours ago something inside of me died…

  12. That email was pretty sad, what a waste of money.

    The good news is you can save 15% on your car insurance by switching to GEICO.

  13. Smacks of desperation and downright ridiculous.

  14. What a ridiculous sales pitch based on complete nonsense.

    It is obvious that registry operators are getting more and more desperate to unload their garbage and willing to flush their last remaining shreds of credibility down the toilet in the process.

    You would have to be a real sucker to fall for this.


    • Luckily for Uni & .xyz, there is a sucker born every minute. Those suckers would have a better shot at the Casino where at least they have a chance to make money. My charity is always open if anyone wants to donate just head on over to

      Good job, Hwrd, try & collect as many liabilities as you can!

  15. Things like this cause me to hesitate transferring more domains over to Uniregistry.

  16. What’s TopCoin worth these days 😉

  17. Uniregistry and Frank sent another email to which my reply is:

    • Another do over like the renewal price hike, hey hey back up, we were doing all this for you, for all you guys, it just got twisted the wrong way.

      Gotta say keep that dial tuned to AM dial!

  18. Good job having the integrity to call Schilling out on this fiasco. There are bloggers like Morgan Linton that still justify and defend every greedy ploy coming from him.

    • Morgan Linton I don’t even know why he wastes his time, I think that boy lives in a bubble. Nothing he says makes much sense, all fluff.

  19. Why is uniregistry wasting my time with this crap, I have so many educational things to read, do they really think they are going to to tell me 6-11 digital .xyz domains are investment grade?

    Who is driving this Uniregistry truck, how much did Negari pay for this PR SPAM!

    Only thing left is Trump to tweet about .xyz being the next BIG BIG thing, and it will be a completely wasted day.

  20. Let’s put this in perspective. While Schilling is pushing .xyz as another bitcoin, he’s the high bidder on at $19,999 on Namejet.

    Scam the idiot masses with gtld’s and use their money against them at auctions to get the real internet gold – premium dotcom’s.

  21. If anyone was in any doubt that nTLDs were dead, this surely must be the final nail in the coffin. We’ve just witnessed a real “jumped the shark” moment in domain history.

  22. Some of the Chinese dominated new gTLDs already have high concentrations of numerical domain names. Those 1c XYZ domains from 2016 are all up for renewal soon and I suppose something has to be done to lessen the blow.

  23. Nathan Edwards

    Frank is a circus act, a clown, he was exposed years ago on Domain Boardroom, now the whole industry in finally realizing this.

    • I am newish to the industry. How was Frank exposed on Domain Boardroom? Is there a link you can share?

    • Frank Schilling doesn’t deserve any rebuke here. I haven’t hesitated to criticize him when he made bad decisions – for instance, those sudden out-of-this-solar-system high price hikes on Uniregistry TLDs a few months ago. But this isn’t 1 of those cases.

      Pretty much the same email message is going to be sent out by every other registrar on June 1. It’s stipulated in the promo contract. Uniregistry just got a 1-day head start on their competitors. At Epik, I signed up for the same promo deal. Had to. If we want to offer these numerical domains for $1 beginning in June, then we send out such-and-such promo content written by the registry.

      This doesn’t mean we endorse their sales pitches. It just means we want to offer our customers good prices whenever possible. In order to offer the new pricing, registrars are obligated to publish the registry’s ad.

      Customers can decide whether or not to buy the electric toothbrush that will change their lives forever “as seen on TV”. Registrars are stores, and stores want to offer competitive prices, since that’s what customers ask for. Simple as that.

      • Is Epik going to compare .xyz domains to Bitcoin too? If yes then we are all doomed…
        Tucows decided to to drop a few Uniregistry extensions. I think you could pass on this “oppurtunity”.

      • Why did Tucows drop Uniregistry extensions? Because prices went UP … drastically and suddenly, which is bad for customers.

        In this case, prices are going DOWN permanently. Are you really suggesting that Epik ought to cease to sell .XYZ domains merely because a subset of .XYZ domains are being offered at a new lower price?

        The important thing for a registrar to do is simply this: Allow customers to register whatever they want – with no nasty surprises. Just in case some of our customers want to try $0.88 .XYZ domains, why not let them?

