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There is a thread on Namepros that is comparing the recent sale of for $9 million with the sale of for $1,000.

This is one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. And what is best to describe something and make an argument than images. Images speak louder than words…

A member made the following post and then he got some funny replies:

“It seems domain name is owned by a domainer who is willing to sell it to an end user. sale was an end user purchase. can be worth high $xx,xxx to low $xxx,xxx to an end user, though it will be very hard to find one.
The .xyz gTLD is still young, .com is decades old and much more popular.
There is no reason to compare between this 2 sales. ”

I mostly agree with this reply:

“Both domains recently went through the sales process and can be compared by date of sale. You mention “can be worth” while my comparison is more accurate of today’s market, not a hypothetical future market.”

Also recently sold for $500 and Shoes.London sold for a bit more than that in 2015. You can find all these sales here.

So this is the reseller value of these New gTLD domains. Of course an end-user would pay more but 6-figures seems a lot far fetched and more like a pipe dream.

Another Namepros memeber said that “you are comparing number one .com vs potential number two .xyz ( fastest growing ngtld) so , the images are not ok , you have to put same cars with different engine , this could be true but not a dream car with a ’80 car because .xyz was recently released.”

NO. .XYZ has no potential to be number 2 even if they put a permanent price of 1 cent and they get to 250 million registrations the extension will still be 4th or 5th tier. Yes you read that right, 5th t-i-e-r.

I will leave you with a couple of photos from the thread comparing the 2 domains:

I would actually put the bottom photos on planet Mars. That would be more appropriate and do more justice.

(Hat tip to George Kirikos of


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  1. Lots of idiots on that forum, take any thread there and 75% of the posts are pure nonsense.

    • Why because they don’t all agree with the great insights of Snoopy

      • Because most of them lose money in domains, it is (mostly) opinion from people who don’t know what they are talking about.

      • Sounds like arrogant nonsense from you. We have all lost money at some point in domains and the NP forum allows you to test your investment theories and learn from others.

      • Most of what goes on there is not learning, it is people feeding off each other’s bad strategies.

    • So it was because the “idiots” as you call them didnt agree with your superior startergies

      • No it is because they are are mostly losing money, registering stuff like new tlds, trend names (dubai, 3d, holo, ar)..whatever else they all pickup these days.

      • Sounds like you probably an ex-member who got shown the door and you upset about it. Cry me a River, build a bridge and get over it.

  2. ill break it down like this. you make $$$ shoes.uniregistry crap gtlds you make schilling $$$

  3. I don’t understand K, you yourself own a very large GTLD portfolio, have you given up on this investment?

    There are many people out there that have no clue when it comes to domains, these are the GTLD owners best friend, and hope going forward.

    • I don’t compare my New gTLDs with .com and I don’t claim world domination like some other people.
      And there are good gTLDs and there are junk gTLDs just like with .com. .XYZ is junk and serves no purpose except hype.
      I own 0 .xyz and never even thought of buying one.

      Well, except for a joke, but even then I think I would register a .com. 🙂

      • Good points, the only time I saw a bump in .xyz was during the Chinese chip bubble, there was lots of active trading going on, but after they put the price to 1 cent the bottom fell out.

        The only thing with .com is the majority of people can’t afford them, but then we have the GTLD’s which are more expensive than .com

        Wine.Club sold for $140K, at namescon and other free extensions couldn’t even get close to that?

      • Who can’t afford $9 for a .com?

        I think the is a sale form a different market, when things were frothy. Wouldn’t make 20k in today’s market in my view. If it sold for that today it would be the highest .club sale in a year.

  4. It was weird when .club acted like they had lost a family member when they sold, but they gave for reg fee, and didn’t use their magic powers to get it back. I agree is an amazing sale, the .com owner should have sold on that news, not a year after where they really fell flat on their face when it went unsold for less, which I don’t understand.

    • Just hot air that pushed the sale Trent. The best name in a well marketed but not very good tld. Lots of sizzle but no steak., these aren’t amazing names at all. Type of name that could get mid-high 5 figures if an enduser came along who really wanted it. For domainers these are mad prices, the .club owner will take a 95%+ loss one day on it.

  5. Comparing .xyz to the red car in picture 2 (with number 88) is even offensive to the car … at least that car serves a purpose, while .xyz is total useless junk … lol 🙂
    Amusing thread and ridiculous comparison …

  6. christopher brennan

    What’s not junk if there is no end user in sight

  7. thanks for the pictures again , a picture is better than 100 words, especially if it’s a graph, like there on first page
    the .xyz is climbing and again , it was released ‘yesterday’ ? , both cars have same purpose, ah forgot to add one more link, about an article that is telling that top .net domains are parked :
    but who cares … ?

  8. google is not using .tk for ABC , .tk is not selling for xxxxxx .

    • Not even people working for google know .xyz. All people only know These sales were all cause of hype. That is if these sales are real.

    • hasn’t been updated since launch 2 years ago.

      Also those high sale’s in .xyz are “long gone”. The highest sale in the last year for .xyz is $3500. The .xyz market crashed after they dropped the price to 1 cent.

  9. Bankruptcy lawyer/attorney would want this:

  10. 1 pair of shoes in NYC will cost more than

    Neither NYC nor shoes will ever go out of fashion.

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