Sunrise registration results for .photos, .shoes…(Sedo;BMW;Oracle;Symantec;LinkedIn;Loreal;PizzaHut;Moodys))

I checked out the zone files from 4 new gTLDs that completed sunrise and went into general availability (Early Access Program (EAP)) on Wednesday and here are the results. Zone files only include domain names that have nameservers assigned. Registered domains with no nameservers don’t enter the zone files so these aren’t taken into account.

Number of sunrise domain name registrations:
.careers 282
.shoes 267
.recipes 76
.photos 75

.Photos and .recipes new gTLDs had very low sunrise registrations. .Careers and .shoes did ok. Comparatively .clothing had 561 registrations and .technology had 374 sunrise registrations. Trademark holders can still buy domains in sunrise prices for a few days more.

Here are some notes on sunrise registrations:

RICHEMONT INTERNATIONAL SA bought more than 40 .careers domain names such as:

A lot of companies bought single .careers new gTLD domain names:

Some companies also bought single .shoes new gTLD domain names but of the most famous shoes manufacturers stayed out of sunrise:

Other famous companies buying new gTLDs (sample domains):


General Mills Inc:

Brown-Forman Corporation:

Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.:


Formula one licensing bv:

Getty Images (US), Inc.:

Nokia Corporation:

Apple Inc.:

Microsoft Corporation:

Amazon Technologies, Inc.:

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.:

The Weather Channel, LLC:

Bell Canada:

Marvel Characters, Inc.:

Allianz Insurance plc:


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