        I’m not going to tell someone who wants to transfer or renew his 6N .XYZ domains that we must charge him 10 times as every other registrar because I’m too morally righteous to opt in to the lower pricing tier!

        No, we’re not going to compare .XYZ domains to Bitcoin. In fact, I negotiated a promo that is about 1/4 as involved as the registry was originally asking for. So we end up publishing their content, saying stuff like this:

        “.XYZ is the domain ending that connections Generations X, Y, and Z on the internet. That’s why high-profile industry leaders like MIT (, Deloitte (, and the cofounders of Skype ( all use .xyz for their new projects.”

        I’ve never been a big fan of .XYZ, as you know. But I’m comfortable letting them cite those success stories. Especially if doing so gets prices down by a factor of 10 for our customers.

        You can see what I let .XYZ publish on our site here:

        Pretty tame stuff. In any case, people know it’s the registry speaking. It’s nothing new to see registrars publishing sales pitches from the TLD registries themselves. Particularly on pages or in emails where 100% of the content belongs to the registry.

        We complain when prices go up. Let’s not complain when they go down. This is the first time an nTLD registry has defined a LOWER price tier. Hair-brained schemes about IoT maybe. Point is: We want to see more prices going down instead of up.

      • Tucows customers too would have the option to buy or not buy the Uniregistry extensions. Bad for customers is not only price increases but also BS hype. Anything that wastes a cent is bad for customers.

        I would have liked Epik to take a stand and offer the prices silently without sending a bullshit email comparing Bitcoin to .xyz (or something else) to customers.
        And this is what I would like, not what you HAVE to do.

        I am not complaining about the price. I simply don’t care about .xyz pricing.
        BTW who says prices are going DOWN permanently? .XYZ can raise them whenever they like from what I know.

      • By the way, what the registry gave us really does say:

        “.XYZ is the domain ending that connections Generations X, Y, and Z on the internet.”

        With “connections” instead of “connects”. We published it as is.

      • “I would have liked Epik to take a stand and offer the prices silently without sending a bullshit email”

        Couldn’t be done. Either we’d charge customers 10 times as much as other registrars during the next 5 months – in which case we’d be accused of scamming them – or else we sign up for the lower price and agree to publish a tiny bit of content from .XYZ.

        I don’t see any egregious “BS hype” in what I agreed to publish. Stuff like this:

        “.XYZ is what you make it. And starting today, there are 1.111 billion .XYZ domains available for $0.88 or less per year, every year. That’s $0.88 for all registrations, renewals, and transfer-ins of .xyz domains between”

        Basically, just a description of the new price category and what .XYZ hopes (rightly or wrongly) that it might be used for. We’re not telling customers they ought to buy these. Just telling them they can.

        Whether .XYZ can raise prices in the future, I don’t know. They do claim this price will apply to “every year”, but I suppose they could split legal hairs. Generally, it’s the low-volume registries – like Uniregistry TLDs – that have raised prices. Here it’s a high-volume registry trying to extract some money from domains that probably wouldn’t be registered EXCEPT at this low price point. So I see no reason why they’d raise prices. If they do, then by all means complain about it.

        Maybe I’m wrong in remembering that the bitcoin comparison comes from the registry. As I mentioned, we chose not to publish 80% of the content that .XYZ stipulated in the original contract. So this analogy might have been in there. Or it might have been something Frank Schilling or somebody else at Uniregistry cooked up.

      • I hadn’t seen your marketing email until now. That seems fine.
        What you posted here is miles away from what Uniregistry did.

        “Maybe I’m wrong in remembering that the bitcoin comparison comes from the registry. As I mentioned, we chose not to publish 80% of the content that .XYZ stipulated in the original contract. So this analogy might have been in there. Or it might have been something Frank Schilling or somebody else at Uniregistry cooked up.”
        It was good that you changed the original contract.

      • JPeterson: There is no better lier than the one believing in what he is saying, and you are very convinced. The problem is that your conviction is on the commission, not on the future of the .xyz gtld, I can clearly read it on your post. Shame on you.

      • @PublicDomains,

        Hey, pseudonymous dweeb, if you are going to call me a liar, then please clearly specify what lie I’m telling.

        Like this:

        Joseph says X, but X isn’t true.

      • Also, when accusing someone else of being a liar, then, at the very least, do enough fact checking to spell “liar” correctly.

      • Well, you were the one who called yourself “liar” not me; if you believe what you are saying is true, that’s fine with me, you are an honest seller. Everyone else have their own opinion and they are posting it here, some in favor, most against. Question: Why do you defend .XYZ so eagerly? What is your real interest? I’m curious. The gTLD is probably dying, and you might go down with it, my advise is to let them ruin or defend their own reputation, save yours while you can. Unless the answer to my previous question link you strongly to the potential defunct.

      • @Public Domains,

        “Question: Why do you defend .XYZ so eagerly? What is your real interest?”

        Lord, the irony! Read this:

        or this:

        or this:

        Or dozens of other discussions where I led to attack against .XYZ false advertising during 2014 and 2015.

        To quote myself: “Whether a sham or a success, .XYZ and Negari will always be remembered for deceit.”

        Many observers dismissed Verisign’s 2015 lawsuit against .XYZ as frivolous. Parts of it were. But I stated publicly that I wanted the false advertising charges to stick.

        Read this:

        And tell me with a straight face that I “defend .XYZ so eagerly”! You may as well call the ocean dry or the desert wet!

        What I’m defending here is accuracy and fairness. In particular, since I now work at Epik, I am defending my own decision to participate in the .XYZ price reduction, which entailed distributing certain promotional items. This practice is common to all registries and all registrars. In order to get any good prices, the registrars have to use some of the promotional materials provided by the registry.

        As Director of Operations at Epik, I shouldn’t be forcing my own views about .XYZ on customers. Instead, I ought to be agnostic about the merits of TLDs to some degree. Since some of our customers DO like .XYZ and DO register .XYZ, then I’d like to be able to offer those customers the OPTION of cheap competitive prices. That means opting into TLD sales in general, whatever the TLD happens to be, provided the promo isn’t too great a burden to implement and doesn’t compromise our own messaging.

        In the case of .XYZ, I negotiated a thin contract – about 1/4 the promotional items they originally asked for. For example, we chose not to let our home page be taken over by .XYZ’s promo. Just a couple of social media posts, and we get to reduce prices by 1/10 on all registrations, renewals, and transfers. I think that’s a reasonable compromise, since it gives our customers the chance to buy something IF they want to buy it.

        There is nothing inherently wrong with lowering the price on something. Did .XYZ do it to mask declining registration numbers? Maybe. Did .XYZ do it in the hope of creating some new category of domain usage? Maybe. Will that materialize? Maybe not. But there’s no thievery at work here. Just cheaper prices and some extreme optimism on the part of .XYZ marketers.

        Leave it alone, or participate. Makes no difference to me. I’m just watching from the sidelines, letting the market decide whether it wants to use these 1.111B domains or not. Personally, I don’t see the need. But I’m also willing to let somebody else see something I don’t see. And I definitely DO WANT to encourage registries – any registry – to reduce prices on an ongoing basis. What’s the harm in that?

      • The point comes down that you say “judge them for June 2017 only” and others say “no we will judge them for all these 3 years”.
        Nothing has changed in .xyz to make people forget.
        (This comment was for the other post…)

      • No, the point comes down to say that “Joseph doesn’t give a dime about .xyz, but in his new company he has to make a living out of it”, sadly.

        The problem is that many of us here don’t give a sh** about .xyz either, so you are on the wrong forum. Probably if you find a platform in China your efforts would be more efficient, they own 50% of the .xyz inventory and they believe they can make money out of it, just like you do. Go get them, they continue to buy every new gtld that comes available on the market.

        I’m really sorry we made you work hard for pennies of the dollar in the US. I’m personally not trying to boycott .xyz, I just want to provide an “informed opinion” before the audience buy another .useless domain name.

      • @Public Domains,

        “but in his new company he has to make a living out of it”, sadly”

        Nonsense. None of us at Epik have to make a living off of .XYZ.

        “I’m really sorry we made you work hard for pennies of the dollar in the US.”

        Nonsense. I’m not here to make pennies OR dollars.

        The only reason I’m here is because a bunch of domainers are freaking out about 1 registry promotion as though it were a crime. Registry promotions for various TLDs happen at practically every registrar on earth. Every single day, registrars are showing some sales pitch provided by the registry. This isn’t new. And some of you guys are overreacting.

        Now, are you man enough to apologize for calling me a liar? Or at the very least, specify what lie you think I told? You ran away from that question earlier.

  24. The funny thing is, this promotional stunt just put the nail in XYZ’s coffin for the people they are targeting, domain investors.

    Also did more damage to uniregistry when they are just getting past the price hike fiasco.

    I for one am transferring my keeper domains out. Just losing my trust with stuff like this.

    • Rod you have a good point, do you want your 5-6 figure names sitting at Uniregistry, I dunno what these wacky ducks are going to quack up tomorrow. I am thinking Epik or Godaddy. Finally got everything out of Moniker. Now have to start the caveman process of moving out of Enom also.

  25. Konstantinos is right. The XYZ pitch is the most nonsensical thing I have heard in this business, 2nd only to the idea that putting ribbed waterbottles in the sun will make tainted water safe to drink.

  26. The only thing .XYZ is good for is for Frank to wipe Negari’s ass with it. Konstantinos your one of the only bloggers I respect, your a straight shooter, unlike those ass kissers, like Domain Shane, Arco, and Morgan Linton who are a bunch of bozo’s !

    • Thanks but I think most are not…

    • @Scott, Acro historically was a horrible jerk but seems to have cooled off in recent years. He also has a brain and makes pretty good posts, so I think some credit is due there for his progress. I never thought I would say that. Domain Shane and Morgan Linton are not in the same class, especially Morgan Linton who really is just a over the top marketer and not even a domainer in my book.

  27. And how do you mind for .xyz domains? You can’t cause you can’t compare the two.

  28. My strong advice is to save all your hard earned Bitcoins in CryptoBank.Ltd ! lol

  29. Frank doesn’t even seem to be the same person he was 10 years ago. He would have never would have intentionally steer anyone wrong back then. What happened?

    He knows these domains are worthless, why would he push total trash? He has to be stepping on his conscious when he does this.

  30. Yesterday .xyz domain registration
    6N – 723 domains
    7N – approximately 30 domains
    8N – 157 domains
    9N – few domains

    • All this nonsense for less than $1K revenue, much less profit for Uni! .xyz = no profits

      Sadly all the other gtlds are going to follow suit.

      You can’t build a pyramid scheme without new suckers especially with major attrition.

      $20K for is retail, not wholesale. And if Frank really believed in the .xyz, don’t you think he would be buying instead of He’s bending over backwards to sell .xyz and turning around and buying .com

      Probably Namejets best customer by far!

    • Let’s see how many idiots are buying on a daily basis? Konstantinos, would you mind to post a follow up on these statistics? I volunteer to create a daily trend graphic if someone provide me the data, we can re-post in a week from today for a good laugh!

  31. Franks is a businessman and every businessman wants to make money. Some of those money gained will be the result of many peoples failures and losses.

    Like every other business some of the newbies will trust Frank and lose money which will make Frank wealthier and them more experienced.

    Experience is not cheap or free.

    We just have to accept the fact that Frank is no longer a domainer but a businessman that has to sell his products whether he believes in it or not, or the buyer lose money or not.

    I dont like, trust or listen him anymore as a domainer and i am sad to see him in this new salesman role but i do “understand” him as a businessman.

    This is business folks.:)

  32. best part is that if in the one in a billion chance that these names became worth anything… frankie would raise the renewal rate to four thousand dollars a year. sweet deal.

    • I think you are right.

      Uniregistry extensions and their renewals
      .game $300
      .property $330 (premium)
      .cars $2166

      Better extensions with reasonable renewals
      .games $13
      .properties $108 (premium)

      He is VERY greedy.

  33. Comparing bitcoin to .xyz is like comparing Alessandra Ambrosio to the back of an old VW beetle….

  34. Is it just me or does the statement about bitcoins seem tacked on and completely disjoint from the rest of the e-mail? Absolutely no transition/segue in to the meat of the e-mail content. Seems very unprofessional e-mail sent by an official business, by their CEO nonetheless!

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